Are you looking to meet a sweet young Thai girl to date or marry? You must be very careful here. I have heard endless stories about foreigners getting their hearts broken and bank accounts drained by their sweet young girlfriend.

I suggest taking your relationship very slow here. You need to take the time to really learn about the girl and find out what her true intentions are.

Many Thai girls just want to meet a foreign man who has money so he can take care of her and her whole family. I find girls with kids are even more desperate. Most girls work long hours and get very few days off each month.

They make shit for a salary and send most of it back to their family who live off in some rural country town in Isaan. These are the majority of girls you will meet working at restaurants, hotels and other unskilled professions. Yes, including bar girls and hookers.

I’m assuming you know better then to date a bar girl but incase you are under some love sick spell I will say it here.


Trust me, you can not change her and she will never be a good girl. She is not capable of truly loving you and being loyal. My advice is to have fun at the bars and buy the girl of your choice a few shots of tequila.

 Pay the bar fine and take her back to your room for an hour of fun. Then say thank you, goodbye!!!

Many of these bar girls are very sweet and fun. They will want to travel with you and you may find yourself having long conversations with them about her personal life.

She will tell you how she hates her job but she has to work there to feed her family. She will tell you her baby needs food and her mom needs medicine and all kinds of sad stories.

This may be true on occasion… But the fact is most bar girls love their life. I am friends with several of them and I got to really pick their brain for hours.

They sleep all day and party all night with their friends for free. Men buy them drinks and they usually get at least one customer a night that gives them a few thousand Baht.

Most of them have SEVERAL foreign boyfriends that send them money and gifts. They pay their rent, buy them the newest smart phones and give them money for their “family.”

a thai girl with her farang boyfriend in thailand

They do this to “save her” from a horrible life working at a bar. However, these girls continue selling their sweet little pussy while their dumb foreign boyfriend is back home working his ass off.

Truth is, many of these girls would be bored to death living back in Isaan or settling down with a family. They are in love with the nightlife and the easy money, regardless of what they tell you.

One girl told me her boyfriend gave her money to quit the bar and open a salon. She told me this while we were laying naked in my bed after I had just fucked her for 1,000 Baht or $33.00 USD. Don’t be a sucker guys!

I even met one sweet young girl on Thai Love Links who lives in Isaan. She is a school teacher there and I know this is true. She sends me pictures and videos of her with her students.

We talked online for several months but she never came to visit me in Bangkok. She said it was too far and she couldn’t afford it. Finally I convinced her to come to Bangkok but she wanted 500 Baht for the bus.

OK I can swing that… Then she said it was 1,000 Baht because it was two ways. Hmmm in my head I’m thinking OK 1,000 Baht and I’ll probably get some farm fresh Isaan pussy all weekend…

Then, she said she needed it sent to her online in advance so she gave me her bank information. What the fuck??! I said NO WAY.

You can come here and I will pay you back for the bus tickets in person! Long story short, she never came to see me in Bangkok.

This is the good part… I spent New Years Eve in Pattaya and as I stumbled down walking street one night who do I see??! That’s right!!! The sweet young school teacher walking down the street holding hands with an older farang.

The TRUTH is she takes a bus to Pattaya every weekend to sell her sweet little pussy to old men! All I could do was laugh. In fact it turned me on in a strange way… But I would never date a whore.

There is no sure way to know if she is a good girl but these are the things that catch my attention when I am dating a new girl.

What To Look For When You Meet Her

1. English skills. Does she speak very good English? There must be a reason for this. Bar girls speak very good English because they interact with foreigners all day and night.

Of course I have met many good girls that also speak excellent English but they usually have some reason why. For example, they are teachers, work in hotels, work for an airline or in a restaurant for several years.

Most Thai kids don’t pay attention to English in school. They learn on their own or someone teaches them throughout the years.

Most good girls I have met spoke very poor English. In fact, they were often shy and embarassed about it. Most of these girls claimed to have never dated a foreigner and I believe them.

2. Tattoos. Does she have tattoos? Every Thai girl I met who had a tattoo was a bad girl. Meaning she was easy to fuck, had several other boyfriends and always acted a bit crazy.

She may not be a prostitute, but this is the type of girl I lock all my valuables in the safe before she comes over. Obviously if you meet a bar girl with a huge dragon on her thigh then you can bet she is easy to fuck.

Thai girls are raised to be very proper and conservative. If a Thai girl gets a tattoo it is considered rebellious and the parents will certainly be angry about it. If she has a tattoo it tells me she does not care about the morals her parents instilled in her.

Many girls move away from home to a big city like Bangkok or Pattaya and get caught up in the fast life. They drink every night, smoke, get tattoos and piercings.

Once I see this I know they have been in the city for a while and they are no longer girls that interest me. Well, maybe for an hour of dirty fun but that’s it!

3. Money. Does she have money? Is she living above her means? This usually means she has a boyfriend already… Maybe several boyfriends.

My ex girlfriend lives in Ko Samui. I ran into her the other day for the first time in a year. She claims she is still single… But she has a brand new Car, a new iPhone and a new luxurious apartment where she lives alone.

She has been working at the same shitty restaurant for years. I’m sorry but the numbers don’t add up. How is a cute young girl single for all these years and living the high life making 10,000 Baht a month?

The answer is she has a foreign boyfriend who takes care of her. He probably travels a lot or has a family in another country. When he visits Ko Samui he has a nice apartment, a new car and a young piece of ass waiting for him.

It’s not a bad situation if he doesn’t mind some young stud fucking his lady while he is away. Ask your date what she does for work and just observe how she lives and acts with money.

My “good girls” were very careful about money. Many times we would go to a restaurant and right away they say “Ohh this place is too expensive! I know where to get good Thai food cheap!” This is the girl you want to date.

4. Is she talking to other guys? This one is tricky. If you meet her online of course she is talking to other guys. But I don’t want to be in a relationship with a girl who dates a different farang every night.

What I do is look at her wall on Line. (The Line application is explained in this post.) Sometimes it will be private.

This is no big deal seeing that I am a stranger to her at this point. Maybe she only shares pictures with family and friends.

However, most times it is not private. Look at her pictures and check out the comments and who “likes” it. Sometimes you will see all Thais and I consider this a good sign.

Some girls will post a picture and 10 white guys will like it and comment leaving hearts and other stupid shit. This is a red flag to me. It tells me she is dating many foreign guys at once.

Not a huge deal but be careful if this is the girl you are seriously considering starting a life with. Most of my good girls had no foreign men commenting on her pictures. Some of the “bad girls” had new guys commenting every day. I have noticed a pattern with this.

5. Sexy pictures. This one is obvious but I will mention it anyways. If your girl is posting revealing pictures on Line or facebook she is most likely a bad girl.

Most good girls are shy and conservative. They don’t like to reveal too much of their body in public and certainly not to strangers online.

Many of my “good girls” would give me amazing sex then act very shy and cover themselves with a towel in my apartment. “I SHYYYY!!!!!”

I just met a bar girl on Thai Love Links who lives here in Ko Samui. She was obviously a bar girl because all of her pictures were her dressed like a slut and drinking at the bar. In America girls love to show off their half naked body online but in Thailand this is considered trashy and only a bad girl would do this.

So there you have it. These are things that I look for when I meet a girl in Thailand.

This is not a sure way to find out if you have a good girl but it’s a good place to start. These questions give me an idea on how easy it will be to have sex with her and helps me decide if I can be in a serious relationship with her.

Whether you want to marry a sweet virgin from the country or have a wild threesome with some tattooed bar girls, Thailand is full of options.

These days I’m burnt out on the bar scene and I prefer sweet young college girls. This is my favorite site to meet sexy Thai girls.

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