So you and your girlfriend have been arguing… We’ve all been there. She’s being a total cunt and refuses to listen to your side of the story… You’ve tried repeatedly to level with her and still no success…

You’re all out of options. There’s only one way to solve the problem and end this fight for good…

It’s time to kill your girlfriend.

The first thing you will need to do is gather your tools for the job. Duct tape, a mask, latex gloves, a sharp knife or a blunt object depending on your mood….

OK obviously I’m joking here. I don’t advocate physically harming anyone. If you do, you’re a psycho who should be locked up behind bars.

The way you end the fight is by killing your girlfriend emotionally. This is the most effective way to correct a woman’s childish behavior. The good news is this method of ending the fight is incredibly easy. Just follow this simple advice…

Do nothing.

By do nothing, I mean ignore her. Don’t fight. Don’t argue. Don’t even answer her calls and text messages. Simply tell her you don’t have time to play games and leave it at that.

Let me tell you why this is so effective. There’s nothing in this world that women crave more then attention. Women will often throw temper tantrums just because they are feeling neglected by their man.

They want attention. They want to know that you care. This often means they want you consoling, apologizing, buying gifts and showering her with the praise of a princess.

It could also mean screaming matches that will drive you crazy. Remember, if you get upset that means you “care.”

Alpha males have no time to play these childish games with immature women. We are too busy with our goals, hobbies and careers to tolerate such nonsense, regardless of how good the pussy is.

Therefore, the only way to win an argument is to say fuck it and ignore her bullshit altogether. Any time your girl displays behavior you don’t approve of just take a step back and become disinterested.

Don’t scold her or try to change her. Trying to shape and mold a woman with bad behavior rarely works. Simply losing interest is often enough to make her correct the behavior on her own.

Remember, women need attention. You reward her with attention when she’s acting kind and sweet. You ignore her otherwise.

I recently had an experience where one of my girls was acting like a childish brat. I sent her a simple text message saying “I don’t have time for this shit. Text me when you grow up.” Then I ignored her for three days.

Let me tell you… By the end of the third day she was literally begging me to forgive her. Finally I allowed her to come visit me… As soon as she walked through the door she dropped to her knees and gave me a blowjob that was so incredible I nearly shot her eye out with a cum rocket. 😀

Why did this happen? Because now she knows the truth… I don’t care. I don’t need her. I’m not going to chase her or put up with any bullshit. I’m just fine without her, if not better…

The tables had turned and her attempt to control the relationship had failed. Now she realizes that she is lucky to have a strong alpha male in her life and she will do everything she can to please me.

I recently saw a couple arguing on the street here. The guy was a foreigner and the girl was Vietnamese. They were shouting at each other outside of a bar in front of everyone and they were both in tears. The first thing that popped into my mind was, damn this dude’s a pussy.

I wanted to pull him aside and say grow a set of balls. Stop crying like a bitch! If a woman has the ability to get you that worked up you need to take a serious look at yourself.

Then screaming at a girl while she’s upset will only make the situation worse. You’re better off just walking away and then calling her a few days later once she cools down.

Luckily, there’s a huge difference between Dating in Asia vs Dating in America. Most Asian girls are much more feminine and submissive than the pale hairy beasts roaming the streets of America.

Yes you will encounter bratty behavior in Asia but it’s nothing compared to the constant power struggle which is all too common in western relationships.

The one who cares less is in control of the relationship. In some parts of the world, a single man has so many options that a woman knows she better act right or you can find a replacement for her that same day. A man’s life is much better when dating foreign women.

Never engage in the drama. Cut off any female that brings stress into your life. If she doesn’t correct her behavior it’s very easy to find a replacement.