I met a girl on Vietnam Cupid years ago. In fact, she was one of the first girls I met online when I went to Vietnam.

Over the past few years I tried to meet her a bunch of times. She always had some reason to flake on me. Eventually I just gave up on her…

She would still contact me every few months to say hello and chat. I figured she was a time waster so I always kept it short and just said “text me when you’re ready to meet sweetheart…”

One day she texts me “do you have time tomorrow? I want to meet.”

I was skeptical… It has been a solid 2 years since we first talked online.

“I will be home all day working if you want to visit me here.” I said. She quickly agreed and asked for my address.

“I want you to teach me English ok?” She asked.

“Sure sweetheart. We can do that.” I answered.

“Wow thank you my handsome teacher!” ?

The next afternoon she arrived at my doorstep. She looked good. Petite, thin girl. Pretty young face. Perky handful tits. Just my type. ?

I led her to my room and we sat on the bed. After some small talk she insisted we study English. I was starting to worry that she just wanted to learn English and nothing more… But I wasn’t giving up that easy! 😛

I had a book for learning English and we started doing some of the reading excersizes. We were sitting close enough that we were touching each other. Every time she finished a reading excersize I would say “good job!” And touch her thigh or gently rub her back. She didn’t resist my touch.

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Her legs were looking so good… Long thin legs. Silky smooth skin. I was fantasizing about spreading those beautiful legs and ramming my stiff cock in her tight hairy pussy… It took all my self control to not jump on her like a hungry tiger.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“No I’m single. Do you have a girlfriend?” She replied.

“No I’m single. I’m looking for a girlfriend here. A sweet beautiful girl like you.” I said.

“Oh you are so sweet.” She said with a smile.

I pulled her close to me and leaned in for the kiss. She kissed me back and I started feeling up her body. I squeezed her boobs above the shirt then worked my way down her her pussy.

“NO.” She said in a serious tone when I touched her pussy.

I continued kissing her. I pulled down my shorts and put her hand on my stiff cock.

Her eyes immediately lit up. “Wow so big!”

She went down for a closer look. She was gently stroking my cock. Then she started measuring it with her fingers and saying “oh my god so huge!!!” God I love Asia. 😀

“I want to kiss it.” She whispered with a smile.

“You can.” I said ?

She started gently kissing my rod. Then she started licking it. Finally she took my cock into her mouth and started blowing me.

Wow she was sucking me off so good. I was a bit surprised by all this. I mean yeah she came to my house on the first date… But she really did seem like a sweet innocent girl. She was bullshitting me for 2 years on the dating site so I assumed she was just curious about foreigners but she was too scared to actually meet.

I thought she genuinely wanted to learn English and be friends… Of course I was going to try to fuck but I didn’t expect to have my cock buried in this pretty bitches throat 30 minutes after she walked through my door.

After enjoying a good BJ for a while I reached down to grab her by the pussy. 😉

“No pussy!” She snapped at me. “I’m a virgin.”

She sounded serious and I was in no mood to crack a virgin that day. I kept squeezing her ass and thighs. She was wearing lacy pink panties under a black skirt. Damn I really wanted to throw a fuck into this broad… My dick was hard enough to dent a car.

“You can sex my ass, but no pussy ok?” She said.

“Really?” I was shocked.

“Yes sure. My pussy is for my husband when I marry.” She said in a innocent tone.

Ok… I hesitated for a moment. Could this tiny chick really take my thick rod in her shitter? Surely I would destroy her tiny asshole with my thick American fuck stick.

Well the way she offered her ass up to me I assumed she had tried this before… I ran over and grabbed a small bottle of lube from my bag of tricks.

Once I got her lubed up things went surprisingly smooth. I’m not a huge fan of anal sex… I had one ex girlfriend who insisted on getting nailed in the ass. I was happy to take care of her needs but I greatly prefer the pussy.

This chick seemed to really enjoy getting fucked in the ass. I was going full force in there like it was a loose pussy. I had her screaming as I pounded her in the ass, balls deep in every position. I took great pleasure in seeing my 7 inches of white meat disappear between her tight little tan ass cheeks.

As I pounded away I made her say “fuck me teacher! Fuck my ass teacher! Cum for me teacher!” ?

What a great time! Hearing a sweet innocent asian girl scream “fuck my ass teacher,” sent me to the point of no return. I unloaded my balls into her ass for my first ever anal cream pie in Asia. Wow I am accomplishing great things out here. If only my old school teachers could see me now! 😀

I’ve never met an asian chick that takes it in the ass. Never. Admittedly, I have never tried to pursue this option… But I did enjoy it.

This experience caught me off guard. Who the hell would think a time waster who was bullshitting me for 2 years would finally come over and offer up her tight asshole to me?

Just goes to show, don’t waste time on these broads but never close the door on them completely. If a chick is wasting your time just say “text me if you want to meet.” That day might come… And you might find yourself balls deep in a tight ass!

Another day in paradise…