Thailand is my favorite country to hook up with hot sexy Asian girls. I’ve had so much fun in Thailand in the past few years it has literally changed my life. If you’ve never been to Thailand then you need to plan your trip and book a flight ASAP!

I’m sure you are familiar with the Thailand’s crazy night life… It’s legendary, but I also enjoy hooking up with hot Thai girls from dating websites.

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How To Meet Sexy Thai Prostitutes Online

I’ve spent a lot of time on the Thailand Dating Websites hooking up with sexy chicks. I’ve come across it all… Curious young college girls who want to “learn English”… In other words, experience some farang meat for the first time.

I’ve met divorced, single moms who are desperate to find a husband and now a farang is their only hope…

I’ve also met girls who want to make a little extra money anyway possible! 😀

I have so many stories about meeting Thai hookers online. Just recently I had a hot chick come to my room, clean my apartment in a sexy maid uniform and then let me bang her out for 1,500 baht. Good times! 😀

My favorite place to meet Thai hookers online is Thai Friendly. The site is 100% FREE to join and send messages so be sure to sign up and look around. They just limit you to sending one message every ten minutes unless you upgrade your membership. (Which I always do.)

I strongly believe that Thai Cupid is the best dating website in Thailand. It’s free to sign up but you must upgrade your membership prior to sending any messages. I find there are a higher caliber of Thai girls on that website. Meaning, you will mostly find good girls who work or study and I find they’re better looking too.

There’s still plenty of cute good girls to choose from on Thai Friendly. Just be sure to adjust your profile settings to block messages from ladyboys… The site is crawling with them. There’s also a lot of bar girls on this site looking to make some extra money. It’s nice to have options!

Once you sign up for Thai Friendly, follow the steps in my post creating the perfect online profile. Then do a search for girls in your area.

By all means, feel free to look for good girls on the site, but if you are seeking hookers then here’s what to look for…

I look for profiles with slutty pictures. If a girls profile picture is her laying in bed with her tits hanging out of her bra then that’s a signal to me that she’s up for fun.

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If I see a profile I like I will send her a short message with my Line ID. Most often, the girl will send me a message on Line.

After a quick chat I will invite the girl to meet me for a drink. When she asks me where, I will say meet me at my room…

Note: I only do this if the girl is obviously up for fun. Meaning, we are flirting with each other and she’s not some innocent college girl who never had sex before.

I must say, the direct invite to my apartment has worked dozens of times… Sometimes the girl will say, OK what you give to me? She’s talking about money of course… I will offer them 1,000 baht and they usually agree.

That said, the majority of the girls I met using this method asked for no money at all! They simply came over to my apartment and got naked within ten minutes of walking through the door. I love Thailand! 😀

You see, girls are horny just like us guys. They want to date, fuck and have fun too! Many girls can’t show their freaky side out in public because they are worried about how society will look at them… But they have sexual needs and desires just like us!


Show respect to these girls and don’t be a creepy weirdo. There are some genuine psychos trolling these websites and you don’t want to be one those guys.

If you go on a hot girls profile, just scroll to the bottom. There is often a “wall” where you can leave public comments. Don’t do that.

I have a feeling some guys are confused and think they are sending a private message when they write a public comment there. You will see some strange stuff. Dudes saying they love her. Guys offering money in a completely rude way. Some guys even argue back and forth in the comments saying things like “I already fucked her she’s taken now!”

It’s some weird shit and you don’t want to be one of those losers. Send her a polite private message saying you’re interested and want to chat more.

Be direct.  Tell her you want to meet in person and see how she responds. Don’t waste time with bullshitters. Feel the situation out and if she seems uncomfortable then fall back. You can always go to the bar to find a date.

Don’t talk about money. One time I invited a girl over to my apartment and she quickly agreed. In a subtle way, I asked her if she was expecting money. She got mad at me! She said I am not lady bar!

OK sorry sweetheart… Several hours later she was at my apartment riding my cock. 😀

If she wants money she will bring it up or at least hint at it. You would be surprised by how many girls just need some rough sex with no strings attached. Of course it helps if you dress well and stay in good shape.

Play it cool, be prepared to spend some cash if she asks for it but don’t go throwing it at her. Treat her like a girlfriend not some hooker from Soi Nana.

Some guys will write on these girls public profiles – “I AM COMING TO THAILAND AND I WANT TO FUCK A THAI GIRL I WILL PAY 10,000 BAHT FOR TWO DAYS!!!” Serious, I read that comment on some girls profile. Even if she is a hooker that is just obnoxious behavior. Play it cool guys.

Ask for recent pictures. Last time I was in Bangkok I met a girl on Thai Friendly. She had huge tits and was dressed like a whore in her pics. After a quick chat she agreed to come over for 1,000 baht.

When she arrived I was shocked and appalled to see a fat ugly beast wearing too much make up. I didn’t even recognize her! 🙁

She traveled all the way from On Nut so I decided I’d let her slob on my meat. I pulled her huge knockers out made her blow me for an hour. She never complained once and she even swallowed my load which I greatly appreciated. Overall it was a good experience but I wouldn’t call her again.

pattaya thai hooker blowjob

Some boobs I met on Thai Friendly.

Turns out, this girl works at a popular beer bar in Bangkok and she uses the site to find customers on the side.

Thailand is a wonderful place where all of your fantasies can come true. Whether you want to date a sweet young good girl or have a threesome with some crazy hookers, Thailand has you covered! 😀

Hitting the bars every night is expensive and tiring. I love online dating as a convenient way to meet both good girls and hookers. Give it a shot sometime! Any questions just let me know.