Do you want people to see everything you do online? I sure as hell don’t.

This is an important topic for all of my readers here on Single Man’s Paradise. I recommend you use a VPN anytime you’re online. In my opinion it’s absolutely essential.

What is a VPN?

I’m not going to bore you by getting super technical here but a VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows you to have a new IP address from anywhere in the world. It keeps your browsing information encrypted and secure if anyone tries spying on you.

I run a VPN on all my devices 24/7. It gives me peace of mind that my personal information is kept private and nobody is snooping on me while I’m online.

This is especially important when you’re traveling and here’s why.

The first reason is security. If you’re doing any banking on a shared wifi signal then your information is vulnerable to hackers. The technology exists that allows people in the area to pick up on your web activity and they could possibly hack into your bank account, email and social media accounts.

Be especially careful when using free wifi in public places such as cafes and airports. Even an amateur hacker could access your info if you’re not encrypting it with a good VPN.

The next reason is privacy. I don’t know about you, but there are some things I do online that I don’t want to share with my landlord or cafe owners. For example, hanging out on my forum or watching porn.

Another reason you need a VPN is to get around certain browsing restrictions in different regions of the world. For example, some porn sites are blocked by the government in the Philippines.

Vietnam is considered a high risk country for fraud so a lot of websites blacklist IP addresses coming from Vietnam. A good VPN can get you around these issues.

What is the best VPN?

I tried several different VPN’s over the years and my personal favorite is Tunnel Bear. It’s affordable, user friendly and it just plain works. Plus the graphic designer did a damn good job with the little cartoon bear.

It’s really simple to get started. You just sign up, download the app on your computer and mobile devices, turn it on and choose a country to browse from. Done.

best vpn 2017 virtual private network

Tunnel Bear is my favorite VPN for several reasons. For starters, I like how it’s just set it and forget it. When I turn on the wifi, the VPN instantly turns on as well. I never have to worry about it. If I can’t connect to the VPN for some reason it warns me that my traffic is not encrypted.

Another reason why I chose Tunnel Bear is because they don’t log any of their customers browsing data. Be careful. Some VPN companies will keep records of your browsing history. I wonder what they are doing with this info?

I’m not doing anything illegal online, but it rubs me wrong when a company is keeping a file on my browsing activity. Tunnel Bear won’t log your data. They value their customers privacy so I give them my business.

I have the top of the line Tunnel Bear “Grizzly” plan which costs $49.99 per year. It gives me unlimited browsing on five different devices simultaneously. It runs smooth in the background and it never gives me problems.

You can get a cheaper plan that fits your needs. You can even try it for free to see if you like it. I truly believe having a VPN is critical and I refuse to go online without using one.

If you decide to sign up for Tunnel Bear, please support SMP by signing up through my affiliate link here. I make a small commission on every sale I refer to them.

I assure you that I have been a happy customer for several years before I signed up as an affiliate. I would never promote a product that I don’t use and enjoy myself.

Stay safe out there guys.