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Neutron Star Collision here from the SMP forum. Following is a quick debrief of the 4 days I spent in Macau at the beginning of September. It’s not meant to be comprehensive, hence the title. Feel free to comment…
First, just to let you know :

· Getting serviced in Macau isn’t exactly cheap

· After 4 days of basic tourist stuff, there’s nothing much to do in the Peninsula if you’re not a gambler (I’m not). So, it’s probably not the best place to run an internet business for cheap either.

Macau uses the Macau Pataca as a currency. If you have Hong Kong dollars, that’s fine, and prices will be the same, since 1 HKD = 1.03 MOP. Please support Single Man’s Paradise by booking your hotels through this Agoda link.

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Mongering In Macau

Okay. In Macau, AFAIK, the scene revolves mainly around the saunas. I also had a series of quick conversations with street walkers, including hot ones, but, in the end, chose not to partake. More about that later.

The Saunas are places where you just walk in (usually inside hotels or big buildings). The good thing is that they are mostly located within 10-minute walk from each other. If you go to something like Holiday Inn or Metro park hotel, most will be within 5 minute walk radius. If you go to Rio hotel, you’ll even have one on the 5th floor of your hotel.

There is a cover charge of about 700 MOP, but they void it if you buy at least one “big ticket” sexual service. You receive a bracelet that they will use to track your purchases and get changed into pyjamas. Various girls will offer their services to help you undress/shower, but they will ask for a tip (I usually leave 50 MOP). Once inside, you can order some – mediocre – food or basic drinks (sodas, beer) for free, use wellness facilities.

If that’s your thing, and can also enjoy a menu of services. The most basic services are head, shoulder and foot massages. If you’re reading this website, you’re probably not interested in this stuff, so let’s go on.

The “best” type of massage is what they call “leg massage”, which actually takes place on the very upper part of your legs. This can be done in the open (the masseuse covers our midsection with a towel), on in a private room (she just takes your shorts off, spreads your legs like you’re about to give birth to a baby, sits between them and goes to work). Leg massage costs about 130 MOP for 25 minutes.

The more sophisticated services consist in body massage, with or without happy ending, or full-sex sessions.

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Erotic Massage Parlors and Spa’s in Macau

I went to four different saunas over the course of four days.

1. East Sauna (located inside Waldo hotel) is the one I liked the least. They have this uninspiring set-up where girls dressed up as nurses take turns giving quick blowjobs to customers in the open. I don’t think girls really enjoy that, and as a result, I didn’t either. I left East without consuming anything more that an Orange juice.

2. Familia Nobre was so-so. I went for a massage + full sex session for about 1200 MOP. I could not choose the girl. I got a Viet “older” girl, of about 33-35 I’d say, but still extremely sexy with big soft boobs. She did “hard massage” (with her feet and all). She was a good performer, but seemed a bit crazy in the head. Returning to Familia Nobre would not be my top priority if I went back to Macau for a couple of days.

3. Golden Sauna Is where I hit it off the most. Can be hard to find the first time: just a small front door with a sexy girl poster and a guy minding the door. The main room is nothing special in itself and the restaurant looks like a blue-collar Chinese canteen from the XIII th here in Paris.

Got the same service on 2 consecutive days: warm-up leg massage provided by Viet Girl #421, then full service provided by another really sexy Viet Girl wearing number 672 (I think). 160 MOP for leg massage, and 1700 for full service. Full service providers wear something like Silver + Blue Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfits. Mine had her big boobs spilling out of her top making conversation lying on my lap while I was getting the leg massage. The good part of it was these 2 seemed to be friends, and were constantly interacting with each other. Full service includes shower with girl, milk bath for little extra, rimming if that’s your stuff. BJ is uncovered for 30 seconds, and covered the rest of the way though.

4. Rio (located 5th floor inside the Rio hotel) is in a class of itself. The facilities are very luxurious with a big pool. The couches are set up so that you don’t see another dude in front of you, but all lined up like inside a plane. They even have Bloomberg TV in English…

The first time, they sold me a massage with happy ending for 1600 right at the entrance door. Couldn’t choose the girl, but was led to a room where a sexy Vietnamese named Ling was waiting. Good massage. Not much resistance was met getting her to DFK and putting her dress and underwear out of the way. She ended up very wet. The least enjoyable part of it was that her legs probably haven’t seen a Gillette Venus since Notre Dame was an unbeaten team this year, but oh well…

Every 30 mins, they have showtime where you can choose one girl on stage. Girls are priced according to their country of origin (Vietnam: 2300, China: 2600, Korea/Japan: 4100 – Give me a break -). On my second visit, I chose one sexy-looking Chinese with secretary-style glasses and nice curves, unfortunately service was mostly rushed. She wears number 811, I think. Best avoided.

Okay, the streetwalking scene. I met these girls anywhere around Casino Grand Lisboa or my Rio hotel, around 9-10 PM. They are handing out little cards with their phone numbers. They told me they were Singaporean or Filipina, with the prettiest saying she was a cross between Japanese and Filipina. Was quoted anything between 900 and 3000 HKD for girls ranging from plain to hottie with HUGE boobs.

Like I said before, I did not pull the trigger. One night, I had a plan A, so I dissed one of these girls, but Plan A did not work out, so I lost on both counts. Shit happens.

One last thing: if you have leftover Macau currency, make sure you exchange them before leaving the country (maybe possible exception if you’re leaving for Hong Kong). I made the mistake of bringing my MOP to Thailand for exchange, and the Thais wouldn’t touch the stuff with a 10-foot pole.

— Neutron Star Collision