What’s up Guys!

Going out with a bang here in Vietnam. The past few months have been amazing! I love this country and I will be back soon. Vietnam is a very special place to me and I’ve made so many great memories. One of the best things about this country is the women. Sweet, sexy, smart and classy. I fall in love every day! In this post I will tell you the best ways to meet Vietnamese girls.

Before You Arrive in Vietnam

The first thing you will want to do is join the dating website Vietnam Cupid prior to your trip. This is the number one place to meet beautiful Vietnamese girls. If you will be traveling throughout Asia then I would recommend Asian Dating. That is my personal favorite site because there are cute girls from all over Asia on there looking for a foreign boyfriend. If you travel outside of major cities it’s better to join a country specific site since there will be more girls in the small towns on those sites. But for big cities, Asian Dating will have plenty to choose from. You can sign up for free and then choose which one you like prior to upgrading your membership.

dating vietnamese girls online

Next you will want to set up your online profile. It’s very important that you take your time and do this correct. I have a lot of advice on this topic so please refer to my post on how to create the perfect online dating profile.

Once you are signed up you can put together a search for the cities you will be visiting. You can narrow down search results based on many factors such as location, age, height and more. Save the search and you can check back on the results at any time. There are new girls joining these sites every day!

Then you can start messaging girls you are interested in and see who responds. I like to send a simple message that is polite and I add a personal touch to it. I usually copy and paste the messages since I don’t have the time to write personal notes to fifty girls… But I will try to add in something personal I noticed about her profile. Saying something like, cute puppy! Or, I see you like to travel! This shows you actually looked at her profile instead of just seeing one sexy pic and showing interest in her.

If you are in the country already just leave your phone number for them. A lot of times they will text your phone that day. Some girls are too shy to do this. I give them my number and they respond by giving me their number… Annoying, but you have to play the game sometimes.

Another important piece of advice. Download the free chat application called Viber. It’s a free chat application similar to Line that girls use in Thailand. Some Vietnamese girls use Line but Viber is the most popular app there. Everyone has it. Viber allows you to send free messages, pics and make phone calls from anywhere using wifi.

Once You Arrive in Vietnam

Once you have a Vietnamese phone number you should make some business cards. I’m not talking about formal business cards from a printer. Just take scraps of paper and write your name and number on them. Keep at least five in your wallet at all times. This is so you can discreetly slip a girl your number without pulling out your phone or asking for a pen and paper.

Just be low key with these cards. Don’t show them you have a stack ready to hand out to every cute chick you walk by. Another important point I want to make… I don’t give my number to random girls and hope they call. I only use these cards if I had a nice conversation with the girl and I can tell she is interested. Also, if I have some privacy I will just give her my phone and let her enter her number.

Many Vietnamese girls are shy and they don’t want people in public seeing them exchanging numbers with a foreign man. One time I was chatting with a cute girl who works at a coffee shop. When it was time to pay my bill I pulled out my phone and asked for her number. Her face got red and I can see she looked nervous as she glanced around the shop… She ignored my request and walked away to pay my bill. When she returned she gave me my change along with a small white piece of paper… OK goodbye! That paper had her name and number on it. She was interested but she did not want her co workers seeing her give me the number. They are concerned about their reputation so just respect that and work around it.

beautiful vietnamese girl in vietnam

Meeting Girls in Vietnam

Picking up girls on the street is harder in Vietnam then it is in other countries. A lot of girls are shy and conservative but they are all pretty friendly. One of my best methods of meeting cute chicks is becoming a regular at certain coffee shops or restaurants. Many cute young girls work at these places and you will see the same ones every day. Just chat with them daily until you build comfort. Once you have some type of bond with a girl invite her out for coffee or lunch.

I have met many cute girls who work in cafes but I still think online dating is your best and easiest option. You can also meet girls in bars but then you run a higher risk of meeting a hooker. Not that I’m against picking up hookers… But that’s not the topic of this post.

If a girl is partying late night in a club, you can do your typical approach and chat with her. If she is overly aggressive and slutty then you are probably dealing with a hooker. Good Viet girls are friendly but they won’t be all over you in public. Also, they won’t go home with you after chatting for five minutes. Use common sense here.

Dating in Vietnam

By now you should have some phone numbers and you can start lining up dates. Before you do any of this be sure you have a guest friendly hotel! This is extremely important! Read my post about how to find a guest friendly hotel in Vietnam. A lot of hotels in Vietnam will not allow you to bring a girl back to your room with you. Prostitution is frowned upon in Vietnam and some hotels have a strict no tolerance policy towards it. If you plan on getting laid, be sure you have this step taken care of first.

Next you want to set up the date. I prefer to go out at night for drinks because this is more likely to end in sex. However, a lot of Vietnamese girls will want to meet you during the day for your first date. I’ve had girls invite me to coffee at 8:00am… Annoying shit like that. You may have to do a coffee or lunch date for the first meeting.

Spend this date just being friendly and building comfort. Learn about each other and ask her a bunch of boring questions you don’t really care about… Where are you from? What is your work? Do you live with family? Blah blah blah. Don’t go into seduction mode on the first date. Just relax and make her feel comfortable with you.

I was sitting next to a foreigner having dinner with a Vietnamese girl the other day. I could tell it was their first date based on the conversation. This dude was fuckin up big time and I was laughing to myself… Five minutes after they met he was inviting her to his apartment. He kept trying to get her to agree in different ways. “Hey I want to show you my art… It’s in my apartment…” I understand what he was trying to do but these girls aren’t retarded. You can get away with that in Thailand but it doesn’t work that way here. You need to take it slow. I saw this dude walking down the street alone shortly after that so I guess it didn’t work out.

Once you build enough comfort you can invite your girl out for dinner and drinks. Some good girls like to drink and party but many do not drink alcohol at all. They will drink some fruity mango shake while you are getting smashed on Saigon beers. If things are going well you can move to the seduction phase.

In the seduction phase I start to get flirtatious with the girl. Joking about us being girlfriend and boyfriend. Touching in more affectionate ways. Just don’t go grabbing her ass or kissing her in public. Look at Vietnamese couples in public… They never kiss or hug with other people around. It’s just not in their culture. If you are walking on the beach at night or in the park you can hold her hand. Maybe find a quiet park bench and can kiss her. Just don’t try tongue kissing her at the bar! This isn’t America. These girls have class.

If things are going well you can invite her to your room. I usually ask them if they want to go watch a movie in my room. Girls are not stupid… They know if they go there that sex will probably happen. But I don’t hint towards that at all. That way she can rationalize things in her head. Oh, we were just watching a movie and it happened…

If the girl lives at home with her parents, she will not be spending the night with you. Every girl I met who lived with her parents had to be home before midnight. If this is the case, you will want to head to your place earlier in the evening to give you a few hours for fun. Or, “watch a movie.” 🙂

If she moved to the big city and has an apartment with friends, then she may be willing to stay all night with you. Even then they often worry what their friends think of them… Ah the joys of dating conservative women.


I love dating Vietnamese girls and it’s hard not to fall for them… I have met some amazing girls that would make excellent girl friends or wives. They are beautiful, fun, and sophisticated. It’s amazing how all they want to do is make their man happy. Plus I met so many girls I actually trust here. They didn’t give up the pussy easy and I’m sure they would be loyal in a serious relationship.

If you are looking for an Asian wife or girlfriend then check out Vietnam. Just be prepared to take things slow and understand their conservative culture. Cheers guys!