The other day I was trolling Facebook for some new pussy. I saw a status update from my 18 year old fuck toy. One of her friends commented on her status and the chick looked pretty cute in the picture so I decided to send her a friend request.

She quickly accepted and then sent me a private message. “Hi I’m Nguyen. Nice to meet you. ?”

I replied and we had a nice chat. I invited her out for coffee that evening and she said yes. We met for coffee and had a very nice date. She’s a very sweet girl and she speaks perfect English. I was really happy how that turned out! Sometimes you don’t know unless you try. I just stumbled upon a gem! 😀

She seemed to really like me. She was gazing deeply into my eyes and she kept asking “why don’t you have a girlfriend???” She said “you are so handsome! So sweet. So friendly.”

I just smiled and said thank you darling. Everytime there was a pause in the conversation she would just stare at me from head to toe with a sexy little smile on her face. She had that look in her eyes like she wanted to dive on my stiff cock that second, and I suspect her tight little pussy was foaming in her panties.

We left the cafe and had a bite to eat. It was getting late so she had to go home. These young broads often have early curfews of 10-11 PM… Bummer, but you have to deal with that kind of stuff when you’re dating in Vietnam. She asked if I would like to go see a movie tomorrow and I agreed.

The next day rolled around and I really didn’t want to go to the movies. I think going to the movies is one of the worst dates imaginable. You can’t talk and I’m forced to sit still for two hours. This is tough for me.

Usually the movie sucks so I feel like a prisoner for those two hours sweating and eating shitty popcorn. I guess it’s good if your girl speaks no English. You can sit there like two dummies and watch Alvin and the chipmunks. But I have better ideas for a date.

I told her we can watch a movie at my house. She quickly agreed and this brought a smile to my face. I knew that I would be sucking her pretty little pussy in a few hours and I was excited! 😛

I practice the power of positive thinking so I really imagined her laying on my bed with her legs spread. My head planting in her crotch lapping away at her glistening pork chop. I believe you can think these things into existence! 😀

She said she had no bike and asked if I could pick her up. Sigh… Traffic is always a pain in the ass but I agreed. I battled my way across the city during rush hour traffic and finally arrived at her house. She was standing outside wearing little short shorts and a tight little top. She was dressed comfortable but she looked really cute.

This girl is naturally beautiful. No make up. Big bright smile. She’s got the innocent school girl look but in her eyes I can see there is some freak in her. ?

She is short and petite with curves in all the right places. She has a bit of a tan which I like. I don’t like these pasty vampire looking Viet chicks that bleach and peel their skin. It creeps me out.

I could have made her take a taxi but I like to ride with a girl on my bike. My theory is that riding a motorbike with a girl is only a step away from sex. Think about it like this… She has her legs spread with her pussy sitting on my bike. Her moist clam was absorbing every bump and vibration.

Her legs were wrapped around me with her perky tits pressed up against my back and she had her arms around me. If we were naked and I turned around, we would be fucking! 😀 That’s just how I think of it anyways. I often get a hard on when I have a new chick on my bike. Is that creepy?

I can tell a lot about a girl by how she rides on my bike. Some girls will ride on your bike and you will not even feel them there. You won’t be touching at all. Other girls will basically hang off your back like a monkey. These girls usually end up in my bed on all fours with just my nutsack hanging out of them. Try it sometime. It’s a good test! Pay attention to how much your new chick is touching you when she’s riding on the back of your bike.

We took the ride to my apartment and went inside. We got comfortable and within minutes we were cuddled up on my bed watching a movie. I went in for the kiss and there was no resistance. She kissed me back and started feeling on my body. “Wow you are so strong! I love it!” You guys go to the gym right? Hope so! ?

Eating Fresh Young Vietnamese Snapper For Dinner

I pulled off her shorts and t shirt with no resistance. I had her straddle me so we were facing each other. We continued making out while I slowly removed her bra. Absolutely perfect perky handful titties!

Vietnamese girls have the best tits… They aren’t huge, but they are nice and firm. You could bounce a quarter off these hangers.

I was feeling up her tight little ass then I reached under, slid her panties to the side and gently slid my fingers across her pussy lips. She was soaking wet and she let out a moan as I slowly massaged her clit.

I gently slid her panties off. I felt like I was unwrapping a Christmas gift. She looked so beautiful laying there all submissive. There was no resistance. No shame. She was prepared to be devoured like Thanksgiving dinner. 😛

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I kissed her pussy gently. Then I began to lick her slowly from her clit to her ass crack. God I love this shit… I could see she was really enjoying it. 😛

She had a big meaty pussy too. Perfect for sucking. Big thick beef curtains. Her pussy was shaved clean. I like a hairy Asian pussy, but this pussy was nice and clean. One of the best pussies I licked in a long time. Congratulations young lady! 😛

At this point I was rock hard and ready to fuck. I dropped my pants to reveal my thick hard boner. She gasped and looked shocked. I think this was her first big white buffalo. I climbed on top of her as she whispered “so big!” I said don’t worry sweetheart. I will go slowly… She had a worried look in her eyes but she said OK…

I put a little spit on my finger tips and used it to lube up the mushroom tip of my throbbing fuck rod. I mounted her and started gently kissing her lips, cheek, ear and neck. She was breathing heavy and I could feel her heart was about to beat out of her chest.

I told her to relax as I placed the tip of my dick in her pussy. She moaned loud and dug her nails into my back. “Wait! Wait! Wait!” She said.

I felt her pussy was having violent spasms as if she was cumming hard. These spasms went on for several moments as she moaned like I was fucking the living shit out of her. Meanwhile, I was laying still and not moving a muscle…

Finally she said ok and pulled my ass so I would slide deeper inside of her. I made it balls deep into her pussy and again she stopped me. More screaming and pussy spasms. Man that felt good. Like her pussy had a vibrator inside ?

She was so tight and wet… She was squirming around underneath me and moaning. “Oh it feels so good! I l love it! Oh uh uh uh!”

Of course, this was driving me wild. I was so turned on that I had to keep stopping to take a break… Within a few minutes of slow pumping, I was already at the point of no return… Shit! I wasn’t done banging this bitch yet! 🙁

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

I tried using the power of mental distraction to stop myself from cumming. I thought about the presidential race in America. I thought how disappointed I was that Rand Paul dropped out of the race. I wondered if Trump would really win the republican nomination.

I wondered if Americans are stupid enough to vote Hillary Clinton into office. Then I focused on the thought of Hillary Clinton’s face. Surely this would kill off any thoughts of cumming! But no, unfortunately it was too late. I felt the orgasm building heavy in my nut sack and it was time to unload.

I pulled my dick out of her pussy in a last second effort to stop myself from blowing my load. I withdrew and squeezed the base of my cock hoping to stop the flow of baby batter…

Then it happened. I started blowing my load. Fuck! I panicked as my cock spit a few thick ropes of jizz onto my blankets. My poor blankets… They really are a war zone of bodily fluids.

I quickly decided fuck it if I’m going to nut I might as well enjoy it. I plunged my cock back into this tight young bitch and continued unloading my cum.

She sat still and said “oh my god are you cumming? I’m scared!” I said “shhhhh relax” as I finished my last few convulsions inside of her. After this horrible orgasm I began slow stroking her pussy again.

I’m pleased to say that I did not lose my erection and I continued to bang this broad. 🙂 Now that I had an empty tank I was able to really pound away on her.

I tossed her up in every position for another 20 minutes are so. I must have been going a little too hard because she started bleeding on the sheets. Ahh this shit is never like the pornos… Gotta take it easy on these young snappers.

I dumped a second load into her and we both hit the showers…

The Aftermath

After we got cleaned up we were laying in bed together. That’s when she popped the question… “So how do you know (18 year old fuck toy)?” (You know, the one I’ve been banging for over a month now…)

“Oh we’re friends…” I said as I fidgeted with the remote control hoping she would leave it at that.

“OK” she said with a smile. 🙂

Surely this couldn’t be the end of it… I had to ask her, “does 18YOFT know we are friends now?”

She said “no, nobody knows about us.”

“OK good.”

That’s pretty much where we left it. I banged out my 18 year old fuck toy and the new chick several more times in the following weeks. Many times I would bang them on back to back days.

Then one day it happened… My 18 year old fuck toy realized that me and her friend were friends on Facebook so she asked her about me.

My new girl told her we were “friends”. Well, that’s what I tell my 18 year old fuck toy as well, even though I am fucking her brains out and unloading in her young fertile snapper.

My 18YOFT totally flipped out… Threatened to kill this chick. She even took the girls phone, deleted my number and deleted me on her Facebook. She also went through all of our text messages and read everything… BUSTED.

I asked this chick, why would you let her do that?! Stand up for yourself god damn it! She said, “she surrounded me at school with all her friends! I was scared!”

This actually cracked me up… Who knew this little 18 year old school girl could get so gangster on a bitch? She is quite possibly the least intimidating person on the planet. But this girl was really scared of her…


My 18 year old fuck toy is surprisingly still in love with me. Even after I creeped her classmate on Facebook and fucked her bare back multiple times. Incredible! 😀

But I felt as though things had run it’s course with us. I no longer wanted to see 18YOFT. If I did, I would have never sabotaged the relationship in the first place. I told her I didn’t want to see her anymore.

She called and messaged me for days. I would block her and she would use different phones and Facebook accounts to reach me. It was getting really bad at one point. Things have finally died down and I’m relieved.

The worst part of this story is the new chick, who I really like, has not come to see me since the big incident with 18YOFT.

She told me that 18YOFT and her friends threatened to kick her ass if she ever went near me…

I told her “she will never know!!! I never talk to her! It will be our secret!” She said ok maybe someday but I’m not ready now. 🙁

This girl is so cute and sweet. Sexy as hell too! 19 years old. Body built for fun! I really hope I can smooth things out and get her back into my harem of Vietnamese fuck dolls.

I guess I created this scenario for myself. I followed my dick into a dark cave of lust, lies and betrayal. What can I say, if I see something I want, I go for it. And most of the time I succeed! For better or worse.

Another day in paradise…