What’s up Guys!

In my short time spent on this planet I have seen so much lying and bullshit from females you wouldn’t even believe it… Maybe that’s why I’m still single? Of course, not all women are bad and I don’t want to come off like some women hating psychopath. But the fact is, you have to be very careful about who you trust. Especially while dating in Asia…

I’ve wrote about lying whores before, but I’d like to share another story with you today to slam this point home even further…

I have one girl in Saigon who is a club slut. I met her on my favorite dating website Asian Dating. She’s cool to hang out with and she fucks me like an animal. It’s always good to see her. But I knew from the very beginning she wasn’t a good girl… All the signs were certainly there.

She doesn’t work. She’s always dressed in new designer clothing. She parties every night and spends money like it’s nothing. She’s never jealous or clingy. (I like that part.)

Just recently she got her purse stolen… Fuckin crime in Vietnam is ridiculous… Anyways I’ll get to the point.

She lost her phone and everything so I had no way to contact her. I said OK what’s your facebook? She just paused for a second and said Uhhh I don’t have facebook. Hmmm OK… What’s your email? She gave me her email address so I could contact her.

We were able to chat via email until she bought a new phone. Now I know she was lying about not having a facebook account… What girl does not have a facebook account? She’s full of shit. In fact, I use this lie myself!

I know this chick has other men but now I was curious… I decided to look up her email address on facebook. Sure enough, her account pops up right away… IN A RELATIONSHIP.

What I saw on her timeline was simply amazing. She’s dating some guy who lives in Canada. There’s all this lovey dovey shit on her wall like pictures of them from Skype chats… LOL you know the shitty webcam pics where they’re wearing headphones while chatting in bed… And the girl adds cartoon hearts around them… Haha ohh man that shit is hilarious.

I also saw they had pictures of birthday cakes with their names on them and pictures of gift packages they were sending each other… Basically they are living out a wonderful relationship via the internet. Hey, I’m not hating on this corny dudes romance but it was a little painful to see…

It’s not painful for me. She’s not my girl and we never even discussed taking it to that level… But to think that there’s some dude in Canada who’s madly in love with this girl makes me feel bad for him. He simply doesn’t know who he’s getting involved with.

Meanwhile, she’s getting cream pied in Saigon…

Another thing I noticed is there are no pictures of them together… So I assume they’ve never actually met in person. I’m assuming he met her on Asian Dating just like I did. Obviously he’s not a reader of my site or he would know better then to waste his time with this bullshit.

I’m a huge fan of online dating and I LOVE Asian girls, but you need to be careful out here. That sweet innocent girl who posts love quotes on facebook with your name attached might be getting cream pied by other foreigners every weekend.

Lessons To Learn From This

Don’t have a long distance relationship. I can’t tell you how to live your life, but personally I would never have a long distance relationship. Why would you do that??? Life is short. I need a girl I can see, touch, fuck and spend time with. I don’t like Skype and emails.

Sure it’s possible to make a long distance relationship work but I don’t see why you would willingly do this. I know my buddies went to war and left their families behind for a year, but that’s different then living and working in Canada and dating a girl who lives in Vietnam. Just doesn’t make sense.

Don’t send girls money. I’ll say it again. Don’t send girls money. I can only assume this guy (and other guys) is supporting this pretty young lady.

I wonder if he knows she parties in the hottest night clubs every night… “My family is poor, my mother is sick.” Yeah OK… More like, I like wearing nice shoes and drinking Mojitos at the Sky Bar. Don’t fall for it guys… Save your money. Be selfish.

OK I admit I’m a creep for looking up this girls facebook but I was curious about what she was hiding. To be honest I’m not surprised one bit and I knew the deal when I first met her… This just confirmed my suspicion.

I’m not a hater either. Me and her are still cool and I never said anything about that. Truth is, I have other girls too… We never ask each other about that personal stuff. Just party, have fun and say goodbye.

Asian women are so sweet, sexy and loving. It’s easy to fall for a girl out here… And you can find a good girl. My advice is just take it slow…. There’s plenty of options here so don’t rush into anything serious. Enjoy your time in Paradise.