What’s up guys!

I have been experimenting with different schedules to balance work and play. If you’re a member of the tribe here then you know I like my booze and whores. I tend to get carried away with the binge drinking some weeks… But I’m also into health and fitness. I know, they go together like oil and water…

I also have some ambitious financial goals for the future. Therefore the Single Man must find some balance in life! “Work Hard, Play Hard” as they say…

Can You Be Productive And Successful While Traveling?

I came up with a new strategy and I want to share it with the tribe here. Please tell me your opinions on this! I am going to try a “one month on, one month off” schedule. “ON” means ON MY GRIND. I plan to set a strict budget and stick to it. Let’s say $750 for the month. I have lived that cheap before and I can do it again god damn it! It really wasn’t that bad.

I will drink NO ALCOHOL on these months. I will eat clean. No junk food. No sugar. No fried shit. And obviously no expensive dinners or partying. I will also be going beast mode in the gym. 5AM runs. Lifting heavy. Getting plenty of sleep. (Click Here To Read How I Gained 40 Pounds FAST!)

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My spare time will be spent at home grinding on business ventures. Of course, I will still go out on coffee dates and have girls over to my place. “On my grind” doesn’t mean I’m putting myself in prison! 🙂 It just means that I will have the discipline to focus on the things that matter most! Which in my case means achieving my financial and fitness goals.

My OFF months I will be “OFF MY GRIND.” Now this doesn’t mean I will be binge drinking and fucking a different hooker every night. But I will go out for cocktails at a classy bar with some club slut I meet on Vietnam Cupid. I might treat myself to a perfect 10 hooker. And I might take one of my good girls to a nice steak dinner.

I will double my monthly budget to say $1,500, or more for entertainment. These figures will be adjusted over time depending on my income and current location. I will not be wasting money but I will just enjoy myself without keeping track of every dollar.

I will still work and hit the gym of course! But if I want to go eat a greasy cheeseburger and fries then I will indulge! 😀 OFF months also offer the perfect opportunity to put the laptop away and take a trip to another city or a neighboring country.

The 5 / 2 Strategy – I Tried And Failed…

Recently I tried the 5 ON, 2 OFF strategy which is grind hard with no booze during the week, then cut loose on the weekends. This just didn’t work for me. Hard to explain why really… I think it boils down to this. I suck with moderation. I can’t tell myself “OK three beers then I’m done.” A few beers with dinner always turns into 8+ and I’m hammered.

I can’t say OK I’ll only drink Friday and Saturday… Monday night rolls around and I say “fuck it, order a few drinks with dinner.” One thing leads to another and I’m stumbling into my apartment at 2am. Hangovers are terrible for productivity…

Quitting Booze Cold Turkey

For me it’s easier to drink ZERO beers then it is to drink three. Once I get going it’s hard to stop this train! I spent the entire month of July without having a single drop of alcohol. This was an amazing feat for an alcoholic whore monger like myself. The first week was tough, but after that it was smooth sailing! It felt great waking up early with a clear head, ready to tackle the day! I felt super productive. 😀

I love drinking and chasing sluts around at night, but I feel it’s necessary to take a step back once in a while if it’s affecting your health and business. I’m not retired yet. I’m also not content with just scraping by financially… I want the finer things in life as well as a nice bank roll put away for retirement.

Searching For Balance

One month ON / One month OFF is the best strategy I could come up with. This allows decent intervals of work and play. I will never get too out of shape if I’m going beast mode in the gym every other month… And I will never blow too much money if I’m laying low every other month. I think this strategy will allow me to live it up in paradise while also sticking to my financial goals and maintaining my physique.