What’s up Guys!

Having a blast here in Bangkok. Feels good to get back on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly looking for some sexy young Thai girls! 🙂 I’ve already been on several dates and I’m meeting a smokin hot chick later tonight. Wish me luck!

This is a follow up to my post, Three Things I Hate About Thai Girls. Read that post too, if you haven’t already. There is one other thing that drives me fuckin nuts about dating in Thailand…

Many times when I meet a Thai girl for a date, she will show up with a friend! This is always a surprise and they never tell me they are bringing someone else. Here’s why I hate this…

The first issue is, I end up paying to take two girls on a date. I am buying them fruity cocktails for 300 baht each while they speak in Thai with each other and play with their smart phones… I sit there quietly slamming back vodka sodas while these dumb broads post selfies and pictures of their drinks on facebook.

My mind starts to wonder… Did this girl really want to meet me? Or do these chicks just want to party all night with my cash? I don’t mind partying all night with some cute girls, and I’m not cheap… But I’m not some sucker who likes to get taken advantage of.

The other problem with this scenario is, the friend usually cock blocks me. At the end of the night I try to get some alone time with my date. I tell her quietly that I want her to come hang out with me later… She starts talking Thai with her friend for a minute then says, “oh solly, tonight I have to go home with my friend. Next time ok?” Damn it! If I wanted to buy drinks for a bunch of boring girls who don’t care about me, I would just head down to Nana Plaza. At least that date would end with sex.

Fuck I hate that. This has happened so many times in the past year. I don’t want to sound harsh. I understand why she would want to bring a friend. This beautiful young girl is meeting a strange man from the internet for the first time. There are a lot of bad people in the world and girls should be cautious. I just wish they would tell me they are bring someone else…

If a girl told me she is bringing a friend, I would say great! I can bring one of my friends! That way I have a wing man to keep the other girl busy while I spend quality time with my date.

Here’s a funny story… One of my last nights in Vietnam I had a date with this beautiful Vietnamese girl. She showed up with an older white lady… She introduced her as a “friend.” I thought this was odd, but OK. Turns out the “friend” is her ex husbands mother! She has a foreigner ex husband and two babies with the guy… The mom visits Vietnam to see the kids several times a year. What the fuck! Now I’m getting drilled with questions by this old Swedish lady who is probably comparing me to her son. I got the hell out of there shortly after… Bring your friend, bring your mom, but don’t bring your ex husbands mom! What a strange date.

How To Handle This.

Before you go to meet a girl for a date, make sure you ask her, who are you with? If she says alone, ok good. If she says she is with a friend, you have a few options… You can either invite a friend to go with you so it’s an even double date, or you can just cancel on her and try again another time.

The Random Wing Man Trick.

Another great option is to just find a random wing man. If I’m at the club with two chicks I will often invite some random guy to hang out with us. Here’s the trick. Take a quick look around the bar for a foreigner hanging out alone. In Bangkok there are a lot of tourists and you will often see dudes at the bar alone. Either he is traveling alone or his buddy ran off with some broad. If the dude looks like he speaks English and he’s clean cut just say, “hey what’s up man! Come have a drink with me and my friends!”  It’s important he’s somewhat good looking because I want my dates friend to like him. Hopefully they will hit it off and leave us alone!

Trust me, if some dude is sitting at the bar all shy and lonely and you invite him into an awesome party with a cute chick waiting, he will be very appreciative. I’ve done this many times and the dude ended up buying several rounds of drinks for everyone and having a blast!

My Simple Rule.

I always ask my date if she is coming alone. If she’s with a friend, and we are going to party at a nightclub that’s fine. I can find a wing man or just go find another girl if I get bored with them. If we are meeting for dinner or coffee and she has a friend with her, I just cancel. Fuck that! Boring, expensive and rarely ends with sex. I don’t have time for that shit.

Hope you find this tip useful. Please subscribe for more dating tips. Have fun out there guys!