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I’ve been doing some research and planning my move to the Philippines this year. I reached out to my buddy Dante from Nomad Philippines to ask some questions about living in the Philippines. Hopefully you guys find this info as helpful as I did. Dante’s website is a fantastic source of information on living in the Philippines so be sure to check that out. Below is my Q&A with Dante.

“I know you haven’t been everywhere in the Philippines, but can you tell me which locations you have been to and which is your favorite at the moment?”

I have been to Angeles, Manila, Subic, Cebu and Bacolod. My 2 favorites by a wide margin are Angeles and Cebu. Angeles not only has all the hookers but there is also a lot of good cheap western food and its a cheap place to live overall. 
There isn’t to much to do in the city, but my whole life revolves around working online and having girls over. Both are quite easy there.

If you aren’t after hookers the best two places are Manila and Cebu, but Manila sucks. I have been there probably 6 times, and each time I realize all I am doing is spending more money and wasting more time in traffic to get the same end result (a girl in bed.)

If you like discos and want to party I guess Manila has more options, but I don’t party and have no clue how to pick up a girl in a disco. I am all day game and day game is so much easier and better in Cebu.

“I’m having trouble finding cheap monthly apartment rentals in the Philippines. Should I expect to sign a long lease or live in hotels? Is it possible to find something furnished, available for short term, say three months?”

Apartments are the worst value in the Philippines. My buddy who runs my site is in Bangkok and pays under $400 a month for a place that would probably cost double in Manila. Bangkok is nicer, cleaner, has better infrastructure, yet somehow the apartments are so much cheaper.

If you look around you can find month to month in most cities. Just go to a condo building and ask around. Some of them will have boards up with numbers or emails to contact if you want to rent. I know in Manila Gramercy has a lot of open rooms and you can get month to month.

“Is the Philippines really that dangerous? I’ve been warned by several people that the Philippines is far more dangerous then Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia… I’m a well dressed white guy who will be out partying alone. Will I get robbed at gun point?”

The Philippines might be slightly more dangerous than those other countries but you are an experienced traveler and should be fine. There is a guy on a forum I post on who got robbed at gunpoint in a sketchy part of Manila (Ermita, leaving the infamous Manila Bay Cafe) but that is like possibly the most dangerous area of the country.

I don’t dress nice at all and don’t ever have anything of value on me, but I have roamed around the streets of Angeles and Cebu many many times late into the night and never had a problem. In Angeles I would go out at 4am every night (when the bar girls got off their shift hehe.)

It was pretty dumb to be that predictable, if someone wanted to ‘get me’ they easily could have. Nothing ever happened.

Girls do get robbed here a lot, but for the most part guys are looking for easy targets. Be careful in the Ermita/Malate area of Manila but outside of that I would be pretty surprised if you got robbed.

“Is it possible to live comfortably on $1,000 USD a month? I know that’s a tough question but you see my expenses in Vietnam. I don’t need an extravagant life, but I want a decent apartment and I’d like to go out several nights each week.”

I think the only times I have ever spent more than $1,000 in a month is when I was spending some time in Manila and staying in hotels night to night. In both Cebu and Angeles I spend roughly $850 a month on average, and have had some months in Angeles under $700.

That is with no drinking, no clubbing, and really doing nothing other than work, watch TV, and have some girls visit me for quick bj’s.

If I could live any life in PI it would be to get a nice 1 bedroom apartment in IT Park in Cebu City. I checked out some studios there that cost 30k a month plus utilities (with a 6 month lease and 2 month deposit, sigh.)

The problem was the studio was TINY and I couldn’t justify paying twice as much to live in a shoebox. The building was super sick, but the room was just to small.

But yes, under $1k is easily doable and I have done it for almost 3 years. I do things like take jeepneys instead of taxis, walk most places, and only eat 2 meals a day plus a snack. But I get the majority of my meals from the best restaurants in the city so it’s not like I am eating bad food to save.

“Can you recommend a good city for me to live? I want to live in a smaller city that’s somewhat close to the beach. I prefer dating good girls, but I would like some mongering options available if I need it.”

You have asked me to recommend you a city before and I have to start with Cebu. No it isn’t a smaller city, and there is no beach. But the traffic is not bad at all, it’s not like Manila or Bangkok or what I assume Saigon is like. It is a very laid back easy to live place.

On top of that I have read on your blog (and no first hand) that if you want ‘good girls’ that are going to put out somewhat quickly you need to be in bigger cities. Well the best places for good girls are Manila and Cebu and I have already covered why Manila sucks.

Davao is another place you could try, but again no beach and I also know girls there take a bit more time. If you want a girlfriend go to Davao. If you want to play the field go to Cebu.

As far as cities with beaches that aren’t to big that you may be able to find good girls at I would say your best bets are Bohol and Palawan. Plenty of hookers in Bohol also, not sure about Palawan but haven’t heard of many there.

Beach options with more nightlife and hookers would be Boracay, Subic, and Puerto Galera. Subic sucks you don’t want to live there, Boracay is overpriced, and Puerto Galera (from what I here) is basically all hookers and old expats.

Honestly the value of the Philippines is that in big cities girls put out easily and there are plenty of cheap hookers around. If you want cheap hookers you should be in Angeles, if you want good girls you should be in Cebu. IMO anyway.

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“What is the best strategy for meeting good girls in the Philippines. Mongering is cool… But I like to date non working girls. “

The easiest way to meet ‘good girls’ would probably be on Asian Dating and Filipino Cupid. Or just hang out in the nicer areas of the city where the call center workers hang out. Those girls speak good English, talk to foreigners all day, and are ambitious.

When their ambition leads them to wanting some foreigner dick they will actually go for it. There is a fallacy that many guys have about hooking up in PI. They think that you can only get the ‘poor uneducated’ girls to sleep with you because they are looking for a way out.

My experiences have been the opposite. The ‘poor uneducated’ girls are not as easy because they don’t have the ‘balls’ to take what they want. They may text you and sit around daydreaming, but when you invite them to hang out they tell you ‘next time.’

So if I am in Manila it is easier to meet a nicely dressed professional woman in Makati and get her to bang than it is to meet a girl in Ermita. In Cebu I have far more success meeting girls at Ayala or in IT Park than I do meeting girls on Colon.

It took me awhile to figure that out and I used to be intimidated by that well dressed professional woman. Not anymore, they are my main targets now and I rarely even go to the poorer areas.

I use the same number hand out strategy you use by writing a cute message followed by your number. However I have read you say that you only give it to girls you have talked with a bit and have some sort of an ‘in’ with.

I take a mass volume strategy and basically hand one to any girl I see that is a 7 or above. As long as she isn’t with a guy or her mom I am very likely to approach.

About 1 in 3 text me, and about 1 in 30 end up banging. 1 in 30 might not sound very good but I only have the first ‘date’ be at my place, and I tell them I am not looking for a serious relationship just friends.

Plus when you hand out 4 or 5 numbers a day you are constantly adding new fuck buddies to the rotation. It certainly isn’t the most efficient way to go about it, but I would rather spend my time walking around alone than trying to actually game girls at discos or on dates.

Visit Nomad Philippines for more info on living in the Philippines.