Is South East Asia really cheap? Well, yes and no.

It all depends on your lifestyle.

A lot of people think that just because you are living in Asia everything is dirt cheap.

YES things are cheaper in Thailand then in the USA but there is also a lot more temptations to spend money.

Awesome beach locations a short flight away. Booze, drugs, women available 24/7.

There is ALWAYS a party going on somewhere out here.

If you have no discipline or self control you can really jump off the deep end out here.

Don’t be this guy…


The first time I came to Thailand I traveled all over the country for three months and I spent $16,000.

Keep in mind I did all the tourist shit and I partied like a rock star every night. I did not give a shit about a budget and it was my first vacation ever.

I went fuckin nuts out here.

I flew everywhere, lived in hotels and I always had a girl with me…

Now that I live in Thailand my lifestyle is much more low key. I usually spend around $1,500 per month living in Bangkok. That includes a decent apartment in the center of the city and I date several times a week. I spend much less then that in Vietnam. 

The longer you stay somewhere the cheaper it is. You find the cheap apartments, the cheap food and you get to know your way around.

When you first arrive you will live in hotels around all the tourist traps. You will be over charged for taxis and food.

You will want to explore all the interesting sites around the country. And you should… But once you see it all and get into a normal schedule things are much cheaper living here vs being a tourist.

My advice is to set a budget for yourself and stick to it. Work hard and play hard. You need this balance in your life.

Thailand is cheaper then the USA for everyday living costs but it’s not as cheap as you think.

If you think you are going to live the rock star lifestyle out here for cheap you are sadly mistaken. Yes it will be cheaper then Miami or Vegas but you can still blow a lot of money quick.

Coming here for two weeks and binge drinking is fine for a holiday. Then you can go back home, detox and get back to normal life. Work, exercise, saving money, etc.

But for me I choose to LIVE in Single Man’s Paradise. I don’t take vacations… My life is a vacation!

This means I need to walk past the bars sometimes and say to myself – “Not tonight, go home and work.”

Trust me it’s hard for me at times. I’m an alcoholic and a sex addict.

But you need to have self control if you want to live out here.

You don’t want to end up like these sad bastards homeless in Pattaya because they drank their life away.

Always take care of your health. Physical, mental and financial.

Then you can live in Single Man’s Paradise instead of visiting once a year.