When I first moved to Vietnam I thought it was a super conservative country. Sure you have the hookers which can be found in every south east Asian city, but for the most part Vietnamese women are traditional. Many of them save themselves for marriage and end up staying with their high school sweetheart forever.

This is still true, but the longer I stay here I am starting to realize that Vietnam is just like any other country. There are gold diggers, sluts and even lesbians! Yes that’s right. I’ve been surprised by how many lesbians I have seen here in Vietnam. Here’s a few quick stories.

On my very first visit to Vietnam I went on a date with a girl I met on Vietnam Cupid. This girl is extremely beautiful. Her body is simply a work of art. She is curvy in all the right places. She’s very thick, without being fat. Watching her walk around in skin tight jeans is enough to drive a man insane! 😀

I know this girl is a traditional good girl. She always had to be home early and she would never go to my room or even meet me at a bar. I met her a few times and then flew back to Bangkok. Nothing ever happened between us but we remain friends on Facebook to this day.

Recently I see her posting a lot of romantic stuff on her Facebook. Her holding hands with someone… Always out for romantic dinners. Cuddling in bed with someone… But never showing the face.

Then I see she started tagging the person in some status updates so I decided to see who the lucky “guy” is who gets to cream this pretty bitch. Turns out, it’s a GIRL!!! A fat, masculine chick dressed like a dude with a butch haircut. My mind was blown!

The dyke chick is not shy about posting pics and I saw a bunch of pictures of them cuddled up and kissing. I couldn’t believe my eyes… This pretty chick is getting her tight little snapper licked by this butch looking dyke? What a waste! 🙁

The Flakey Lesbo Broad

Then there’s the chick I wrote about in The Biggest Flake In My Dating History. This chick was always odd… I could never read her. She seemed interested in me but then she would suddenly start acting distant. Well I had it with her shit and gave up on her.

Then one day I see her on Facebook with a chick… I clicked on her profile to do a little digging. Once again it’s another butch dyke! Fat, short hair, dressed like a man wearing polos and fitted caps. The dykes profile even says she’s married to the flakey broad. What the hell is going on here?!?!?!

Once again I couldn’t believe it. I’m not trying to sound cocky but when this flakey chick was dissing me I was sincerely surprised. I did everything right. I was charming, handsome, funny. I took her out to nice places. She had fun. We got along great. I was on my fuckin A game god damn it! Still, I couldn’t take things to the next level. 🙁

Now it all makes sense! She’s dating a girl!!! It’s funny because both of these girls are very private about it on Facebook. They never post up obvious romantic stuff… Their dyke lovers are not so shy. The dykes post up pics of roses, gifts, romantic dinners, pics of them holding hands and kissing.

Hey I don’t blame them. They must be proud they get to lick that pretty little pussy every night! I just find it shocking… I mean, I have nothing against gays… But I can’t believe that these sexy ass women are attracted to short, fat, butchy looking dykes!

If they were hot chicks ok I’d get it… Two sexy Vietnamese chicks in mini skirts and high heels… One laying spread eagle on the bed getting her tight wet snapper devoured by the other one… Oh boy, that’s what my dreams are made of! 😀

But why date a woman who looks like an ugly little man? I can’t wrap my mind around that. It’s like the worst of both worlds. Not hot. Not strong. Can’t protect you. Plus society thinks it’s weird and you have to sneak around. Can someone explain this shit to me?

My Hot Lesbian Neighbors

OK here’s another good story. My neighbors are two cute girls in their mid twenties. What’s funny is I know one of them from Vietnam Cupid! We talked on the website and even exchanged numbers. I have her contact in my viber! So funny. Small world we live in…

This chick actually flaked on me and we never met, but when I saw her I instantly recognized her and I know she recognized me too. I said hi and she mumbled a quick “hi” back and looked away… Flakey bitch.

Her roommate is cute, friendly and she speaks good english. We always chat when we see each other, but the bitch from Vietnam Cupid NEVER speaks to me… Dumb cunt.  🙁

I always figured these girls are just friends and roommates. It’s normal for girls in Vietnam to share a tiny flat. They usually don’t have enough money to live alone so they will find roommates.

For the past three weeks I have NEVER seen these girls bring any guests to their room and I’ve never seen them out with guys. They always come home alone together at a reasonable hour.

Someone’s Getting Their Pussy Licked!

Last night I got home around midnight. I quietly walked up the stairs to my room and put my key in the door. That’s when I hear it… I heard the distinct sounds of a girl moaning in pleasure… And she was really enjoying herself. 😛 We all know this sound and I’m 100% sure it wasn’t the sound of talking or crying. This girl was getting fucked!

This noise was coming out of my neighbors apartment… There are only two rooms on our floor. Mine and theirs. And we are directly across from each other with a very thin door. I could hear every moan, scream and heavy breath.

I didn’t hear any “slap slap slap” or pounding going on. Plus I’ve never seen these girls with a guy. So I’m assuming that there was no dude in there getting his fuck on…

So this led me to only one conclusion… These girls are licking each others pussies in there!!! 😀 I was instantly turned on… I stood out there like a creepy weirdo trying to listen for a few moments. 😛

Damn… I wonder who was licking who? The average one was probably licking the hotter one… That’s how it was going in my mind anyways… I wonder if they take turns? Damn I have so many questions I want to ask them! I would pay good money to be a fly on the wall in that room.

We All Need To Nut

Hey we all need sex right? Maybe some girls are uptight about being promiscuous and sleeping around. And it’s not like there is a huge mongering scene here that caters to women… So what do they do? I guess they have fun with each other behind closed doors! 😀

Amazing. I wonder who initiates things? Does one just crawl into bed with the other and start cuddling? I’d love to know these things. Damn I’m getting a hard on just thinking about it now…

OK that’s enough. Just wanted to share these stories with you. You never know what you’re going to find when you’re dating in Asia. If a girls not really into you then it’s possible she has a girlfriend! Oh well, there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

Another day in paradise…