Hello friends. This is your fellow WanderLuster from India. First of all, thanks to Skins for giving us globetrotters a platform to help each other.

To give a little intro of myself, I lived in the USA for eight years and have traveled to 9 countries so far. I know it’s not a lot, but all my travels are very thorough, meaning I just don’t go to some place and come back.

I always try to get the feel of the place and, of course, the pussy it has to offer. I am a member of the coveted 100 club and have fucked broads of 19 nationalities so far. Today I’ll be doing a location review of Mumbai, aka Bombay, India.

dating beautiful indian girls mumbai india

Mumbai, India – Women Rating 3/5

Mumbai is one of the biggest cities of India and is home to breathtakingly beautiful women on the planet. Remember, India in general is a conservative country and women here are conservative too. But I found Mumbai girls are by far the most open minded and out going chicks in India.

The online dating scene sucks in India so you’d have to try the good old club scene to pick up women here and you need to have some “game”. Or you can sign up for Indian Cupid for free and browse the girls profiles.

This is not SEA and women DO care about age and looks as well. So if you’re a 40+, pot bellied fella you’re out of luck as far as picking up girls from discos is concerned. But don’t get disappointed if you’re one of those as there is plenty of mongering options available. Well plenty if you are in company of a trustworthy local.

If not, there is a plethora of escort agencies you can contact. Just go online and find one that interests you. These escort girls are expensive by SEA standards but charge the same as you would find in the western countries. I have fucked one girl thru one of these escort agencies and I paid about $220 for one shot in one hour.

Now that may sound a lot to some of you guys but keep in mind that that these girls are REALLY wannabe models and are solid 10s. Both in looks AND performance. They will blow your mind away. There are cheaper options of mongering available too, but I would strongly advise against it for foreigners unless they’re with a trustworthy local friend. Even then if you’re interested, ask me here and I will tell you horny bastards everything 🙂

Mumbai is home to some of the best night clubs in India and they are concentrated in the south side of the city although north side also have some good dance clubs. Most of the clubs don’t allow stag entry, meaning no entry for single men. Don’t be too disappointed as I’ve seen many clubs changing this policy for farangs.

And there are many other dance clubs which do allow stag entry. Just do your research in advance and you’d be fine. Most of the night clubs charge for entry but usually give you the coupons of same worth so you can buy overpriced drinks and food inside. The clubs have curfew time and are required to close down at 1:30 AM unless you’re partying in a club which is housed inside a 5 star hotel and they generally are open until 3 AM depending upon the crowd that night.

Tip- Get a few drinks BEFORE you hit the night clubs as the drinks inside are exorbitant. Dress sharp as most of these clubs have dress codes. So no entry for hippy looking, flip flops wearing, dick holding horny bastards 🙂

Mumbai also have what they call “dance bars” which is basically bars where some girls dance to Bollywood numbers. You can throw money at them and they’ll come to you and try to tease you. Mind you guys, these girls are fully clothed and are NOT for the pick ups. These dance bars are not my cup of tea but if you want a new experience, you can go to one of them.

Mumbai is home to thousands of expats as well and you can fuck fellow tourists too while you’re at it. Just go to the places where they hang out and start a conversation with a smile. Cafe Leopold, and Cafe Mondegar in Colaba are a few places to start with. I picked up and shagged an Israely beauty once from Cafe Mondegar. It was the wildest fuck of my life. Aah. Good memories.

Mumbai gets a rating of 3 in women section from me not because the quality of girls is low but because of the quantity available to a single man from a foreign country. If you’re with a knowledgeable local, it’s a 5/5 for you.

cost of living expat mumbai india

Mumbai, India – Cost of Living Rating 2/5

Guys! Mumbai is fucking expensive. Ok. Not in terms of food if you don’t mind eating cheap food and not according to western standards. Hell, I used to spend $2,000 in a small town in Iowa in the USA but never complained about it because I got plenty of pussy out there and I’ve come to realize that in my life that I respect alcohol and pussy. And I got both in plethora even in Iowa.

But staying in Mumbai is going to cost you a lot by Asian standards if you’re a party animal with propensity towards pussy. If you want a decent room with a fridge, wifi, and TV in a good area hotel or guest to stay, be ready to shell out at least 70-80 USD per night.

If you’re looking for a long term rental, you’re looking at no less than $600 a month in a decent area. And with that too, I’m being conservative. Trust me you don’t wanna live in a far off suburb of Mumbai and spend 5 hours in commuting up and down to your place.

It’s just not worth it. Cab rides are affordable but traffic sucks so that can make taking cabs not so affordable for those who are on a budget trip. I would strongly advise against using the local train system to a single man from a foreign country who is visiting Mumbai. Of course you can use it when you’re on a longer trip and have gotten used to the feel of the city.

mumbai india rickshaw taxis

Mumbai, India – Quality of Life 3/5

India, in general, is a hot and humid country, Well if you’re not living in the Himalayas. Mumbai is no exception. It’s hot and humid. If you can tolerate it, go for it. Mumbai is a lot like Bangkok weather wise.

Traffic is insane and there are just so many people. Beaches are dirty, but who is gonna judge you if you prefer beaches over mountains because there are no mountains in the city. I personally would choose mountains over beaches any day.

It’s a great city for night life and mongering too if you compare it to other cities in INDIA. But it doesn’t stand a chance in regards to the mongering options we get in other major SEA cities.

People are friendly and they’re not out to rip you off deadest. Of course, your mileage may vary. You’ll get all kinds of world famous food joints to local street shops with crazy cheap food within a stone’s throw away of wherever you are.

People speak excellent English and it’s a very easy city for a foreigner to go by. Commute can be pain in the ass sometime but you have plenty of options. I totally forgot to mention auto rickshaws. They’re just like tuk tuks in Bangkok, but smaller. They are cheaper than taxis.

Tip- Opposites attract. Indian chicks dig farangs. So never be afraid, and just say hi. Trust me your smile and a casual hi is making them wet. Just go for it whenever you’re in India. Not only in Mumbai.

Now, I’d like to conclude here because I imagine the Q&A will begin now. Shoot me any questions you have. I’d answer it honestly. I’ve kept my review to satisfy the basic instinct of us horny bastards, but this city and this country offers a lot more.

This review is written keeping in mind the fact that it is for a single man from a foreign country and is based on a very real experience that I had of Mumbai. Hell, I dated a girl from Mumbai when I was in NYC and she could not paint the picture I painted for you guys. Aah. What Skins makes me do for you guys 🙂


Women 3/5

Cost of Living 2/5

Quality of Life 3/5

Mumbai, India Single Man’s Paradise Rating 8/15

Cheers from a fellow globetrotter!