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Back with another location review. This one for a location in the States! That’s right, the good ol’ U S of A! My homeland. I was talking with an old friend from back home the other day. One of the topics that came up was the possibility of me moving back to the States. I have no plans to do that in the near future but we started talking about possible places to live the Single Man’s Lifestyle in America. I have several places in mind but one of my top locations is Las Vegas, Nevada.

I have only been to Vegas once as a tourist and I was only there for a week so I am no expert on this location… But I will give you my honest opinions and tell you why I think it’s Single Man’s Paradise.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Women Rating 5/5

Vegas is LOADED with hot broads. Lot’s of sluts from all over America move to Vegas to live and work. You will see normal girls working in the casinos, shops and restaurants. There are also models everywhere doing shows and working promotion jobs. No bullshit, my neck was sore from looking around at all the eye candy in Vegas. It really is a wild scene there! 😀

Mongering in Las Vegas, Nevada

Another great thing about Vegas is the mongering. There are hookers all over the strip! I think prostitution is technically illegal in Las Vegas but the law is not enforced. I know there are legal brothels in a neighboring county but I’ve never been there… I’m not into fucking some shagged out white skanks in the middle of the desert… But you might want to give it a shot! 😀

I pulled a very hot black chick off the strip and it cost me $100 USD for short time. This chick was extremely beautiful and classy looking. Almost too classy to be a hooker. You know how most hookers have a worn out look to them? Well this chick still looked fresh and drug free. She was a light skinned black chick who looked like the singer Ciara. Very sexy girl.

I offered her $50 for a BJ and she agreed. I was drunk and I wasn’t going to blow my load from the BJ so I asked to bang her and she agreed for $100. I was staying at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. I pulled a chair over by the window, then I bent her over on the chair and fucked her from the back while overlooking the city of Vegas. What a great memory! 🙂

There are also asian massage parlors all over vegas off the strip. Trust me guys. If you need to nut then you will have no problem in Las Vegas.

Now let’s not forget about all the sluts on vacation in Vegas! You know the motto. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” It’s no Pattaya, but it’s nick name is “sin city.” Every morning I went to the pool at Planet Hollywood and it was packed with drunk girls in bikinis acting like complete whores. 11AM and they already had a DJ rocking and drinks flowing. It really is a great party scene out there! If you are somewhat young and fit, you will have no problem hooking up for free. Vegas get’s a top score in the women category.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Cost of Living Rating 3/5

Vegas is a lot cheaper then you think. If you’re a tourist who wants to stay in hotel suites, gamble and party every night, then yeah, it’s going to cost you some money. But off the strip you will find that Las Vegas is very affordable. I did some looking online and found some very nice apartments for around $800 per month. These were new construction, fully furnished and located near the action. I’m sure you can find much cheaper if you moved out further. I’d say the cost of living is on par with central Bangkok, which isn’t bad considering you’re in a first world city with every possible amenity you could wish for.

Years ago when the real estate market crashed in America, Vegas was ground zero for home foreclosures… There was a shit load of brand new vacant homes on the market and you could pick up a place for dirt cheap. Not sure what the market is like these days but damn that was a great opportunity! These days you can still rent yourself a newer home for a bargain.

If you like to gamble then you can drink for free while you play. I would always start off my night with a little roulette along with some beers. Many casinos also have cheap buffets where you can eat a good meal on a budget. Casinos just want to get people in the door. (And drain their pockets.)

Another fantastic fact about Nevada. There is no state income tax! If you’re a resident then you will save a good chunk of money right there. Many people open their LLC’s in Nevada to avoid paying state income taxes. I think Vegas is a great bargain for what you get. Compared to places like San Fransisco or NYC, there’s no comparison.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Quality of Life Rating 5/5

Las Vegas is a fantastic place to live. First of all, the nightlife is absolutely insane. If you like to party then you will love living in Las Vegas. Every night of the week there is something going on. Bars, Night Clubs, Casinos, Fine Dining, Malls, Shopping, Shows, Concerts, Boxing, Sporting Events, etc. The list is endless.

Don’t like to party? No problem! Many people seem to think that Vegas is just the strip. Don’t overlook the fact that Vegas is surrounded by some amazing nature. Lake Mead is right down the street. There are plenty of places to go hiking and camping. You can also drive to the Grand Canyon in about four hours. I think it’s one of the most beautiful regions in America.

travel grand canyon arizona

There is a lot of new construction in Las Vegas and these communities have everything you need. Grocery stores, parks, golf courses, etc. Whether you are a single man or raising a family, I think you can find something that suites you in Vegas.

Another obvious advantage to Vegas is it’s in America! OK America has it’s problems, but I do appreciate that people usually follow traffic laws. There’s no trash in the streets. There are vehicle emissions laws so the pollution is under control. You take these things for granted until you move to a developing country.

Last thing on my list is the fantastic weather in Las Vegas! It’s warm and sunny year round. It gets HOT as fuck but I’m used to the heat. Vegas is in the desert so it’s dry with low humidity. Trust me, the low humidity makes a HUGE difference. In Vietnam it’s humid as fuck and I’m always dripping with sweat outside. In Vegas I walked around outside in the 90 degree heat without breaking a sweat. As long as you keep the sun off you it’s not so bad.

Oh and when’s the last time you heard about an earthquake, hurricane or tornado in Las Vegas? They don’t get the natural disasters that hit places like California or Florida. Another plus! 🙂


Women – 5/5

Cost Of Living – 3/5

Quality Of Life – 5/5

Las Vegas, Nevada – Single Man’s Paradise Rating – 13/15

I think Las Vegas, Nevada would be a great city to live the single man’s lifestyle. It’s a fun and interesting place to live. The dating options are fantastic. There are plenty of whores around if you strike out in the clubs. You can go hiking and swimming in lake mead during the day then head off to a steak dinner at caesars palace. Then go clubbing all night… Nurse your hang over at the Hard Rock Casino pool party. Does it get any better then that?

There are several places I would live in America but Las Vegas is firmly in my top three. I can’t think of any negatives besides there’s no beach. (If that matters to you.)

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