What’s up guys!

July was the cheapest month I have ever lived… And surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad! I don’t think I sacrificed much. I decided to do NO mongering for the month… This saved a decent chunk of cash. I also quit drinking for the month. That’s right, not a single drop of alcohol for the month of July!

I honestly can’t remember the last time this happened… Probably not since I was a teenager. I quit drinking more for health reasons then to save money. Beer is dirt cheap here so it’s not a huge part of my expenses.

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Vietnam?

The only other lifestyle changes I made was NO nice restaurants. I only ate cheap street food at the local places. Meals were between $1-$3 and really quite good! I wasn’t just living on fish heads and rice. 🙂

OK so here it is. My July 2016 Expense Report. I will convert everything to US dollars to make things easier.

Rent and Utilities – $131

Food (I only eat out.) – $157

Coffee – $73

Gas – $30

Laundry – $16

Gym – $8

Phone – $4

Miscellaneous (soap, razors, taxis, books, etc.) – $54


July Total Monthly Expenses – $473


That’s right. I only spent $473 dollars in July! 😀 This is incredibly cheap. And I think I can get this even lower… When I look at this list I can see some easy cuts! For example, No need to spend money on phone cards, just use WIFI. I can cut gas in half by only riding to where I need to go… I tend to go joy riding for no reason.

I could start cooking my own food rather then eating out, but I’m a lazy fuck. I can easily cut back on the coffee. A big chunk of that coffee expense is going on dates and meeting girls at a cafe. They usually get some fruity smoothie thing so it’s a couple dollars, but hey it beats going to some high end bar. I could probably get them to come straight to my room more often. 😉 There’s really nothing to do around here except sit at cafes but I actually enjoy doing that.

I’m back to drinking beer again but I will keep it under control. Cans of Saigon Beer are only 50 cents so it’s no big deal…

My goal is the spend $500 per month for the rest of this year. That should allow me to save a nice chunk of cash before New Years… Then I’m off to the Philippines! 😀


No Money, No problem!

The crazy shit about July is that I probably got more pussy then I did in previous months! I don’t think a single day went by where I didn’t meet up with some cutie from Vietnam Cupid. It took me a while to build my harem of tight Vietnamese snappers but now my sex life is on cruise control.

In July, I banged seven different girls. Many of them on multiple days. I also got a BJ from another cute chick. She was on her period, but hey I’m not complaining! 😀

I don’t say all this to brag. It just goes to show that if you travel slow and put forth a little effort, you can build a nice rotation of girls. Honestly, I would be lost without Vietnam Cupid and Asian Dating so I recommend signing up for those sites if you plan on visiting here.

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