LadyBoys are everywhere in Thailand. I was surprised to see how well they are integrated into everyday life here. I figured they just worked in the bars or sold sex on the street.

While this is true they also work in hotels, restaurants and Seven Eleven. They are everywhere and people treat them like royalty. Really, nobody gives ladyboys a hard time here and you shouldn’t either.

In America, if a group of guys were walking around the mall wearing dresses and acting flamboyantly gay they would get some funny looks at least. Here nobody even pays them attention. It’s a common site and homosexuality is everywhere.

If homosexuals make you uncomfortable then Thailand is not the place for you. Especially the night life! For the most part ladyboys will not bother you or harass you outside of the flirting and trying to entice you into their clubs. Just respect them and leave them alone.

Be aware. Many ladyboys are very beautiful. Many of them are very slim and feminine. They have feminine faces and sexy bodies. Sometimes it is hard to tell it is a man!!!

A lot of guys are concerned about this when they first come to Thailand. I meet tourists every day who don’t shut up about the ladyboys…

Is that a lady boy?!! I hope I don’t get a lady boy!!! There is no need to be constantly paranoid about this.

The fact is no ladyboy is interested in tricking you into having sex with them. There are thousands of gay men who fly to Thailand every year to have sex with these transexuals.

Many times these boys have plastic surgery so they have great boobs and feminine faces.

Here’s how I tell if it’s a lady boy.

Hands. It’s easy for me to spot a mans hands. Big long boney fingers on a Thai girl is out of place. Thai girls are petite and tiny. I also look at their knees. A man has bigger knee caps and a females legs are usually more smooth all the way down.

Height. Most Thai girls are extremely short. Ladyboys always tower over them. A funny rule I heard was, the drunker you are, the shorter she has to be! Even short guys are taller then your average Thai girl.

Make up. Ladyboys always wear way too much make up. They have painted on clown faces and they are always looking in the mirror and fixing themselves up to be beautiful. I never see Thai girls wear this much make up.

Another clue is plastic surgery. Nose jobs, facial surgery and breast implants are a red flag to me. Yes I have met plenty of Thai girls with cosmetic surgery but the ladyboys usually over due it.

You can tell when you see a big boney rib cage with a huge set of rock hard fake boobs on them, it’s probably a dude.

Still not sure? JUST ASK!!! Really guys if you can’t tell don’t be afraid to ask. If you are new to South East Asia I don’t blame you for getting confused about this. A lot of these ladyboys are very sexy and feminine.

If you are chatting with a girl at the bar and you really can’t tell. Just ask her, are you a lady boy? She will not be mad. Just tell her – I’m sorry it’s my first time in Asia and I’ve heard some crazy stories.

It is common for foreigners to get confused so don’t stress out trying to figure it out on your own. Ask her!

Honestly, I have been here for nine months and I have never had a problem. I find ladyboys very easy to spot in a crowd. Soon you will be able to identify them as well.

Several LadyBoys have even sent me messages me on these Thai Dating Sites and asked me if I like LadyBoys… I politely say NO but I respect that they tell me right away they are men.

I also find that most are friendly and don’t bother you. Just let them do their thing and you do yours. The last thing you want is to get beat up by a group of Thai men wearing skirts!!!