Last month I went to a little cafe in the middle of nowhere. As soon as I walked in, one of the pretty girls working there got all excited and started smiling. I could tell she was attracted to me.

She was staring at me the whole time and she would smile every time I locked eyes with her. She would also come over and refill my ice tea after every little sip so I could tell she wanted me to say something.

Finally, I said hello and introduced myself. Her English was extremely limited but we still managed to exchange names and phone numbers. Shortly after that I was out of there but we continued to chat on viber.

I lined up a date for us the next evening. The whole day I had the bubble guts and I was shitting my brains out. Must have ate something bad because I was rushing to the toilet every 30 minutes to spray the bowl with chocolate milk. Not pleasant. 🙁

Night time rolled around and I decided to go ahead and meet this broad anyways. I was feeling better at this point so I figured a quick cup of coffee would be harmless. I chose a cafe near my home which was convenient.

The Date

She arrived a few minutes after me and she looked fantastic. High heals. Short shorts. Long, thin white legs. Just my type. She was all smiles as usual.

I ordered a coffee and she ordered a fruit smoothie. This girl speaks no English so the conversation was brutal. We quickly resorted to google translate to communicate.

I took a few sips of my black coffee and that’s when I felt it… A deep rumble was coming from my lower intestines. Uh oh… I smiled and pretended everything was ok. I started to sweat and panic a bit. Hopefully this will pass… I don’t feel like going to the bathroom and shitting my brains out right now…

Thankfully, the feeling passed and we continued our convo. Minutes later the bubble guts struck again. This time is was a more violent rumbling. Something inside of me wanted out!

I felt the intense need to fart but I knew if I un cinched my butthole then brown liquid would erupt from my colon. Hang in there damn it!!! I flexed my ass cheeks with all my might. I had a look on my face as if I was looking over the edge of a cliff about to fall to my death.

Finally the feeling passed… I breathed a sigh of relief. But wait… Something wasn’t quite right… Suddenly there was a warm wet sensation in my ass. Fuck! 🙁

I quickly excused myself to use the restroom. I locked myself in a stall to survey the damage. My fears were quickly confirmed. I had shat a bit during that last bowel tremor. 🙁

Luckily, I didn’t shit enough to get it on my underwear. Everything was ok. I hosed out my crack and got cleaned up.

I went back to the table looking like I had seen a ghost. “You ok?” She asked. “Yeah I’m good.” I slammed back the rest of my coffee in one sip and paid our bill.

We had been there for less then twenty minutes and I was already heading out the door. All I could think about was going home to shower. I didn’t even care about the broad at this point.

We walked outside and she asked “where we go?”

“My home follow me.” I said as I got onto my bike. She looked stunned like she didn’t know how to respond. I wasn’t sure what she would do but I just started heading home and I was pleased when I saw her following me. ?

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Home Sweet Home

We got to my room and got comfortable. I turned on the TV and poured her a glass of water. Then I jumped in the shower. Ahh it felt good to clean up after that incident. I take hygiene very serious.

I came out dressed more comfortably and joined her on the bed. Damn she looked good. Her long legs with silky smooth white skin. Mmmm I just wanted to bury my face between them and munch her box for an hour. 😛

I was feeling much better now. I was cleaned up and comfortable My stomach felt fine and I had this sexy broad laying on my bed. Time to move in for the kill.

I cuddled up close to her and went in for the kiss. She pulled back. “Why you kiss me? You have girlfriend?”

“No honey, I’m single. I like you!” I went in for the kiss again and she didn’t pull back.

I quickly pulled off her clothes like I was unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning. This girl is really beautiful… One of the hottest girls I’ve banged in a long time and dare I say, the hottest girl in my current rotation of snappers.

I proceeded to pound her pussy bare back in every position. Damn there is something special about this girls pussy. It just feels amazing! It’s like a velvet glove. It’s the perfect size and wetness. My rod just glides in and out of her greasy meat flaps with ease.

Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer so I unloaded in her tight fertile pussy. Talk about the ultimate rebound! I went from sweating, having a panic attack and shitting myself on the first date, to bare backing this hottie within one hour of meeting! Never give up god damn it! 😀

Another day in paradise…