Locations are reviewed and rated based on many factors but they all fit into three main categories.

Women, Cost of Living and Quality of Life.

Each category receives a rating between 0 – 5 based on my opinions and experiences while living there.

The total is then added up for a final score.

A score of 15 is Paradise and a score of 0 is Hell on Earth.

Category Overview

Women: I evaluate the quality and quantity of the women available. This goes for the local women as well as any tourists you may encounter on your travels.

I also evaluate the Pay for Play scene if you are interested in mongering during your holiday.

Cost of Living: I examine average costs for everyday items such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation as well as entertainment.

Quality of Life: Here I give my honest opinion on how happy I would be living in the location long term.

I consider a long list of criteria such as weather, entertainment, infrastructure, pollution, safety, healthcare, ease of getting a visa, etc.

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