Hola borrachos! It’s the Brockstar here. This is a guide to MONGERING, not working/living, in Tijuana, Mexico. I’m ‘Merican and spent all of my life living in the great state of California. I lived in Hollywood for 12 years before I finally decided to move to Asia and was a frequent visitor to TJ. In fact, I actually miss the place even though I live in Bangkok and have Pattaya only two hours away.

I credit Tijuana with showing me how great life for a man can be. Tijuana opened my eyes to a world where men came first; where I didn’t have to dress up in some monkey suit, wait in a long line, only to pay a $15-20 cover charge to get into a club, the whole time watching as the meathead door guys immediately waved women in for free. A world where strip clubs have no cover charge, you can touch the women and the only lap dances that take place are performed are over a lady drink. That’s Tijuana, baby! If you are reading this and living West of the Mississippi, you absolutely owe it to yourself to give Tijuana a visit.

I first went to TJ in 1999. At the time I was still in university and living in the Bay Area. One of my roommates had just joined the Marines as a reserve and had to do his basic training in Southern California. While on leave he and his fellow jarheads went to TJ. My roommate, who is still in the Marines and now OPENLY GAY (as in queer, not happy), told me and my other roommates about this place South of the border where hookers were $20 and the bars never closed.

I had never fucked a hooker or left the USA, but I dunno, something about $20 hookers intrigued me. That first visit turned into bi-annual visits and from there into frequent visits once I moved to L.A. in 01’. Now here I am living the Land of Smiles.

Tijuana is a city that sits on the Mexico-California border. It’s about 120 miles South of Los Angeles, about a two-hour drive. You can even take a Greyhound bus from L.A., which will take about three and a half hours, but it is quite cheap. Tijuana is only about 15 miles from San Diego and you can take the trolley, which takes about 45 minutes, from Downtown San Diego right to the border itself!

mongering guide to tijuana mexico nightlife

The only thing that has really changed about the monger scene in Tijuana from 1999 to November 2013 (the last time I visited) is crossing the border. Back when I first went to TiJuana you only needed a State issued ID to get back into the US. So back then Tijuana wasn’t only a monger town, it was also a place for college students in San Diego (that were under 21) to go party. Then in 2008 you had to have a US passport or passport card to come back. As you know, us ‘Mericans typically don’t have passports so tourism dropped SIGNIFICANTLY. More snapper for me, is what I say to that! 😀

There are two party areas of TJ and are within walking distance of one another….hell, they are within walking distance of the border too!

Revolucion – Tijuana, Mexico

Revolucion is the main nightlife strip/drag that is in no way, shape or from what is used to be since the passport rule. It’s easy to tell where the strip begins because there is an arch tower over a small town square. Here you will find some hotels, pharmacies, Mexican dudes offering to take a pic of you with their Donkey, restaurants, discos, bars and even strip clubs.

These days the college students are nowhere to be seen and Mexicans are the primary clientel. You will not find any hookers in the discos here and speaking Spanish will be extremely helpful if you are hoping to hook up. For a first timer, I would suggest staying at one the hotels along the strip unless you plan on staying at one of the hotels above one of the big Zona Norte strip clubs.

The strip clubs on Revolucion, although still way better than American strip clubs, are a bit tamer than the ones in ZONA NORTE. There are a few and all of them will have touts trying to get you in. They are worth a visit, because the girls do get naked and the beers are little cheaper. The girls will freak you over a lady drink and are typically pleasant to sit with. Their ability to speak English will vary from almost fluent to non-existent.

Zona Norte – Tijuana, Mexico

Zona Norte is just East of Revolucion and is the red light district of Tijuana. You will find strip club/brothels/hotels, massage parlors, LOTS of streetwalkers and plenty of taco carts. This is where it all goes down. It’s a whole lot of action stuffed into a small area so it’s easy to walk from place to place. The other great thing about Zona Norte is that never closes. No matter what time of the day there will be streetwalkers hanging about at the very least. There are a few shabby little hotels in this area too, but I wouldn’t recommend staying there if you’re new.

So here’s the breakdown of Zona Norte. You have 4 LARGE strip clubs that cater to gringos. Here’s the names and my reviews of each one…