What’s up guys! Back in “The Kingdom of Wonder.” Also known as Cambodia. Cambodia is a polarizing place. You either love it or hate it. I love it and it’s one of my favorite countries in the world. I usually come here for a short visa run but this time I’m spending more time traveling around the country.

I just spent a few days in Kampot. It’s a small town in the south of the country about three hours from Phnom Penh. It’s a nice little town but is it a Single Man’s Paradise? Let’s get into the location review.

Kampot, Cambodia – Women 1/5

Kampot is absolutely brutal when it comes to dating. I did not see one attractive female in this town. I saw a few that I would fuck, but nothing that made me stop and say wow. Even in small towns in Vietnam I come across very cute chicks. Not sure what the deal is in Kampot. Cambodia is such a small rural country that most young people move to Phnom Penh to work or study. If you’re looking for the hottest chicks in the country then that’s the place to be.

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To be fair, I did not go into any of the nicer hotels, markets or banks. I’m sure there are a few cute chicks hiding out somewhere but you don’t go to Kampot for the dating scene, that’s for sure.

Mongering and Hookers in Kampot, Cambodia

Surprisingly, there is a mongering scene in Kampot. A block away from the riverside you will see a street full of sketchy looking massage shops. They look like a tiny shop house with a small sign outside that says “massage.” Inside there will be a few ladies laying in hammocks, playing with their phones and waiting for customers. My monger radar is on point so when I cruised past these places I knew sex was on the menu.

One night I decided to stop into one of these shops for some action. Most of the women in these places are unattractive. But I managed to find one chick who had huge, natural tan titties. Her cleavage was busting out of her top and she was all smiles so I figured I’d give her a go.

It’s $6 for a body massage. $8 for oil massage. I told her I would pay $6 for a body massage and $8 for an oil massage for my little friend. 😉 She agreed. So $14 total.

The body massage was horrible and rushed. She gave me a quick five minute rub down and told me to turn over. Then out came the bottle of oil. She started giving me a very mediocre hand job and I had to teach her how to do it. She must be new to the job because she was totally clueless how to give a massage or stroke a cock. 🙁

Finally she’s stroking me good and rubbing my balls at the same time. I had her big tan jugs out and they were fantastic. Finally I blew my load while playing with her fun bags. Very average experience but hey, it’s good to know there are mongering options in such a sleepy little town. I’m sure there’s more to discover if you stayed longer.

Kampot, Cambodia – Cost of Living 5/5

Kampot is dirt cheap. I stayed in a nice clean hotel right on the riverside for $10 per night. There were lot’s of hotels around at this price and some even cheaper. I didn’t look into long term rentals but I’m sure you can negotiate a monthly deal for a hotel room right in the center of the action.

It’s Cambodia so beers can be found for fifty cents to a dollar depending on the place. Local food is delicious and cheap and there are plenty of places that serve good western food on the riverside.

One of my favorite restaurants there is The Rusty Key Hole. Forum member “lucalbert” recommended I try the ribs there and damn they were good. One of the best meals I’ve had in a while. I ate there several times and it was always good food and very friendly staff.

Kampot, Cambodia – Quality of Life 3/5

Quality of life is good in Kampot. It’s relatively clean and there’s little pollution. The town has everything you need and it’s certainly livable. It loses a few points with me because it’s too small. The “nightlife” consists of the row of restaurants along the riverside. There’s some more bars and cafes on the side streets leading into the center of town but things are pretty quiet by 11pm. As a night owl, I would go crazy living there long term. But I guess it’s a good place to sober up and get some work done.

The best thing about Kampot is the surrounding area. If you like the outdoors then you will love this town. It’s located right on a river so you can go swimming, boating and kayaking. Here’s some drone footage around Kampot.

Bokor mountain is a short ride from Kampot. It takes about one hour to ride from Kampot to the top of Bokor mountain and it’s such a great ride. Honestly it’s one of the best motorbike trips of my life. The road is smooth, well paved and wide open. Besides the odd SUV full of Khmer families going to picnic, I had the whole place to myself.

There are lot’s of things to see on the mountain. Temples, a lake, great views of the countryside and sea. Bokor hill station, the old French church. They even have a huge resort and casino at the top if you want to stop in there for some food and gambling. If you go to Kampot, you must rent a motor bike and ride up to the top of Bokor mountain. You won’t regret it.

Kep is another small town that’s only forty minutes down the road. There is a nice beach there and a bunch of small restaurants. This town is famous for the crab market. You can buy some fresh crabs and have them cooked. Then buy a bag of beers and go hang out in one of the little bungalows on the beach. Great way to spend the day.

There are also several islands right off the coast of Kampot province including Koh Tonsay aka “Rabbit Island.”

If you get bored in Kampot it’s easy enough to get out. Phnom Penh is three hours to the north and Sihanoukville is two hours to the west. The Vietnam border is one hour east and there are several border crossings into the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam.

Alternative People

There are a lot of foreigners in Kampot. Most of them are “alternative type people.” Loads of hippies, hipsters, stoners, artsy weirdos, snooty French people, dykes, queers and NGOs. I saw a lot of western families there with their kids which seems odd for such a small town. I’m assuming they work there as teachers or NGOs. Who knows.

Cambodia makes it real easy for foreigners to live and work here. I saw several foreigners working in hotels and restaurants. The bar tender at the Rusty Key Hole was an English lad I believe. Foreigners were all over the place driving cars, trikes, dirt bikes, dune buggies and other weird shit. There appears to be a decent sized expat community so I’m sure you could meet some interesting characters if you wanted to socialize. It’s not really my scene but if you’re older, married and enjoy peace and quiet then it’s not a bad place to retire.

Women 1/5
Cost of Living 5/5
Quality of Life 3/5

Kampot, Cambodia – Single Man’s Paradise Rating 9/15

I enjoyed my time in Kampot, but I couldn’t live there long term. Not now anyways. It’s just too sleepy for me. But many foreigners live there and they looked happy. I would rather live in Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville and just travel to Kampot for a weekend of relaxation. It’s great place for a short trip.

Have you been to Kampot? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.