What’s up guys!

Big announcement today! I’m very excited to announce the Single Man’s Paradise Forum is finally up and running. The past few months I have been experimenting with several different forum softwares and I finally found the one I like. I wanted to make sure the user experience was smooth and easy to use. Sorry for the delay! You can check out the forum by clicking this link.

I have officially closed all comments on the blog. All comments will be done on the forum side which is a much more user friendly interface. I really think you will love it! Also, I have limited commenting to members only.

I have decided to turn Single Man’s Paradise into a private membership site. I am charging a small, one time fee for a lifetime membership.

Here’s what you get by becoming a member at Single Man’s Paradise.

LIFETIME Access To All Premium Blog Content. Certain blog posts will be locked and only members can access them. I have so much great content on the way. Location reviews from Vietnam, China, India, The Philippines and much more! Don’t miss these great updates!

LIFETIME Access To The Forums. From now on, only members can leave comments on articles and join the forum discussions. The reason for this is simple. I want to keep the trolls and the spammers out.

I want Single Man’s Paradise to have quality content and I strongly believe that keeping the forum private will keep the trolls out. No more anonymous commenting means members can post comments in real time with no moderation. Better experience for YOU, less headaches for me!

Ask Me Anything! Members can message me with any questions they have about travel, women or business. You can ask me privately via messenger or on the public forum.

I can’t promise that I know all the answers to your questions, but I will try my best! The good news is you can post in the forum where there are many other experienced expats that can help answer your questions. Many of my readers have decades of travel experience and we are all here to help each other!

Thank you for all the support over the past few years. Really, I would not be doing this if it wasn’t for you! I’m extremely excited about taking Single Man’s Paradise to the next level.

I really hope you will join the community and help me turn Single Man’s Paradise into the number one travel resource for Single Men! Please sign up today and show your support. It really would mean the world to me.


If you’re not interested in becoming a member, that’s ok too… I still want to thank you for being a reader and subscribing to my email list. I will keep a lot of the blog posts and forum content open for public view. You can still enjoy some of the content for free!

However, if you’re a fan of my site then you really should become a member so you can enjoy the full experience. It’s only going to get better. I promise I will not disappoint you. See you on the inside!