I’m still somewhat traumatized but the events that took place this afternoon… I thought I would share my experience with you guys while this is still fresh on my mind…

It seems all this bare backing Asian pussy has finally caught up with me. 🙁 Monday morning I starting having a strange feeling in my dick… The inside of my dick hole was itching. Not pain, just sort of tingly and uncomfortable.

Also, I noticed the tip of my dick was dripping a bit of clear liquid. Not much. But kind of like when you have a massive boner and a little pre cum starts to dribble out. Shit… I could tell something was wrong… 🙁

So I did what any man would do in this situation… I opened up google on my phone and typed in “why does my dick hole itch?”

After a little research I decided it’s most likely Chlamydia. 🙁

So today I went to the clinic to get tested. I had a quick chat with the nurse, paid $30 USD for the test and went upstairs to meet with a doctor.

Getting Tested For STD’s in Vietnam

Once upstairs, I was greeted by a male doctor who looked over my paperwork and sent me into a small room. Moments later he came in the room wearing rubber gloves and a face mask. He had a little kit of glass containers and utensils.

This is where things got interesting… He pulled out a thin metal rod with a little cotton q tip on the end. He told me to drop my pants. He grabbed my dick and looked closely at the tip.

I wasn’t dripping any liquid at the moment so he grabbed my limp dick and began squeezing and pulling on it. He worked it from the base all the way to the tip as if he was milking a cow. I guess he was trying to squeeze some dick cheese out for a sample…

Finally, he pinched my mushroom tip with two fingers and spread open my urethra. Then he stuck the metal q tip torture device into my dick. 🙁

This was some frightening shit… I flexed every muscle in my body and whimpered like a puppy that just got kicked across the room. Then he began swirling the q tip inside my cock to sop up any STD juices inside. 🙁

Fucking brutal… My poor dick has been through a lot this year. Luckily, it was over in an instant. I buckled up my pants and waited for him to finish playing with his chemistry set.

Then he handed me a small glass tube and pointed at my dick… I said what do you want? Pee? He shook his head and made a jerking off motion with his hand…

I thought this must be a mistake… Really? So again I made a motion like I was pissing in the tube and I said, you want me to pee right???

Again, he said NO and made a jacking off gesture with his hands…

What the fuck you gotta be kidding me… I said OK where? He said go downstairs in the toilet. Fuckin A OK…

I went downstairs and I couldn’t believe it. The toilet was a tiny, flithy little room attached to a crowded waiting room. The walls were paper thin and I could clearly see people through the frosted glass window on the door.

There was barely enough room for one person to stand in this room. There was just a tiny urinal and an Asian style squat toilet. The room was soaking wet with water and I was standing in a puddle.

The bathroom stunk like shit and I wanted to vomit moment I walked in. I could clearly hear kids crying and Vietnamese people yapping away in the waiting room. It was boiling hot and I was instantly dripping with sweat. There were no windows in this room and I could barely breathe.

Fuck… OK let’s get this over with. I unbuckled my pants began yanking on my limp dick. To say I wasn’t in the mood would be an understatement…

I was wearing jeans and a nice button up shirt. I also had my messenger bag slung over my back. My sweaty ass cheeks were pressed up against my nice new leather bag. 🙁 

Everything was wet and filthy so I couldn’t put my bag down and get comfortable. This distracted me even further… My dick was limp as over cooked spaghetti.

Finally an idea popped into my mind. I pulled out my phone and began scrolling through my pictures… I started wanking to pictures of girls I had recently banged. This did the trick and I started to get hard.

Then another image popped into my mind… The nurse! Yes, the young lady working reception at this clinic was very cute. No make up, hair all messy, wearing her white nurse uniform. I could clearly see her bra through her shirt. Mmmmm….

I imagined I had her bent over the urinal and I was pounding away. This cleared my mind of the screaming kids outside and the fact that I just got my dick stroked by an old man then plunged by a metal rod…

I felt I was reaching to point of no return so I quickly grabbed the glass vile out of my pocket and stuck it to the tip of my dick. I’m used to letting go inside tight asian pussy so this was an unpleasant change. 🙁

I carefully dribbled my ball batter into the tube, capped it and slipped it back into my pocket… Against all odds, I can drop a load god damn it! 😀

I walked out of the bathroom drenched in sweat. I mean totally soaked through my shirt with sweat pouring down my red face. The crowd of Asian eyeballs looked me up and down as I scurried back upstairs to the doctor.

I handed him the glass tube full of jizz and he told me to come back in three days for the results…

So that’s it. I’m thinking it’s Chlamydia and based on my research it’s not a big deal. Antibiotics can knock it out within a week and it’s gone for good.

Lessons Learned

There’s consequences to going bare back. There’s no telling where I got this shit… My dick has been in all kinds of strange places in the past few months. This time it’s something minor but it could definitely be worse… I think it’s time to chill out.

Rubber up if you don’t want to face these consequences. It sucks… But hey, boxers get black eyes and bikers get broken bones. There’s certain risks involved with some hobbies! 😀

I’m looking forward to hitting this shit with some antibiotics and getting back in the game. So, what did you do today? 😀


Just a quick update for everyone who isn’t following all the comments below… My results are in and I am 100% HEALTHY!!! Not sure what I was feeling down there but the doctor assures me that all the tests are negative and I feel great!

Maybe I just had a little irritation from pounding so much pussy??? Who knows… I’m relieved by the results. This was certainly a wake up call. Time to slow down and be more cautious about who I bare back…

I just bare backed and cream pied another filthy hooker last night and I’m a little worried about it… Shit I was drunk… But I promise, that’s the last one for a while! Cheers guys, thanks for reading.