Flashman here with a location review of London, England. You will probably know the place because at some point in history we either invaded you or just outright owned wherever you are from. London is of course an amazing city. The famous Doctor Johnson (chap who wrote the first Dictionary) said “Once you are tired of London you are tired of life,” and that rings true to this day. London has a lot of history and plenty going on today. So here’s a look at the place from a Single Mans Paradise perspective.

London, UK – Women Rating 3/5

First thing to know about London is it is a major melting pot. Your find pussy from all over the world here. I spent my 20’s shagging as much as I could, which wasn’t really that much to be honest, but out of the 80 or so girls where I did get their pants off only a couple were actually English girls.

This was not exactly because I was trying to avoid English girls. Not all of them are fat and entitled. But mainly because the central London bars and clubs are just heaving with girls on holiday here, or studying here for a year, or working for a few years.

OK I did not get many girls from poorer parts of the world like Asia or South America or Africa, but you will find girls from the whole of Europe, North America and the Commonwealth in abundance here. Moreover because most of them are here for a good time not a long time they have a somewhat more ‘holiday mentality’ about getting laid.

cost of living in london england

That said it’s still not easy, as many girls as there are there is also no shortage of eligible guys, so your need some game to make any progress. It’s nothing like rolling off the plane in South East Asia and finding a girl that wants to oblige with minimal effort – but still, it’s better than most of the western world. Plus these days you have Tinder to make life easier, so if you’re a young good looking guy I’m sure your see a lot more action than I ever did back in the days you had to actually talk to every girl in the bar.

Dating Rating 3/5 – because the quality and variety is great, but its hard work and buying dinner and drinks in this city is expensive.


Mongering in London, UK

If you have the money, I very much doubt there is anywhere on earth better for mongering than London. Every so often a story will emerge of some Arab Sheikh booking a penthouse in London and filling it almost shoulder to shoulder with hookers. The best looking sluts in Europe will make a bee-line for London knowing they will get the best price for their ass here. That said competitive pressures keep the prices somewhere reasonable.

sexy hooker mongering in london england uk

At the cheapest end you can use websites like https://adultwork.com/ to find freelancers. A lot of dogs on there, but your also find some real gems, if you search you can usually find a very lovely young lass fresh off the plane from Eastern Europe who is undercharging, maybe everything you want for £90 an hour. Although she is probably getting drilled harder and more frequently than a Kuwaiti oil field.

The agency pros start from £150 if you visit them in their London flat, or £200 if you want them to visit your hotel. The Asian girls are almost always reliable: http://www.asianoptions.co.uk/ and do everything for their £150. The European girls are a bit of a crap shoot. Maybe 70% of the time your get a decent girl who makes an effort, the other 30% of the time your get a snooty superior clockwatcher. But if you use a decent agency you can mitigate that a lot by reading the reviews: http://www.admiralescorts.com/

These girls range from £150 to £600 for an hour and unlike their Asian colleagues want an extra £50 for taking them in the rear.

While the Asian girls are reliable and make up most of my mongering, there is no doubt my most memorable experiences are when I find a high quality and very beautiful European girl who relishes her job.

Unlike in SEA, unless you are made of money you won’t be taking these girls overnight. You would be paying a minimum of £2,000. You could fly to Bangkok first class for that.

In addition your find strip clubs again filled with beautiful European girls. I particularly like the Griffon pub: http://thegriffinstripclub.co.uk/ It’s a like a normal pub except with a stage where a procession of girls strip off, before each strip they come around with a pint glass and take a pound coin off each guy, so great value.

Also plenty of rub and tugs dotted around the touristy areas with the usual gold rule of these places of the hotter the girl the worse the actual massage.

Mongering Rating 3/5 – Because while the quality and choice is exceptional, the cost is sky high compared to S.E.A.

London, UK – Cost of Living Rating 4/5

Funnily enough the cost of living is fine. Eating out is fairly cheap, but drinks are expensive. Rent will set you back £150-£200 a week to rent a single room in a flat share. But counterbalancing that is that it is so easy to find well paid work here. London always has way more vacancies that workers. If you want temporary bar work or to be an investment banker there are opportunities here providing you have the qualifications.

Of course your never be able to afford a house in London these days unless you hit the lottery. Even a small flat in a central area will cost hundreds of thousands if not millions. But transport is actually really quite good. So you will be able to find a flat to share or rent somewhere and be able to quickly get around anywhere you want.

Cost of Living Rating 4/5 – Because while it is high so is the ability to earn good money.

expat life digital nomad living in london uk

London, UK – Quality of Life Rating 4/5

I really enjoyed my 20’s living in Central London. Admittedly I didn’t know about Bangkok back then, but still as a place to come for a few years to build a career, earn some money and be in a really vibrant city I heartily recommend it.

I’m certainly not saying that you should come live here rather than S.E.A, but I am saying that you might want to include it in your rotation if you’re traveling around the world. For a young single person a couple of years renting a room in London, meeting loads of people and having fun would be an awesome use of time.

I do think the appeal of the place declines as you age. By my 30’s I can’t really be bothered with the whole chasing the broads routine most of the time. And while I can afford the fantastic mongering options its always worth remembering that if you got on a plane to Bangkok, you get girls for much longer and for much less money.

Also when you get past that stage in your life when you are happy to just hook up with a bunch of randoms in some flat share the living costs really shoot up. Although doing that lead me to making some great pals, and back then I was out in the bars and clubs almost every night, so I needed wingmen.

So I’d give the place a Quality of Life Rating of 4/5, but you should subtract 1 from this for every decade you get older than 20, UNLESS you are rich, in which case add back a point for every million you have.

Women: 3/5
Cost of Living: 4/5
Quality of Life: 4/5
London, UK – Single Man’s Paradise Rating: 11/15

A pretty decent score, but one full of caveats. I think London is a wonderful place to spend a few years and well worth a visit providing you have the energy to throw yourself into it. Maybe even do what I do which is to use the place as a way to earn a really good living and holiday more and more in Asia, maybe leading to a move one day.