I recently went to have some beers at one of my favorite beer clubs. Beer clubs are fun places to drink in Vietnam. They are always staffed with hot girls dressed in sexy outfits. There is typically a DJ who is a smoking hot Viet chick. I enjoy drinking some cold beers and watching the DJ bounce her boobs around. 🙂

Beer Clubs are not P4P venues so there’s no mongering going on there. But if you have a little game then of course you can take a shot at the pretty staff working there. Or you can try to just offer one of these bitches some cash and see how she responds…

My waitress was friendly and spoke a little English so I started to chat her up a bit. I bought her a few beers and she sat to drink with me. We got along pretty well and even exchanged numbers. Eventually I finished my drink, paid up, gave her a little tip for her service and went on my way.

Fast Forward A Month

I texted back and forth with this chick a few times but we never met up. Mostly just quick texts like “you coming to the club tonight?” I saw her one other time at the club but that was it.

One day out of the blue I get a text from her. After some small talk she said that she needs money because her mother is sick… I said to her, “if I help you, what do you do for me?” 😉

“What do you want?” – She said.

A lengthy negotiation followed so I will cut to the chase here. She agreed to fuck me for 500,000 VND ($23 USD). She originally asked for 2 million but I said no way.

I also said that I wanted to be “good friends and meet often.” I even told her that she could “come see me twice a week. Only one hour each visit. That is 4 million per month.”

She quickly agreed. That is a good deal for a young broad like her who has no job skills. Girls work their ass off at full time jobs and make less money then that each month. All she has to do is come over and fuck me twice a week.

The Meeting

She doesn’t have a motorbike so she asked me to pick her up on my bike. Her place was hard as fuck to find but I made it there. We went back to my place which was about 20 minutes away.

She looked sexy as fuck! She was wearing a little top, some of the tiniest short shorts I’ve ever seen and some ridiculous high heels. I couldn’t believe she could even walk in those shoes. She is short, super slim and petite. Her legs are like tooth picks but they are shaped very nice. Overall I was super excited to unwrap this tasty little treat and go to town. 😛

She’s obviously a whore, but she seemed nice enough and I really wanted to have her as a friend. I’m getting tired of dating so I could use a smoking hot fuck buddy who’s willing to stop over for an hour without the long dates and boring conversations.

I was on my A game that night. I was dressed sharp and being charming as ever. I even offered to stop for some food, which she declined. I really wanted her to feel comfortable and have a good time.

Time To Fuck!

We get back to my place and get comfortable. I was wearing jeans which are too hot for lounging at the crib so I quickly changed into a pair of shorts. Then I went to the bathroom to take a quick piss.

After a bit of small talk we started getting down to business. I went in for the kiss then started to slowly peel her out of her sexy little outfit. She was acting all shy like she was an innocent girl… OK honey I’ll take it slow here…

I got her down to her panties. I was squeezing her ripe little ass and licking her nipples. Then it happened…

“STOP… I’m sorry, I can’t do this…” She said.

“Really? Why? What is the problem?” I said surprised.

She pulled out her phone and wrote a long message into google translate. It said “I am a good girl. I do not have sex for money. I can not do this. I am sorry.”

Then she started getting dressed.

“Woah slow down. Did I do something wrong? Before you wanted to meet. Did I make you mad?” I asked.

She wrote me another long google translate message that said “I like you. You are handsome. You are very nice. I want to be friends. I’m sorry I just can not take your money.”

Then she said “don’t worry I will take a taxi home. Goodbye.” As she started unlocking my door to leave.

“WOAH WAIT WAIT WAIT… I have to let you out downstairs! Wait two minutes!” I said while quickly getting dressed.

What the fuck! This bitch begs me for money. Then makes me drive all around the city to pick her up and bring her to my home. Now she’s backing out on the deal last minute and leaving me with a rock hard boner. Stupid bitch! I’m willing to pay for pussy if it SAVES TIME. This is worst then dating god damn it!!! Waste of time and still not getting laid. I was pissed!

I was also a little bummed out and feeling rejected… I mean am I that bad of a guy that she doesn’t want to fuck me? Even after I agreed to pay her? Nothing like being rejected by a whore… 🙁

Hmmm what to do… Should I drive this bitch home or make her take a taxi? I was annoyed and I really didn’t want to drive back to her place. My first thought was to toss her out on her ass. But then I thought it was a bit heartless to just kick her to the curb like that… I figured I would give her a little taxi money so she could get herself home. I like going to that beer club and I didn’t want things to be weird when I go back.

I reached into my pocket and she quickly said “NO! NO MONEY!”

I pulled out my money clip and looked at it…. Then I realized….


I am 100% certain that I had a few random small bills in my money clip along with two crisp 500,000 VND notes. When I looked in my money clip I only had the small bills. One million dong was missing.

I put this money in the clip prior to leaving my home to pick her up. It was enough to pay her 500K and still have some money for food and drinks after I drop her off.

I immediately realized what happened and went into a rage. “YOU FUCKIN BITCH! YOU STOLE FROM ME!!”

“What? NO! I NEVER!” She said as she tried walking out the door.

“FUCK THAT!” I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her back into my room. I sat her ass on my bed and said “OPEN YOUR PURSE NOW!”

She opened her purse to the main compartment and said “SEE! NOTHING!”


She hesitated, then slowly started opening different areas of her purse.

There is was! Two crisp 500,000 dong notes. And they weren’t even in her wallet. The money was just laying loose in one of the compartments like she quickly tossed it in there. I am 100% certain this was MY MONEY.


I was shaking with rage. I can’t remember the last time I was this angry. I have been robbed and scammed many times in this fucked up country and they always got away with it… Now I caught one red handed… She was alone… In my room… At my mercy.

“DON’T MOVE!!!” I screamed while I quickly scanned my room to see if anything else was missing. Laptop, passport, phone, credit cards. Everything was still in place.

She scurried out of my room and down the stairs. I quickly locked up my room and followed her. My outside gate is locked so you need a key to come or go. She was squatting next to my apartment gate like a slutty little gargoyle. She was trapped…

My mind was racing. What should I do to this bitch? I have never hit a girl in my life but I REALLY wanted to deck this bitch in the mouth with every ounce of strength I had. The nerve of this thieving gook cunt just astonishes me.

Without a word I unlocked the gate. As she tried to step out I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her close. “I’m friendly to you! I agree to help you! And you steal from me! YOU STUPID BITCH!”

“No I never steal from you I never….” She started mumbling.

Then I hawked a big loogey and spit in her face. This immediately silenced her gook mouth. The loogey was a good one and it landed in her left eye. Then I pushed her hard to the point that she almost fell over with her ridiculous high heels. I’m happy she didn’t fall because I didn’t want any bruises on the bitch… I don’t need her running to the police saying I beat her.

There was one Viet guy standing outside and he didn’t seem to care. Shit happens all the time around there I guess.

The Aftermath

Well, lesson learned once again. This is mongering in Vietnam for you. I have a lot of Vietnamese readers and I don’t want to offend anyone… I really do love this country and the people… But the fact is, stealing is a big part of Vietnamese culture. I mean these fuckers will steal anything that isn’t nailed down. I won’t bore you with all the stories of shit I’ve seen but I will just say that crime is a part of every day life here. It seems to be compulsive behavior too. They don’t even think it through.

For example, look at this dumb bitch. I KNOW where she lives. I KNOW where she works. I KNOW where she goes to school. I KNOW her Facebook. She is with me, (a stranger) in MY home. I am literally twice the size of her. With one hand I could snap her neck like a twig. She has no idea where she is. Sure she has an idea of what neighborhood but I was turning so many rights and lefts down little alley ways there’s no way she could keep track.

This bitch was at my mercy. Yet she still decides to steal from me. She must have reached into my jeans the second I went into the bathroom to piss. She was out of my site for literally one minute and that’s all it took. These people truly are the scum of the earth.

What did she think would happen? She would clean out my money clip and I wouldn’t notice? Obviously if I fuck her, then go to PAY her I will realize my money is gone! Maybe that’s why she tried to back out of the sex. It’s obvious she didn’t think this through.

Think about how stupid she is! I am a young, handsome guy who treats her good. I’m willing to give her money, pretty much anytime she wants. Instead of getting 500k every few days for MONTHS should would rather go for the quick score for one million. What an idiot.

I have no idea what she was thinking. But in the end, she made no money and lost a “friend.” I can only assume she was hoping to skim some money out of my pocket and hope I didn’t notice? She took the money BEFORE the sex so she was hoping I wouldn’t see the money clip until she was long gone… Thankfully I checked my money before she left.

What do you think?

So I got a little rough with the bitch. Screamed at her and spit in her face. Is that out of line? I was REALLY in a rage man… I’m happy that I held back from slapping the shit out of her. I really wanted to.

Now that I think about it, I should have took her iPhone. I could have sold that for a nice chunk of cash. Hey, she wanted to rob me so fuck her right? Or I could have just smashed it on the street. That would have made me happy. Better to smash her phone then her face right?

Nah better off doing the white thing… Oops I mean better off doing the right thing and not be a thieving monkey.

Now you know why I don’t do much mongering in Vietnam. The bad girls are vicious creatures. You have to be on guard 24/7. Vietnamese are the biggest money grubbers on the planet.

Just simple things like OK if I go to a whore house. Is it safe to park my bike outside? I would have to bring my helmet inside for sure. I would only bring enough cash for the night and make sure I don’t let my pants out of site. It’s all just a fucking hassle and I usually just avoid it.

Thankfully. The good girls in Vietnam are very sweet. They are generally trustworthy and eager to please. I greatly prefer dating good girls in this country. You may be interested in ready my post “The Three Kinds Of Girls You Will Date in Asia.”

Sorry for the negative post but I just wanted to warn you guys. Watch your wallet out here. Stick to the good girls if you want to date.

Those beers tasted good that night. That’s for sure. Another day in paradise…