What’s up Guys!

Today I’m writing you from Bangkok, Thailand! It’s great to be back in the Land of Smiles! It was good timing too… I was snacking on some dteeng moo (watermelon) and while chewing a seed I felt a tooth crack. SHIT! I spit everything into my hand and I was horrified to see a huge chunk of my rear molar.

My first thought was damn, how much is this going to cost? I’m young and healthy so I never really worry about the quality of health care in countries when I travel… But shit does happen and it’s smart to have a plan in case of emergencies. Especially if you are older or have health issues. I always cringe every time I see a beat up old ambulance in Vietnam with it’s sirens on fighting it’s way through traffic… I wouldn’t want to be in the back of that thing.

I would prefer to get all my medical treatments done in the United States by doctors I trust and can communicate with clearly. But I’m not flying back there for a broken tooth and I know this needed to be looked at ASAP… So onto google I went searching for dentists around Sukhumvit.

Dental Care in Bangkok, Thailand

I chose a clinic and made an appointment for that same evening. When I arrived I was greeted by extremely friendly staff who spoke perfect English. The dentist checked me out and told me she had to drill out the cavity to see if she could save the tooth. Then my options would be root canal (9,000b) or just a filling (1,500b)… In my head I’m thinking, what are the chances she goes the cheaper route? After all, I’m not a dentist… I have to take her word on this. I was expecting the typical farang over charge and hell no I did not want to go through root canal treatment.

Luckily, a few minutes into drilling she says, good news! You don’t need a root canal! Forty minutes later my tooth was repaired with a filling and I was out the door for 1,500 baht. Damn I was relieved. I must say, the doctor was extremely professional, patient, honest and spoke perfect English. It was a great experience.

My only other experience with doctors here is visiting clinics in Bangkok to get STD tests. I highly recommend you get tested for STDs regularly and don’t be shy about bringing your partner with you. If you meet a girl in Thailand and you are going to be dating her for a while, just take a trip down to the clinic together. Blood tests are dirt cheap and you get the results in one hour. A few hundred baht and a few hours of your time is worth the peace of mind! Again, these clinics are clean, professional and the staff speaks perfect English. This is very comforting when you are letting strangers poke you with needles in a foreign country.

Based on my research, you do not want to get sick in places like Vietnam or Cambodia. I met a western couple living in Cambodia who are having a baby and they will go to Bangkok for the delivery. Apparently Bangkok is very popular for medical tourism. Some people in the region travel there just for medical care.

Not a bad idea… But I would also stop by Soi Cowboy to help me recuperate. 🙂 If any of you guys are in Thailand or traveling throughout South East Asia, I recommend going to Bangkok to have any medical work done. Have fun, but always take care of your health!