Hey everyone, Jey here with a location review. First of all, I want to thank Skins for making such an awesome website, SMP is unique in the way it delivers Single Man’s needs without the condescending attitudes of Thaivisa or the right wingism of RooshV.

Without further ado, I want to give my perspective of Milan, a city I have visited several times before and am currently in for work. It may be the fashion hub of the Europe, but how does Milan fare in the Single Man’s world?

Living in Milan, Italy

Milan is the financial hub and second largest city in Italy. Situated in the north of the country, Milan is famous for it’s fashion industry. It has a population of around 1.3 million people from across Italy and the world.

It is situated inland from the Mediterranean sea, between the River Po and the Italian Alps. While mostly flat itself, it is just an hour’s drive from the mountains. In contrast to Rome, Venice and cities south, Milan is quite modern in feel with lots of shiny high rise skyscrapers. It often feels more in common with part of central Europe than peninsular Italy.

The city is in a transition zone between continental and mediterranean climates, being influenced by both with 4 clear seasons. Cold and foggy winters with hot and humid summers.

Women- 2.5/5

Milan is the richest city in Italy and a fashion mecca. With this, it has a quite young, liberal and dynamic population. It definitely has some of the most beautiful women I have seen in Europe. Stunning, well dressed brunettes dominate, strutting the streets with high heels and Gucci/Prada outfits.

Theres very few fat people in Milan and the population is generally quite healthy. Your eyes will be on storks like a cartoon character most of the day in the summer as incredible Italian girls, uni students and tourists relax, sunbathing and displaying a lot of skin in the city’s parks and plazas. Even the 40+ women are sexy and stylish. I’m sure MILFs were invented in Italy.

However, it isn’t all “dolce vita” so single lads, hold your horses before you go booking the first Alitalia flight to the fashion capital. Milan is a wealthy city with high end just about everything. The girls, while beautiful, have high end jobs, high end fashion and high end tastes.

They’ll chill you to the bone and they aren’t going to look twice at a scruffy backpacker/monger like you. This ain’t Southeast Asia and foreign appeal alone won’t get you laid here. You’re going to need to look good and dress well before you can even be close to in league with girls in Milan. Italian girls are generally more conservative than other western chicks, and they mostly have a poor grasp of English so you’re going to need to brush up on your Italian fast (if you know Spanish or French, Italian isn’t a million miles away). They are also quite a clique-ish culture, mostly staying within their friendship groups and rarely accepting outsiders into their clans. Also, online dating isn’t really a thing here. They prefer to get out and socialise in cafes and bars.

expat living in milan italy

On top of all this, you are competing against countless handsome, well-dressed, romantic Italian men throwing out all the stops at charming them. That hot girl you’ve been looking at across the cafe has already had 3 Italian guys approach her since you came in. They were all better dressed, more confident and better looking than you, plus they speak Italian. And she rejected them. What chance have you got?

Mongering isn’t great too. With high end everything else, mongering is expensive and hard to find. Callout escorts that look like Victoria’s Secret models can cost thousands (euros, not baht) by the night. On the highways leading into and out of the city, hookers often line the roads after dark looking for customers. In the city itself, hookers are usually found around Lambrate, Via Padova and around Centrale station although they often don’t look great (think unattractive, middle aged African or eastern European women). There have been government plans to make a red light district but as of yet, nothing has become of it.

However, don’t dispair. Milan is an international city with people from all over the world. There are also plenty of colleges and universities (meaning horny students). You may well bump into some horny uni girl or foreign tourist. Also, plenty of girls from other parts of Italy have made Milan their home and they can often be curious about foreigners, especially if you are from the Anglosphere. Italians always want to improve their English so you may have girls hitting you up for “conversation lessons” as soon as they hear you speak. Getting paid to flirt with hot chicks? Sounds fine by me.

Italian girls, coming from a more traditional culture than Northern Europe, make great girlfriends. They are loving and romantic and far less likely to stray than their British/American counterparts. They are also generally more beautiful than their Anglosphere sisters and stay so for longer too. Sexy 40+ women are a common sight. 40 year old Italians look better than most 25 year old Brits. So if you can bag yourself a sweet, sexy Italian chick, you’re onto a winner.

Summary- Milan girls are beautiful but hard to game. If you speak Italian, have movie star looks and fashion to match, you can be gaming with some of the world’s most beautiful women, no joke. But if, like me you are an average Joe, the only thing you’ll be most likely pulling is yourself. That’s why I gave Milan a relatively low score.

Cost of Living- 2/5

No doubt about it, Milan is an expensive place. A small apartment close to the centre can run you up to €1000 per month. Utilities are also far more expensive than the United States (similar cost to the UK). Meals out at restaurants, clothes shopping and bars are also expensive (think €25 just to get into a club without buying a €20 drink).

However, groceries aren’t too expensive, fresh fruit and veg, meat produce, not to mention local wine is pretty cheap. Public transport isn’t too expensive either. An all day pass for the city’s buses, metro and trams costs just €4.50, much cheaper than London. Ryanair flights are also fairly cheap too so may be surprised by the price of flights if you come from North America

SEA this is not which is why I’ve given Milan 2 for cost of living

Quality of Life- 5/5

Despite the low scores in the above categories, quality of life itself in Milan is great. Employment opportunities are decent here for English speakers, whether as English teachers, working in tourism and hospitality or working with one of the multinational corporations.

Theres lots to do and theres always something going on especially in the summer, be it a free concert or movie in a park/plaza somewhere or some cool cafe or bar to explore somewhere. Internet is generally fast so it’s decent enough for digital nomads (as long as it’s within your budget) and the food and coffee is amazing (you have epic Italian food plus cuisines from all over the world in Milan).

Get out of the city by train or car and in just a couple of hours, you can either be sunning at the Mediterranean coast of Liguria, chilling at Lake Como or skiing in the Alps depending on the season. There are also 3 airports where you can easily travel around Europe with one of the budget airlines like Ryanair or Easyjet.


Women – 2.5/5

Cost of Living – 2/5

Quality of Life – 5/5

Single Man’s Paradise Rating- 9.5/15

While Milan is an expensive place with difficult to charm women, the standard of living itself, the location and things to do make it a generally decent place. Have you been to Italy? Please join the discussion by clicking the link below.