What’s up Guys!

Still going strong out here in Bangkok! I truly love this city, but man… This place is hot, crowded and it stinks like piss. After spending several months in Nha Trang, Bangkok feels so much hotter and the air quality is shit. Maybe that cool ocean breeze has me spoiled… I’m literally soaked with sweat the moment I step outside. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out with big city life I escape to one of my favorite places… Lumpini Park.

I go to Lumpini every other day to take a long run and work out. This beautiful park provides a much needed break from the sprawling urban chaos of Bangkok. It’s a small paradise in the center of the city.

Lumpini Park is free to visit and offers a lot of outdoor activities. It’s a great place to take a walk or just relax in the shade by the lake. If you’re looking to stay fit, there’s several gyms located inside the park. I’m a member of an outdoor gym that only costs 200 Baht per month! It’s basic but it has everything a man needs to build muscle. I think that’s the best deal in the city.

The park gets very busy in the evening when Thai people show up to go jogging after work. You will see a bunch of cute Thai girls exercising in their tight shorts. 😀 If your game is tight, it’s a great place to meet girls outside of a bar or nightclub environment. I don’t know about you, but I am extremely attracted to girls who are into fitness.

Some days if I’m feeling lazy I’ll just grab an ice coffee and read a book next to the lake. There’s all kinds of exotic wildlife living in the park which is pretty cool. Walk along the lake and you will see huge monitor lizards, turtles, fish and all kinds of birds.

If you want to go on a cheap date with your Thai girl, then Lumpini park is a great option. I was dating a Thai girl who did not drink alcohol and didn’t like to party. So during the afternoon we would just go to the park. Outside the park there is a bunch of Thai food stalls where you can buy some lunch, then go inside and eat at one of the many picnic areas. This is always a good date that never costs more then $10 including the taxi ride. Can’t beat that!

Bangkok City is a great place but it’s overwhelming at times. The heat and traffic starts to wear on me eventually. Just walking down Sukhumvit Road some days makes me want to punch someone in the face. If I didn’t have a beautiful place to relax like Lumpini Park I would quickly lose my mind out here.

Living in Bangkok is like eating Mexican food. It’s great in small doses, but too much will make you want to shit, puke and die. 😀 If you’re into outdoors and nature then city life is not for you. But Lumpini Park is a great escape and I highly recommend you visit during your trip to Bangkok.