What’s up guys this is Soni79 from the forum.

I went with a couple buddies to Panama City (PC) for a long weekend a few weeks back. I know Costa Rica gets a lot of love in Central America but I would actually put Panama up against it for mongering purposes i.e. quality and cost of women (probably weaker than CR when it comes to daytime activities). The skyline is among the prettiest in Central/South America and the weather is agreeable for the most part (best Tim to go is dry season Dec-May, but rest of the year is fine as well). However, outside of nightlife/mongering/strip clubs I actually think PC is a pretty boring place. This was my second trip to the city (last one was five years ago) and I doubt I would go back again because of limited daytime activities…or maybe just for one night since a lot of layovers to South America from US/Canada go through PC because of its big, modern airport if you fly Copa Air.

I would recommend a 3 day/2 night trip to anyone contemplating a visit, especially if you’ve never been. I would also say that the city’s nightlife and mongering is better for groups. I would have been bored to death going alone because again, not a lot to do in the daytime. The food is mediocre, day game is difficult without knowing Spanish, beaches are 1.5 hours away, and there really isn’t much in the City other than old city which is worth half a day and maybe some shitty malls. The biggest attraction relatively close to PC is Panama Canal/Miraflores Locks (30 minutes by taxi/uber, ~$8-10 cost each way) which is actually pretty fucking awesome. You can sit at the restaurant, have some (overpriced) food and drinks, and watch ships come in and out of the locks. A must do, especially if you’re an engineering nerd like myself.

If you want a longer trip, you can extend to 4-5 days and head to Bocas del Toro up north on the Costa Rica border. Tons of beaches but smaller nightlife. Less mongering here but younger gringas, Canadians, and European women that you can fuck in your hotel or their hostels. But be warned, heavy twatpacker presence here.

The official currency of Panama is the Balboa, but since the US basically took ownership of Panama Canal construction in early 1900’s (the French started the project, but gave up after 20 years as the project went way, way over budget and the French are famous for “giving up” – sorry cheap shot there :p) the dollar has been the primary currency in circulation. You will still see Balboa coins in circulation, but it’s basically the same as a dollar (exchange rate is 1:1 fixed). I used 1 Balboa coins for tips and stuck to using USD or credit card to pay for everything.

So why is the USD currency circulation so important? Because it brings the hottest women from Colombia and Venezuela into PC for “work.” The USD has gotten a lot stronger since the last time I was in Panama (it used to be 2000:1 Colombian pesos to dollar, now it’s 3000:1) so these pros are making much more money for the same fixed USD price. In general, Panamanian women aren’t as attractive – they tend to be a bit shorter, wider, and darker than their Colombian and VZ counterparts. Prostitution is legal in Panama and the country allows for work visas that last anywhere from a week or two to a couple months. One of the girls I talked to said the number of visas has been coming down a bit, which may actually be a positive as it filters out the less attractive women (i.e. the ones who make less money per trip, maybe they decide it’s not worth it to pay for a visa anymore). A local also told me that Panamanians LOVE American gringos (we basically built their entire economy with the Canal) but tend to hate Venezuelans and Colombians who come into the country to work (pros and otherwise), so expect the locals to treat you well.

Finally, the most important part: where to stay and monger, and how much. I’d STRONGLY suggest staying in El Cangrejo or Obarrio neighborhoods. We stayed at an Airbnb in El Cangrejo for $50pp/night. These are the places closest to where the mongering action happens are also happen to be near downtown so you’re pretty close to everything. They’re also the safest areas in PC because there are a shit ton of hotels and casinos in the area that pay the cops bribes to heavily patrol the area because of all the tourist money that flows into the hotel casinos here. Veneto hotel is NOT RECOMMENDED since they charge a guest fee. Airbnb are all fine, and I’ve heard that most hotels just don’t have guest fees (e.g. Marriott across street from Habano’s or higher end hotels like Hilton/Sofitel/Ritz). Balboa road is also close by and it’s actually a nice, scenic walk during the day to get to Old City.

Mongering Locations in Panama City

1) Habano’s Cafe – By far the biggest and best nighttime mongering location in PC, open 7 days a week. Located on the border of El Cangrejo and Obarrio, across from the Casino Royale. Music is pretty good here and drinks are OK prices if not a bit high ($9 for double Johnny walker black on the rocks for me). Ratio was always 2:1 women to men or better every night we went and the quality is just top notch (pretty much 100% Colombian or Venezuelan). The chicas will first ask where you’re from and if you reply USA or Canada or Europe, they will quote $150-200 or something else fucking ridiculous for 1-2 hours. You can negotiate and talk it down to $100 which is standard, or maybe even lower if it’s late at night or the quality of the girl isn’t great. Most women speak basic English. You can buy them drinks if you want which they’ll get a kickback for, but it’s not necessary. No bar fines or any of that other crap since these are all freelancers (pimping/bossing pros is illegal in Panama).

2) Veneto Hotel and Casino – Located in El Cangrejo, a few blocks from Habano’s. This was the #1 mongering spot when I was first in PC but has gone downhill since then, replaced by Habano’s. The main reason I think is that Veneto started charging guest fees a couple years ago, I heard around $50. When I first went, there would be TONS of hot Latinas in the lobby/casino area just eye fucking every dude that walked in. There was no guest fee and it was super convenient…just pick a girl and take her right up to your room. I went to Veneto once this time and there were a few gems, but nothing like what it used to be or what Habano’s is now. My friend actually got a girl’s number and she said she would contact him later and she did, which means business probably slow there. Also, I noticed some Panamanian girls in the lobby, which means the Colombian/vz talent has moved elsewhere.

3) Nightclubs/Strip Clubs – There are normal nightclubs for locals such as Hard Rock, where you’ll see some FLs/semi-pro locals, but it’s mostly for partying. The nightclubs I’m talking about are all in El Cangrejo a couple blocks from Habano’s. These are the late night spots where all the girls go after Habano’s closes at 3am, so if you haven’t found a girl by 3am you can head to these. I don’t remember the names but just ask anyone at Habano’s or Veneto and she will tell you. As for strip clubs, you can bang in the back room for $50 (it’s more expensive if you ask them to leave). We went to one on a slow weeknight and a couple gringo guys coming out said don’t go in, it sucks so we saved the $10 cover and went to Habano’s haha.

4) Pre-arranged – There are some services that cater to bachelor parties (please message me for recs) and will set up transportation, chicas, daytime activities, nightclub entrance, translators, full service everything. I’m not sure of the prices since we didn’t use these services but last time in PC we did and it was well worth it. We had them arrange a boat ride with a ton of pros and there was just debauchery all around for 6 hours. Just crazy. the other option like any other place is to go on Tinder, a lot of pros on that app. Day sex will always be cheaper than night sex.

That covers my trip to PC. Again, we were at Habano’s practically every night, and it was awesome every night. If you like Latina women with big tits and asses, this is a great place to go for a weekend. English is common and USD works there, so a quick weekend trip is always doable especially from LAX, Houston, Miami which have direct flights to PC. LMK if any Q’s.