Manila has a bad reputation. Just mention Manila to some other travelers and you will see the look of disgust wash over their faces. They will start throwing around words like traffic, crowded, heat, pollution, dangerous, over priced, scams, etc. But is Manila getting an unfair reputation? How is living in Manila as a single man? Here’s my official location review.

Manila, Philippines – Women Rating 5/5

This is one category where Manila shines. Metro Manila is one of the most densely populated urban areas on the planet. Of course, there are plenty of negatives that comes along with that. But the huge upside is the incredible amount of young single women available.

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If you want unlimited dating options, then Manila is a great place for you. My favorite dating site in the Philippines is Filipino Cupid. It’s an absolute gold mine full of young sexy women who are looking to hook up with a foreigner. The next best option is Pina Love.

Just as an experiment, try signing up for both of those sites. You can join for free and search the women. I want you to add a good picture and set up a basic profile. Then log out. Check again in 24 hours and see your results. If you did a good job filling out your profile you will have dozens of likes and messages from random chicks all over the Philippines. It really is a feeding frenzy on there.

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It got to the point where it was overwhelming me. I’m a paid member of both of those sites, plus I have Badoo and WeChat and I have around 50 unread messages on each app. I just don’t have the time to sift through all of them. Maybe I’m slowing down in my old age? I don’t know…

I’m just trying to paint a picture for you here. The Philippines is a great place if you’re looking for a girlfriend. The women are friendly, loving, speak great English and are usually very passionate in bed. Filipina women really are something special. Every man should experience dating a Filipina at least once in their lifetime.

Mongering in Manila, Philippines

Another great thing about Manila is there are plenty of Mongering options as well. GoGo bars, massage parlors, freelancer bars and even soapy massage parlors. I have a full in depth post coming about the mongering so I won’t get into it all here. I’ll just say that there’s never a night you will be home alone with blue balls. Draining your nuts in Manila is easy as ordering a pizza. Just text one of the dozens of massage girls on the dating apps and she will show up to your door.

I’m a cheap bastard so I prefer the freelancers. I can usually find a very cute chick and take her for short time for 1,000-1,500 pesos. That’s if I don’t have a date lined up for that evening. Free sex is very easy if you use the dating sites I mentioned, Filipino Cupid and Pina Love.

I wrote a post about my first few days in Manila called Balls Deep in Manila. Be sure to read that post if you haven’t already. Also, I wrote a post about The Best Area To Stay in Manila. But I’ll just cut to the chase here. You want to stay in Makati. Makati is a good central location where you can find shopping malls, normal nightlife as well as the red light district on P Burgos street.

Whether you want to be a playboy and juggle good girls, settle down with one sweet woman and get married, or fuck a different GoGo dancer every night of the week, Makati Manila is where you should base yourself. Solid 5/5 in this category.

Manila, Philippines – Cost of Living Rating 2/5

Manila is not cheap by south east Asian standards. I’ve spent time in Bangkok, Saigon and Phnom Penh. Manila has the highest cost of living out of the bunch. It’s not astronomically high. A single man could still live cheap in Manila. But the cheapest room I saw that’s acceptable was about $700 USD per month with a long lease.

A month to month on AirBnb will be around $950 per month. That’s for a very small, but nicely furnished studio in a great location. We’re getting into Las Vegas territory with these prices. Honestly it’s more than I like to spend on rent in south east Asia. In Vietnam I could easily pay half that amount for a nice apartment. If you know any nice cheap apartment options in Manila please leave a comment at the end.

With no beach or no nature, I would probably spend a lot of time in bars and restaurants. So that would burn my monthly budget as well. The reason you absolutely must have a nice apartment is you will feel comfortable spending a lot of time there. Get something with a nice pool and a gym. Then you can just invite your Filipino Cupid dates straight to your place. Have a little food, some wine, watch a movie then it’s cream pie time. 😛

For me to enjoy life in Manila, I would need a higher budget for a nice place and plenty of pocket money to hang out in the nicer areas. It’s not the place I would go to live as cheap as possible. There are far better locations for people on a tight budget.

Manila, Philippines – Quality of Life Rating 3/5

I like Manila and I think a lot of the horror stories you hear are way over blown. Sure there are some rough areas but you have no reason to go there. I walked all around Makati and Pasay and I never had an issue. Never felt threatened. No taxis tried scamming me. Everything was fine. I used Uber to go most places and the app works flawlessly.

Certain areas of the city are very clean and livable. If you stay in these areas you will have access to everything you need. Huge malls with every store and product you could ever want. No need to order anything online. Restaurants with food from all over the world. Coffee shops, gyms, bars, parks, etc. Being in the capital you have the biggest international airport in the country close by which is convenient for traveling.

If you choose your home wisely, you will never have to deal with the nightmare traffic in Manila. Of course, things might be different if you actually have to work there. Then your job would dictate where you live. Going a few kilometers across the city during rush hour can take hours. But if you don’t have to commute then it won’t effect your life.

The only time traffic would get on my nerves is when I was having a girl come meet me. Of course, I always tell the girl to travel to me and they always agree. But sometimes they will take hours longer than expected… Super annoying when you’re just trying to go on a quick date then hook up.

That’s why I usually stick to girls in my immediate area. There’s so many around that there’s no need to bring in some chick from hours away unless that pussy is something super special.

Ok enough about the damn traffic. The only other con about Manila is the lack of nature. There’s very few places in the city to escape the concrete jungle. I wish they had some nice parks like Bangkok has Lumpini and Benjakiti park. There you can take a walk around the lake, ride a bicycle or work out. Or just buy a bunch of street food and hang out at one of the picnic tables there. It’s a great place to relax and have a cheap date.

In Manila, there’s a few small parks. Nothing special. There’s the seaside bay in Pasay which is ok. Right on the ocean at Manila bay. But it’s still a bit underwhelming there.

I like nature. Mountains. The beach. And I like riding motorcycles. Unfortunately these things would be missing from my life if I live in Manila. But fortunately there are plenty of places nearby to visit. Subic Bay, Tagaytay, Batangas, etc. Lot’s of great places for road trips. But these aren’t places you can just take a taxi to for the afternoon then go home in the evening.

I would be happy living in Manila. But I would need a very nice condo in an excellent location. There would be no compromising on this. I would spend a lot of time at home working on my various projects, pumping iron and pumping pussy in the evenings. Then I would take a trip out of the city 2-3 times a month. I think this lifestyle could work for me.

One thing that worried me prior to my trip was the internet speeds. Searching the web you will read countless horror stories about the slow internet in the Philippines. Well I’m happy to report that it worked just fine for my needs. Makati is one of the few areas in the country that has reliable high speed internet. If you work online, you will be fine living in Manila, but you’ll have to pay for it.

Women 5/5
Cost of Living 2/5
Quality of life 3/5
Manila, Philippines – Single Man’s Paradise Rating – 10/15

I’m seriously considering making Manila my home base for 2018. I need to settle in somewhere and get cranking on some work projects. A nice studio apartment in Makati could work.

I would have everything I need to be happy right at my door step. I could take weekend road trips to different places around Luzon. And I could fly out to different locations anytime I wanted. This sounds like a good plan.

Have you been to Manila? Did you like it? Could you live there? I’d like to hear your opinion. Please leave a comment in the forum discussion below.