Another story for you guys… Not my proudest moment in pimpin history but here it goes…

In my post about Asian Sluts I Cream Pied in October 2015 I mentioned “my reliable fuck toy.” Here’s a quick run down if you don’t feel like reading that post…

I met this girl about one year ago at a cafe I used to visit all the time. She was a waitress there. She’s average looking but always smiling and friendly. She spoke very little english… I would always have my laptop open so we would chat via google translate while she was bringing me my coffee.

We eventually exchanged numbers and she asked if I could teach her english. I agreed, but we never met outside of her work. Then one day I get a text… Her family needs money to pay the bills so she asked if I could help… What the fuck is it with these girls asking complete strangers for money? I doubt she asks random Vietnamese guys for money… Just the white ATM machines get hit up.

Purchasing Pussy in South East Asia

I told her I’m sorry sweetheart but I can not give you money for nothing! If you were my girlfriend I could help you out… She agreed to be my “girl” and she met me at my room. I gave her a good hard fucking in every position, cream pied her tight pussy, then handed her 500,000 VND. She happily went on her way.

She never bothered me and we never went on any dates. She would randomly text me two or three times a month when she needed money… Then she would come over and take care of my needs. πŸ™‚

It’s nice having some reliable pussy on call. She’s not the hottest chick but I’d say she is a solid seven and she has a tight little body. She’s a submissive little whore and she let’s me do whatever I want with her including cream pies and cumming all over her innocent teen face.

This “relationship” has been going on for a full year now. I would say she was my most reliable fuck toy. Then it happened…

She text me on Facebook and said she got her phone stolen… It’s extremely common around here so I believe it. She said she’s very poor and she has no money to buy a new phone… Then she asked if I could help her out with some money.

I asked her, “how much do you need darling?” She said she could get a used phone for 2,000,000 VND. That’s about $90.

I said OK sure. But you will come to see me several times this month right? She said YES of course!

Really this girl has been around for a full year now and I do have a sweet spot for her. She never bothers me or gives me any headaches whatsoever. I’m happy to help her out so when she asked me for the cash I quickly agreed.

Please note… This was NOT a loan… I recently made the mistake of lending some bitch money and she quickly cut me off and blocked my number. It was only a small amount but this was a wake up call to NEVER loan money to anyone out here because you will never get it back. I learned my lesson.

I looked at this situation as an advance for this months “work.” We didn’t discuss how many bangs I would get for 2,000,000 VND but I would have been content with four… I usually give her less then 500K a pop but she’s a sweet girl and she doesn’t complain when I rail her with my big dick and fill her tight little slot with my hot jizz.

OK so she came over, I banged her and gave her the cash. I was happy and she was happy. Then surprise, surprise… This is when things changed.

A week later I text her hello and asked her if she had free time later tonight. She said “I’m busy.”

OK no big deal. I told her to text me when she had time because I wanted to see her. She said yes of course! Then another week went by… I never heard from her so I text her again.

Hello, how are you? Can I see you today? She responded hmmm maybe later, I will text you tonight… Then nothing.

I decided to play it cool. I plan on being here for a while so even if she met me 2 or 3 more times over the next few months I’d be happy and call it even… A few more weeks had past with no communication.

One night I remembered I had some pussy credit available with this bitch so I text her. Once again she replies “I’m busy tonight. Maybe tomorrow…”

Now I was starting to get pissed off so I said “Maybe??? Do you remember when you needed a new phone so I gave you two million dong??? Do you remember you said you would come see me this month? How many times have we met? ZERO.”

She said, I’m sorry I have been busy! This is bullshit of course… The TRUTH is that she got money and now she doesn’t want to “pay me back” by doing the agreed job. She knows she will have to come and fuck me and not receive any cash… There’s no incentive to come over so she’s not going to do it!

Remember what I said in my last post… This is the mentality of these girls. They will work just enough to put food in their belly and not a minute more. They don’t think about the future. They don’t know about saving money or investing. They don’t think twice about burning bridges and ruining a valuable relationship over a few dollars.

She fucks me when she needs money. Now she is supposed to fuck me but she’s avoiding it because she won’t receive anything… That’s what she’s thinking in her mind. But the fact is I’m always happy to help her out and if she would suck a few loads out of me then we would be even. Then she would beΒ back to getting quick cash anytime she needed it.

Consider this… A young, average looking, uneducated girl like her works all day every day and makes about three million dong a month max. She DOUBLES her monthly salary by having sex with a good looking guy (me) once each week. I think this is a pretty good deal, don’t you? I would think she would want to keep this deal going…

OK fast forward a few more weeks and we still haven’t met… I would send her a friendly text once a week and she would brush me off. IΒ was trying to play it cool but I was getting angry.

She would always answer my text immediately before this cash advance. Now she was reading my messages and not responding… This drives me insane! Doesn’t she know about this technology?

It says READ when you read the message you stupid whore! She’s too busy to respond but she’s not too busy to read it and post other shit on Facebook… We all know what this means. She was flaking on me hard core here.

I text her and said, “you agreed to come see me this month. That’s why I gave you that money. How do you like your new phone?”

Again she reads my message and doesn’t respond… Shit had my steaming!

I said “OK you are making me angry now… Next time you need money I will not help you.”

Getting Gangster On A Bitch

OK I’m not proud of this next part but it really happened so I’m going to share it with you… Please keep in mind that this went down right after the whole “$9 loan story.” Haha god I’m such a retard…

OK when we were chatting this stupid bitch had her location turned on in the messenger app. So every time she would text me I could click on the text and it would bring up a map of where she was… Haha dummy! πŸ˜€

I cruised down the street which was showing on the map of where her text messages were coming from… My eyeballs were scanning in all directions… It was dark out so all the shops were lit up. Then I spotted her…

I cruised past a hair salon and locked eyes with her… She was sitting in the chair getting her hair done. I drove by slow and she definitely saw me… I also saw her motorbike sitting outside so I was sure it was her.

I had to make a quick decision… What should I do? A part of me felt like just going to the bar and drinking it off… Another part of me wanted to walk in there and slap her face off…

I quickly turned around and parked in front of the shop. I walked in and she wasn’t in the chair anymore… But I could see her bike was still sitting out front. Several other girls were in the salon and they had the fear of death in their eyes… I said “where is she???” They just shook their head and said what??? Who???

I walked to the back of the salon and opened the bathroom door. Then I turned on the lights… Nothing…

Then I looked behind the bathroom door and guess who I found! A flakey Asian bitch!!!Β πŸ˜€

I said WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU HIDING IN THE BATHROOM FOR??? I want to talk to you! I text you many times and you don’t respond!

Of course, her phone was in her hand, turned on with Facebook glowing on the screen… This stupid broad was sitting there scrolling through Facebook on the phone I bought her while she’s ignoring my texts…

She pushed me and said “I hate you!” This was WAYYY out of character for her and I stood there in shock for a moment… I would have never imagined this behavior from the shy sweet girl I had known for this whole year…

Did she secretly hate me the whole time? Is she upset and embarrassed that I’m confrontingΒ her and calling her out on her shit? Is this a part of the whole Asian “saving face” thing and now she’s going to turn me into the bad guy in this scenario???

She probably wanted to diss me just like the other bitch did. Ignore me until I go away then forget that I ever existed… But I wasn’t letting it slide that easy this time. I said to her, “you didn’t hate me when you needed money! I always help you. What did I do to deserve this?”

She said “I don’t care. I don’t need your money! I don’t want to see you!” I said OK fine and I snatched the phone out of her hand. I said you’re making a big mistake and then I walked out…Β I jumped back on my bike and rode off into the night…

I thought that would make me feel better but it didn’t… It made me feel like shit to be honest. If the “$9 flakey whore” situation hadn’t just gone down I probably would have let this slide… But this was really bad timing so I snapped.

Now that I’ve cooled off and had some time to think about it, two million dong for short time sex isn’t too bad… Also considering all the other times I banged her I paid less then 500K a pop so it all evens out in the end. I could have viewed this as her “severance package.” But once again, it’s not about the money… It’s about respect.Β 

She came to me in a time of need and I was happy to help. I’m always happy to help! But once she got that cash advance she was gone! I’m shocked this happened twice with two different girls in very similar ways… Crazy! As soon as you give them something they are out the door.

The Single Man’sΒ Guide To Paying For Pussy

Valuable lessons for all men to live by… Study this shit before you come to Asia. Write it down, book mark it, share it with your friends…

1.Do not loan anyone money.

There is no such thing as a loan in Asia. If you give someone money, it’s gone. “Gifts” are perfectly acceptable if you feel the girl deserves to be rewarded. Don’t get pressured into buying shit they don’t deserve.

I’m a very generous man. I know these few stories I shared this month may make you question that… But honestly, I always take my girls out on fun dates and pay for everything. I’m always a gentleman with all women including hookers. And I’m always happy to help out a friend… But when I get blatantly disrespected it’s hard to brush that off… I lose my cool.

2. Only pay for services rendered… NO advances!

Similar to the ‘no loans’ rule… Do not give hookers money for sex you will get in the future. Only pay for the act and don’t let her start a “pussy tab” with you. If I were to take a girl for “long time,” I would just pay her by the day. You pay her up front for a week and she will run off on you.

These girls do not want to work. If they aren’t getting some cash then they will not come to your room… They won’t even consider the fact that you are a generous, reliable person who’s willing to hand out cash at any time they need it.Β Nope. They will dodge you just so they can save themselves from a few hours of work.

I’m happy to pay for short time sex. I pay for the deed, get it over with, then it’s done.Β I couldn’t care less if we never saw each other again… There’s no “I owe you’s” in the pussy business.

Think about it like this… Have you ever walked up to a hooker and said “hey darling, suck my cock and I’ll pay you next week.” Are you kidding??? That would never fly. Why should us men be any different?

I have another hot young slut who fucks me for money. I told her I could give her three million per month… She is extremely excited with the deal. BUT, I told her I will give her 500,000 VND each time we meet. She said that’s fine and we’ve been happy ever since.

That way there’s no pressure. We don’t owe each other anything. She can come to meet me once a month, once a week or never again. I don’t give a shit. If she needs something she can meet me and I’m happy to see her.

OK so that’s my story for today. I stalked a poor young girl, scared the shit out of a salon full of women, embarrassed her in front of her friends then stole her cell phone. Am I a scum bag? Will you unsubscribe from my blog now? πŸ™