Story time here at Single Man’s paradise. The theme of this past month or so has been me sharing embarrassing stories I’m not proud of. Taking a look at the amount of comments I received it seems people enjoy these random stories… Which is great because I have a lot of them! So here’s another story from my life in Asia.

One night in Bangkok I went for out for drinks on Soi Nana. I bar hopped a bit starting at Hillary 4, then I went into Nana Plaza. I had a few drinks in Spanky’s which is my favorite GoGo bar in Nana Plaza. There’s always a good line up in there and it’s a fun environment.

I had a few drinks with this one girl I know in there. I’ve bar fined her several times because she is just my type. Thin, innocent looking, pretty young face. I like that “farm fresh” look and I’m not into girls with tattoos and piercings. That’s just me.

I bought her a shot and a drink. I squeezed her tight young ass while we watched the other girls dance. Then I said sorry sweetheart, no bar fine now. I handed her 100 baht tip and said goodbye.

I banged this girl several times. She is lovely. If you want to be my Eskimo brother then you can bar fine this pretty little angel from Spanky’s in Nana Plaza. Treat her good please! I will marry her when I’m ready to settle down. 😀

On my way out of Nana Plaza I stopped into Big Dog Bar. It’s right on the corner of the path leading into Nana Plaza. This is an excellent location for people watching. You can see all the ladies and lady boys coming into work at the plaza. You can also see all the action on Soi 4 including the line up of freelancers in front of Nana Hotel.

I ordered a Sam Miguel beer and sat with a few of the older bar girls there. I scoped out the freelancers across the street when one of them caught my eye… Sexy young thing. Slim body. Cute face. Innocent farm fresh look that I like. I creepily stared at her long enough that we eventually made eye contact. I smiled at her and waved her over to the bar. She immediately trotted across the street as if I just put food out for a puppy. 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised when she came into the bar. She had a very friendly and bubbly personality. She spoke great English and she seemed to be very happy to meet me. I asked if she wanted a drink and she said sure. I ordered us two Sam Miguel lights and two shots of tequila.

I whispered in her ear “how much?” She said 1,000 short time 1,500 long time. I said OK and we enjoyed our drink together. I was having fun with this chick and even the ladies at Big Dog Bar said “she is very lovely!”

We took a walk down Soi 4 and stopped into Hillary 2 for another drink. This place has a live band and they’re pretty good some nights. The lead singer is a female and she’s super sexy. This band also plays at Climx on Soi 11.

At this point I was pretty fuckin hammered so I said let’s go. We walked up the street to my hotel room at the White Orchid Inn. I was ready to tear into this pretty young bitch so I stripped down and jumped in the shower as soon as I got in my room. I brought her in the shower with me and helped her wash up.

Mmmm I can still remember her pretty round tan ass cheeks. So tight and firm while I was soaping them up. I was rubbing my soaped up boner all over her tight ass and it was making me crazy! We rinsed off, toweled off and jumped into bed.

At this point I was passionately making out with this bitch like she was my wife! 😛 I NEVER kiss hookers so this was way out of character for me… Then I went down on her and I licked her pussy and ass for a good twenty minutes. I was deep in there licking from ass crack to clit. YIKES! 🙁

I love licking pretty girls pussy’s and making them cum. But this is some nasty street walker that I just picked up in front of Nana Plaza! I’m sure this girl has had quite a few strange dicks pummel her pussy and now I’m eating that shit like a slice of apple pie. 🙁

By the way, I blame this entire story on Tequila. I’m not sure what it is about Tequila but every time I drink that shit I get into a fight, get arrested or bare back a hooker. No other alcohol effects me in this way…

I devoured her pussy like a starving dog scarfing a bowl of food… Then I mounted her missionary. I passionately kissed her while I slid my throbbing hard cock deep into her pussy with no rubber… Let me tell you, this girl had some good pussy… She squealed and dug her nails into my back as thrusted my cock balls deep into her.

Of course this was another huge mistake. I went raw with this strange bitch but I wasn’t thinking anything of it at the moment. I was drunk and my animal instincts just took control of me. I gave this pretty young bitch a good hard fucking in every position.

Finally when I was ready to blow, I released my load deep inside of her tight wet pussy. I remained inside her for several minutes before slowly withdrawing my dick and watching my hot cum drip out of her. She was a great sport and she certainly earned her 1,500 baht! 😀

Cumming Inside Filthy Whores = Living The Dream

After I shot my load I suddenly sobered up and realized I made a huge mistake. I ran to the shower and scrubbed my dick aggressively with soap and water. I was thinking of all the horrible diseases that were probably festering on my foreskin so I rubbed that fucker raw. Shit, I would have washed my dick with a blow torch if I had one handy.

My “wife for the night” was still laying in bed without a care in the world… Comatose from the proper dick down I just inflicted upon her. She was quietly sleeping while my fertile sperm aggressively swam towards her ovaries. YES this happened PRE VASECTOMY! Another dumb move…

I let her rest for about 20 minutes while I quietly had a panic attack. Then I woke her up and said OK let’s go! We got dressed then walked back out onto the nightmare street that is Sukhumvit Soi 4 Bangkok.

We were walking for about one minute when this girl suddenly turned her head to the side and projectile vomited onto the side walk. It was like some shit from the exorcist. I couldn’t believe how much fluid came shooting out of her mouth! 😛

She never looked sick or gave me any indication she was going to puke. She just unloaded a fountain of puke that splashed onto the sidewalk next to my feet. I screamed like a bitch and nearly jumped out of my shoes. She squatted down in her little dress and high heels and released several more fountains of puke onto the crowded side walk.

I said holy shit are you OK??! She kept saying “sorry sorry!” I said please wait here! I ran into a near by 7/11 and brought her a bottle of water and some tissues. She wiped her mouth and had a sip of water. Then she got up and kept walking like nothing happened. She seemed fine and I looked more shook up then her at that point. WTF was that about??? Maybe the Tequila? I told you that shit is the devil!

I walked her over to the pharmacy next to Nana Hotel and I purchased the “morning after pill.” I quickly opened it and left the box / wrapper right on the counter of the pharmacy. I handed her the pill and said swallow this. Without flinching, she popped it into her mouth and swallowed it down with a sip of water. Good girl. 🙂

I pulled a stack of baht out of my pocket and broke her off 1,500 for her services… She said kawp khun kaaaa. Several of her hooker friends and the poor lady at the pharmacy were watching this all go down. Meanwhile all the bars were closing so it was an absolute shit show parade out on the street. Before I walked away I got her Line ID and I said I would text her again.

I tossed and turned all night wondering if I had just spent 1,500 baht to get herpes, HIV and a Thai baby all in one shot… I called this chick around 11:00am the next day and told her to meet me at my room. She agreed and showed up an hour later.

Getting Tested For STD’s in Bangkok Thailand

I met her outside and we took a taxi to the Red Cross Clinic next to Lumpini park. I told her we were going to get a blood test because we had sex with no condom last night… She said OK we can go.

I’ve been to this clinic several times and it’s always an easy process. Usually a thirty minute wait before they draw blood, then come back in an hour to get your results. My results were clean as I expected. I was just recently tested and I wasn’t bare backing much in those days.

She was taking an awful long time in the office and I was starting to get worried… My mind was going through all kind of scenarios… I sat patiently in the lobby while I thought about what life would be like if I had HIV… And then I wondered what would be the best way to kill myself…

Hmmm I could jump off a building like all the other loser farangs out here. Or I could find some kind of pills to OD on… Yeah that would be better… Fuck splattering all over the concrete that’s just obnoxious. Then somebody has to clean up my mess and I hate to inconvenience people…

Finally she came walking down the stairs and I quickly stood up. She walked past me and straight to the door and I quickly followed her outside. I grabbed her by the arm and stopped her. I said “how did it go?” She said “it’s OK! No HIV!” I said OK good now let me see…

I grabbed the paper from her which had the results… HIV = Negative… Then I saw the part of the test that said Hepatitis B and it said POSITIVE… I said WOAH what is this??? She said, “don’t worry! No problem!”

I said NO I AM WORRIED. THIS IS A PROBLEM. I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her back inside. We walked back up the stairs and I said we need to talk to the doctor. After a few minutes she was available and we both went into her office together.

This clinic is fantastic and the staff is really professional. The doctor is a very sweet lady who speaks perfect english… Which is comforting in this type of scenario. I calmly told her that we had unprotected sex last night… Now do I have Hepatitis B??? She said, maybe yes, maybe no.

WTF… This is not the answer I wanted… She said this girl has Hepatitis B “a little bit” and that it’s possible I got infected but it’s also possible I didn’t get infected… She said to use a condom from now on and to get checked again in 4-6 weeks. Getting tested the day after is pointless. The virus takes time to show up in your blood. Ughhhhh what the fuck did I just get myself into… 🙁

We walked out of the clinic and across the street to Lumpini Park… Neither of us said a word for several minutes. Then I asked her… “Do you use condoms with your customers?” She said “YES! Always use! Only don’t use condoms with my boyfriend!”

I said “where is your boyfriend?” She said “he’s in Germany…” I said “where did you meet him?” She said, “same place I meet you!”

Ohh fuck… 🙁 So he’s a filthy whore monger like me! Good lord man… At this point I was getting pissed off but I was more mad at myself then her. Of course she’s a filthy whore! That’s fine! But it’s up to me to protect myself…

I was obviously getting upset and she could tell. She was upset too but she kept it cool and “saved face.” But I could see she was getting uncomfortable with this talk and she wouldn’t make eye contact with me. I handed her 1,000 baht and thanked her for meeting me. Then I grabbed a motorbike taxi back to my hotel on Soi 4…

Once I got to my room I googled the fuck out of “Hepatitis B.” I read everything I could about the virus. Supposedly it’s EXTREMELY contagious and this worried me a lot… I just assumed I had it at that point. I also started reading that it usually cures itself and many people have no symptoms whatsoever. There is also the odd chance that you could get “chronic Hepatitis B” which is an on going thing for life. But this is rare and people with healthy immune systems usually get rid of it in a few months.

So for the next month or so I was pretty paranoid… Any slight stomach ache made me think my liver was rotting out and I was slowly dying… (Hepatitis attacks the liver.) 🙁 Of course, there was no bare backing going on for several months.

The Aftermath

Once again I’m happy to report that I escaped unscathed by this incident! I’m not sure why god is always looking out for me… But I got tested again after one month, then two months, then several months later. ALL NEGATIVE! I’ve probably been tested about five times since then and I’ve always tested negative for all diseases. Woooo man that is such a relief. 😀

OK so that’s my story for today. Bring on the flame throwers. Tell me I’m a reckless idiot playing with fire. I’ll be the first to agree with you! This was a tremendous mistake and it could have turned out much much worse… Herpes, AIDS or some other shit would totally fuck up my lifestyle.

I always talk about cream pies and I do enjoy blasting inside young fertile pussies… But you guys have to be careful out here. You can enjoy sex and still use protection. If you are seeing someone exclusive then you should both get tested for STD’s. Then you can have a talk about contraception. Once you are both comfortable with that then you can take the rubber off and enjoy that pussy. But please beware… One false move and you could be stuck with a baby or a disease… Not sure which is worse. 😉

Have fun, be safe. Happy Holidays from paradise!