The other day I got a random message on Vietnam Cupid. It read, “You are very handsome. I want to have a baby with a handsome foreigner. Do you want to have a baby with me?”

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WTF? What kind of lunatic texts this shit to a stranger? Even if she was thinking it, why come out and say it like that? It sounds like she’s not looking for a relationship or marriage, just a sperm donor. Well in that case, I’d be happy to donate some to her. 😉

I text her back “how about we meet this weekend and get to know each other.” She lives in another city about two hours away from me. She said she would come to visit me on the weekend. OK great. 🙂

The weekend arrived and there she was. Beautiful girl. Petite, well dressed, speaks decent English. I was impressed. We went out for dinner and drinks, then ended up back at my place.

I didn’t waste any time and got right down to business. Stripped her out of her clothes and slid my rod inside. She had that nice, tight, hairy, farm fresh snapper that I like so much. Milky white skin softer than whipped cream. It didn’t take long for me to unload inside her.

I guess she was on end of her period because she bled all over my sheets. It was like a murder scene. Damn it I hate that! I washed my blankets and the stain didn’t come out. It didn’t even lighten up. Totally fucking ruined. Oh well… I rolled them up into a ball and stuffed them in the closet. When I move out of this apartment, the owners will make the gruesome discovery.

Pro tip. Before I went out and bought a “fuck blanket.” It was a hideous, maroon blanket with a red flower pattern. Impossible to see the crusted up blood and jizz stains on it. Before having a broad over I would throw the fuck blanket on top of my crisp white blankets so I wouldn’t stain them. A lot of these tight Asian snappers are bleeders. It gets annoying after you destroy several sets of sheets.

Anyways, the next night this broad came over and I creamed her again. She told me she loved me. She kept touching my nose and saying she wanted her baby to have my nose. I told her to slow down… We won’t be having a baby now… We should get to know each other before having that discussion. She agreed and said ok. Thank god I got the snip. These broads are nuts.

She went back to her home city. A few days later she posted a picture on her social media. It was a selfie of her and another white guy having coffee haha. Then later that night she sent me a message saying that she loves me and misses me. Sure, whatever you say sweetheart. 😉

Another day in paradise…