I have a drinking problem. It’s something I’m working on… But I drink a LOT out here in Asia.

In Vietnam, a Saigon beer costs 50 cents… These beers are a bit larger then normal too at around 16 ounces. Between dinner and a night out, it’s common to suck down twelve of these things and wake up feeling like I got hit in the head with a brick.

I’m tired of feeling like shit in the morning… I’m also trying to get back in shape. Therefore I quit drinking alcohol!

OK that lasted for two days and I couldn’t stand it… You try going on a date using google translate. Trust me, you will be ordering a stiff drink within two minutes.

Everything is OK in moderation. I enjoy a few drinks most nights and I think I have finally mastered the art of drinking without getting a hangover.

This is just the method that works for me. Nothing scientific here so if you guys know some shit I don’t then please comment below.

How To Drink Without Getting a Hangover

Choose Your Drink Wisely

Notice I said “drink.” Not drinks. Choose what you’re drinking for the night and stick to it. Don’t start off with Jim Beam, then hit the Jager bombs, then onto the beers. Your stomach with be fucked in the morning and your head will be pounding.

I’m not into fruity sweet syrup concoctions but I hear all that garbage gives you a massive hang over. We’re men, so chances are you aren’t ordering some gay ass sour apple margarita but if you’re into that shit you might have a hangover in the morning. You might also wake up in bed next to a dude but hey, I’m not judging anybody. 😉

First thing I did was lay off the beer. I LOVE drinking beer but I had to stop drinking beers every night. The reason being, I need to drink like five of them just to get a good buzz. Then it’s down hill from there… Five quickly turns into ten.

Drinking this much beer every night left me feeling bloated and dehydrated. Time to pick a different drink. Everyone is different but my favorite liquor is Vodka.

My “go to” drink is a high quality vodka such as Grey Goose or Belvedere. I drink it straight up, on the rocks with lime. That may sound harsh if you’re not used to it but give it a shot. It’s really not bad. Try it with your favorite liquor.

Quality vodka goes down smooth and the ice melts quick which waters things down. Squeeze a few lime wedges in there and you can sip that drink with no harsh burning at all.

I know it sounds funny that I’m advocating hard liquor straight up to avoid hangovers but hear me out on this…

Advantages of Drinking Straight Liquor

First of all you will be drinking a lot less. Of course, vodka is stronger then beer but sipping a few glasses of vodka slowly over the course of a few hours is better then pounding half a dozen beers.

This allows me to get a good buzz on without consuming a crazy amount of cheap beer and empty calories. I drink much less to get the desired buzz.


I always recommend drinking a lot of water to stay fit, but it’s especially important when you are going out drinking. I drink about a gallon each day but before I go out for the night I will throw back a few large cups of water.

Alcohol is a diuretic which means it dehydrates you. Try to drink several bottles of water in between drinking on a crazy night out. This will help replace some of the fluids you will be losing throughout the night and it will also slow down your drinking… I know when I get going it’s like a roller coaster and I keep drinking until I pass out.

I also recommend drinking a lot of water before bed. Yeah it sucks waking up at 4:00am because it feels like your bladder is going to burst but just do it. Force yourself to drink a liter of water before passing out. This will help with your morning headache.


Drinking on an empty stomach gets you hammered much faster. Eat a good dinner before going out drinking. I also like to eat a light meal and drink a bunch of water when I’m done partying.

Cut Back on The Drinks

This is really the best thing you can do to prevent hang over. Don’t have so many drinks! Keep track of how many drinks you are having and try to dial it back a bit.

Once I started keeping track of what I drink it blew my mind… 14 beers, 3 shots of Tequila was a common night out in Bangkok. No wonder why I felt like garbage in the morning… You don’t need to drink that much to have a good time!

Now I try to keep my drinking in moderation. I’m not going to party during the week. I’m just going on a boring date and I need to take the edge off.

Two or three drinks is fine. One per hour, along with food and water. This allows me to get a nice buzz and still feel 100% the next morning.

Do what’s right for you, but we all know that point when we’ve had enough. Listen to your body. If you’re feeling a good buzz just switch to water for the rest of the night.

I try to cut off my drinking at a decent hour and then just drink water or coconut water for the electrolytes. Give yourself some time to rehydrate and eat before jumping right into bed.

The Next Morning

I always have a hearty breakfast along with my multi vitamins and fish oil. Most important, a few strong cups of coffee usually clears the fog out of my brain and I’m ready to grind. Remember coffee is a diuretic as well so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

A painkiller such as ibuprofen works like magic if you still have a headache the next day. It’s tempting to lay in bed to sleep off a hangover but I find that only makes things worse. Take a cold shower, get dressed and get out of the house. Move around and get some fresh air. When you stop and lay down it only makes you dwell on the fact that you feel like shit.

Emergency cure: If all else fails. Drink more booze! Yeah that’s right. Nothing cures a hangover better then another drink!

The goal is to prevent a hangover but if you feel like shit then just have a few drinks with lunch. More of the poison seems to make me feel better the next day. Funny how that works…

Don’t be a Drunken Loser

We all love a good party but it’s important to balance work and play. I enjoy alcohol and night life but it’s not going to consume my life.

Living in Asia can dangerous for people with certain vices. You can easily fall into the trap of drinking until the sun comes up, sleeping all day, then stepping out at dinner time to do it all over again.

That’s not a healthy way to live. Work hard, play hard is the motto to live by. Take care of your body and mind and you will be a healthier, happier man.

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