Hi Guys, Pogo Stick here.

For 20 years I was fortunate to be able to travel to the Caribbean and Central America on a regular basis. I’ll offer an overview in this article and will focus on three special islands in following articles. The Caribbean is one of the better mongering options for guys in the US with a lot of variety and beautiful environments.

Easy Travel

There are direct flights to most of the Caribbean islands from all of the major US hubs. I fly out of Miami and my longest flights to Curacao or Aruba are 2.5-3 hours. Sure beats the 24-30 hours to get to LOS. If I go to Jamaica I am in the air for less than an hour. The Caribbean is very convenient. Another way to visit is on a cruiseship. Depending on the itinerary, you could hit 2-3 good mongering ports on one trip.

For US residents and citizens, most islands have no visa restrictions for tourists. You’ll be allowed anywhere from 10 days to 6 months, depending on the island. Always remember, each island is its own, sovereign nation so be sure to check with them if you plan a longer stay. But for a typical vacation or cruise, there will be no problem.

Central America

For US mongers, only two countries offer a reasonable experience: Mexico and Costa Rica. The Border towns of Mexico; Tijuana, Nogales, and Juarez were once great for a quick escape but drug wars have made those areas very risky.

Mongering in Mexico’s major resort areas can be pretty good. Cancun has the Zona Roja…its own version of Soi Cowboy. Overall, the mongering in Mexico is mixed. There can be some delightful girls, but expect to pay a minimum of $100 for a quick nut in a shabby room.

Costa Rica has a lot of freelancers in the big cities. I have not explored it yet, but I have a good friend that moved there and swears by it. Costa Rica is also one of the better places to be an expat, reasonably priced, for the most part very safe, and a nice way of life. It has both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines with a rainforest, mountain, eco-preserve in the middle.



Jamaica is kind of a mixed bag. First of all you must like black girls, that is your only choice. Your best bet is to have a taxi driver take you to a massage parlour. You’ll get a safe experience with a choice of nice girls. Cost will be anywhere from $100 for a rub-n-tug to $2-300 for full service. They will hand you a menu that will be slightly higher than if you drove yourself, to cover a kick to the taximan.

You’ll still have to pay for his services and a tip as well, but deal with it. You probably don’t want to try this on your own unless you are very familiar with the area and culture. I do rent a car in Jamaica but I don’t recommend you try it. I have over 150trips to the country and know my way around.

The tourist areas of Jamaica are relatively safe, but avoid the street walkers like the plague. They are loud, fat, obnoxious, and will grab your todger with one hand and empty your pocket with the other. Strip clubs are an option but can be expensive and a bit seedy…but safe. You can get an anything you want lapdance in a curtained booth for around $100. Take out is $300 for an hour.

Shades strip club in Ocho Rios is a must see, at least once. Go on Freaky Friday and you will see live sex on stage, and may participate if you’d like. Or, they have short time rooms available with the girls of your choice.

Tourist girls are sometimes an option if you are staying at one of the resorts, but you will find most guests are couples. One rather famous exception is Hedonism II in Negril. The resort is divided into two sections, nude and prude. On the nude side, you are expected to be undressed at the beach, pool, hottub, bar and grill etc. Prude side requires clothes. On the orientation they will tell you there are three very strict rules:

1. No open smoking of Ganja

2. No public displays of affection

3. Rules are meant to be broken

On the nude side, actually through-out the resort, it is one big swinger’s party. After midnight, the nude hottub can be a full fledged orgy. The standard convention is if a room’s curtains are open, you are welcome to watch any action going on inside. If the door is open, you are welcome to join in. Every night there is a party in the disco and the piano lounge.

Local freelancers will often work the crowd. They are the upper end of Jamaican workers. To get in they need to dress well and pay for an $80 evening pass, allowing them full use of the property, food, and drink but they must leave by 2am.

They will try to turn 2-3 quickies but if you catch one early you can work a deal for the evening, including participating in hottub parties etc. But she will need to leave by 2 or she will be banned from coming back.

2 or 3 times a year they have week-long lifestyle parties where organized, hard-core swingers clubs from all over the US take over the resort. One club arrived in matching T-shirts that read “Let the fucking begin.”

During these weeks, there is no prude side. Everything and anything can happen anywhere at any time. One woman stripped down at breakfast, climbed up on the pastry display, covered herself in chocolate, whipped cream, cakes, etc and announced she was today’s desert, come and get it. And many did, especially the women.

Local Jamaican girls, shop help, waitresses, etc are good hunting grounds. It will take some game but you can also get some of the finest, most enthusiastic pussy you’ll ever have. The good ones will not only never mention money, they will often pick up the check. As a back-up, Adult Friendfinder will get you locals that just want a romp as well as a few freelancers. I’ve always had good luck with that.

Other Islands

The next few are islands I have been to, but not super experienced. Some islands either have no mongering or it is so deeply buried that you’ll probably never find it. Most of the British and French islands fall into this category.

The Dominican Republic and Cuba are very active mongering destinations, but not on my circuit so I can’t help much there.

A quick run of islands I know:

US Virgin Islands: P4P is available, some local, some Dominican. Extremely dangerous neighbourhoods, not recommended. Chance of getting hurt or shot is high. (I lived there for 3 years)

Puerto Rico: A few strip clubs with take-out or eat-in. Sketchy neighbourhoods but a trusted taxi will get you there and back.

Barbados: A few casas with Jamaican and Dominican girls. Pricey, have a taxi escort you in and out of the club.

Bahamas: A few hotel deliveries and a couple of bars with action. Poor quality, high prices.

Turks & Caicos: Very little action but I did get an offer at a night club near my resort. But had too much free tourist pussy available so I passed.

Next time: Curacao’s Campo Alegre…true heaven on Earth.

– Pogo Stick