What’s up guys!

The party never stops here in paradise! Unless you have Dengue fever of course… I caught my first tropical virus here and it put me on my ass for the whole week. Here’s what happened.

Last Monday was a great day. I woke up, went to have coffee and read a book. I had one of my new girls over for lunch. Sweet college girl. Very cute. We cooked lunch together and I banged her twice. Then we took a long nap.

Once we got up I threw her out and hit the gym. Had a good session in there and I was feeling like a million bucks. Back home to shower and get some work done in the evening. I didn’t drink any alcohol and went to sleep pretty early. Then it happened…

I woke up around midnight feeling nauseous. I went straight to the toilet and threw up. Then I immediately started sweating profusely and broke out in a fever. I had an intense headache and body pains.

I thought maybe I ate something bad and this was just a minor case of food poisoning. For the next three days I had this fever and pounding headache. The headache was the worst I’ve experienced in my life and it was relentless. I couldn’t do shit other then lay in bed with ice on my head.

My muscles and joints were aching to the point that walking down the stairs was a struggle. Apparently Dengue is also called “Break Bone Fever” because of the pain it inflicts on your body. Not fun. 🙁

Day four rolled around and I had a full body rash. OK something’s not right here… Off to the pharmacy I went. The lady took one look at me and said “you need to go to the hospital.”

After a short examination and blood test, the results were in… Dengue Fever.

Dengue Fever is a virus caused by the bite of an infected mosquito. It is a very common virus in south east Asia. In a way I was relieved because everything I was reading said that it’s usually over within a week with no serious complications. I guess it could have been worse.

Today is day 7 and I’m finally feeling a bit better. I still have the rash and my energy levels are at zero but no more fever or headache which is a relief. Several people I know said “wow you look so thin! Are you ok?” Ahh yes, an aspiring bodybuilder loves hearing those words. 🙁

Well, one positive aspect is I haven’t had a drink in one week. Can’t remember the last time that’s happened in the last decade. Not even craving a drink now so I guess I’ll keep this going for a while.

I also haven’t had sex or jacked off in one week. The only other time that happened in my adult life is when I got my vasectomy… Honestly I’m not even horny at all right now but I hope my sex drive comes back when my blood normalizes. 🙁

Tall Hottie came over one night and cooked me dinner. I didn’t even touch her. I laid in bed under the covers shivering while sweating like a pig. It wasn’t a fun week…

Dengue fever is a bitch and this could definitely ruin your holiday. Do your best to wear bug spray and protect yourself from mosquitos. I haven’t done any countryside adventuring lately but I guess these fuckers can get you anywhere, even in the middle of the city.

OK just wanted to share that quick update. I should be back in the game within the next few days!