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Online dating is the number one way to meet sexy foreign girls. Regardless of what you are interested in there is a dating website that will fulfill your needs. I recommend signing up for a dating site for your home town as well as any country you plan on traveling to. Whether you want to find your future wife, a nice girlfriend for your holiday or just wild sex with a cute college girl, online dating is the way to go!

Benefits to Online Dating

Years ago¬†I never spent any time online. I did not have any social media accounts and I laughed at the thought of online dating. What kind of loser goes on the internet looking for girls??? A real man goes out in the real world and approaches girls in person! Oh man, what a mistake I was making back then! ūüôĀ

Online dating is so convenient. I can sit in my apartment and hit on fifty different girls in one hour. This costs me nothing and I don’t have to sit at a bar and get hammered while I do it. I save so much time and money and I get so many more girls!

Also, you have access to so many girls you would never meet in daily life. Some girls don’t drink or party. You won’t see them in the night clubs. Many are students and live with their families. Their social life consists of eating dinner with their friends and watching a movie with family at home. I’ve also met many high society women who have no time to date. Nurses, lawyers and business women who are lonely but can’t go hang around clubs and malls on the weekend looking for a man.

Another reason why online dating is awesome is the privacy it provides both you and the girls. Some girls are super horny and just want to hook up. Many act shy in public because they don’t want their friends to think they are bad. Or they know people in that area and they want to protect their reputation.

Sometimes if I’m feeling lazy I will just invite¬†a girl to my apartment for the first date. You would be surprised how many agree and show up an hour later. Within minutes they get naked and¬†jump on my dick. These girls love to have fun just like us!¬†Unfortunately, society shames girls who have a lot of sexual partners¬†but rewards men who do the same thing. Online dating keeps everyone’s business private.

Creating The Perfect Online Dating Profile

Now I will tell you how to create the perfect online dating profile. Setting up a good profile will greatly increase the amount of girls who look at your profile and respond to your messages.

First look up the dating sites you are interested in joining. Most are free to join but many will require you to upgrade your membership to send and receive messages. You can join for free and browse profiles first. This will give you an idea of how many girls are out there for you. If you like what you see you can upgrade later. The paid sites are ALWAYS better then the free ones. The free¬†dating¬†websites¬†I’ve tried had a shitty user interface and were overrun with scammers, ladyboys and fake profiles. BEWARE!

I recommend going for a full membership. For example, platinum memberships aren’t that expensive and you have access to all of the sites features. Upgrading also gives your profile a priority when girls are¬†doing searches. You will show up higher on the list!

OK, so now you¬†joined a site and upgraded your membership. Next you will fill out your profile. Take the time to fill this out completely. As a man, I rarely read girls full profiles… If they look sexy I message them right away. However, girls actually read this shit. I’ve met several girls on dates and they knew all about me. Where I’m from, my job, my age, etc. They studied my profile prior to meeting me.

Online Dating Tips For Men

Also, you will want to add quality photos. I recommend adding¬†at least five.¬†Some sites allow you to add a shit load but I’d say five good photos¬†is sufficient. Make sure they are high quality with good lighting. I’ve seen so many profiles with horrible pics.

One girl I met had one shitty dark photo on her profile. Low quality, low light,¬†I could hardly tell what she looked like! When I met her I was shocked how stunningly beautiful she was. There are so many members on these websites, if your main photo isn’t excellent you can get lost in the shuffle. Also, some girls have only ONE¬†nice professional quality¬†photo… I usually disregard these as scammers or fakes. Use five quality photos.

The pictures should be somewhat recent. If you are fifty with grey hair don’t use a photo from your Army days when you had a six pack. Show them what they will be getting on the date. The pictures should be fun and interesting. Climbing a mountain, swimming on a tropical island, dressed up for a wedding, petting a tiger. Show that you are a fun and interesting guy. If you have an awesome life people will want to be a part of it!

Another tip is to change your main profile pic often. Every few weeks just change the main photo. The reason is, this makes your profile look like a new one. A girl who skipped over your profile in the past may see your new pic and be interested. Keep rotating your main pics to keep things interesting.

By now your profile should be looking good. I recommend¬†logging¬†into your profile every afternoon. The reason for this is, “online” profiles show up first in searches. So if a girl logs in she will see you are online. Also, when they search for men it usually sorts profiles starting¬†from “last logged in”. This means, if you have not logged in for a week your profile will be buried behind hundreds of other profiles. Sign in regularly to keep your profile at the top!

Searching For Girls Online

Next you can create a search for girls in your city of interest. For example,¬†I would¬†search girls 18-25, Bangkok, last active within a week. Then save it. You can always refer back to this search if you want to find a cutie. I ALWAYS check the “last active within a week” option. You don’t want to message some chick who last logged in a month ago… Chances are she’s abandoned the site or found a boyfriend. If you message active members then you will get a fast response.

Next you can message these ladies and see who responds. I prefer to take the conversation offline as soon as possible.¬†I will usually text them that I am interested in talking with them more and give them my phone number, line ID or Email address. It’s easier for me to chat on my phone then log into my online account every time I want to send a message.

Another piece of advice. Don’t be a creepy weirdo. I know that some dudes get off on being a creep¬†but try to be polite. For example, on Thai Friendly, you have the option to leave public comments on girls profiles. Some of the shit I see is ridiculous… Guys saying they love them, offering money for sex, making vulgar sexual comments… These losers are probably sitting at their desk job in NoWheresVille, USA jerking their dicks to these profiles. Not me, I am meeting them in person and banging them. Just play it cool guys. Don’t be a pervert. Be a gentleman and you can actually meet these chicks and get them naked.

Finally, this is all just a numbers game. Don’t get too hung up on one chick. Think of it as fishing. Cast your net out there and see what comes in. Message a bunch of girls, if they don’t respond just change your approach a bit and keep it moving. There are plenty of sexy girls out there so if one is being difficult just get rid of her!

That’s it for this post. Hope you found some helpful tips here. I will have more about meeting and dating girls coming soon so please subscribe for my updates.