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Never Friend Girls On Facebook

Whether you are an international playboy or just cheating on your lady back home, you will want a certain degree of privacy. I recommend NOT friending random girls on facebook. Every time I have friended a girl on facebook I would get some kind of jealous comment from the girl…

For example, I made a lot of friends in Vietnam and they always ask me for my facebook. Some of them I didn’t even date! They just work at the café I went to every day or we have some mutual friends. When a new chick I’m dating sees that they always say, “Ohh you have many ladies in Ho Chi Minh City! I see them comment on your photos! I know you have a girlfriend in Vietnam!”

No darling… I am single. But they know something is up. Honestly, I’m the same way. If I see an Asian chick put up a status and 20 white guys comment on it, I think… Oh yeah, she’s getting banged out by white dick for sure!

It’s just better to keep your life private. I actually gutted my facebook and only use it for old friends and family. It’s convenient to use when you meet friends while traveling too. It’s a fun way to interact and stay in touch with people all over the world.

However, if you are going to be banging some chick for a short term fling, do not give out your facebook information! She will be stalking your page for sure!

Do Not Give Her Your Phone Number!

I also hate using phone numbers. There is absolutely no reason to have a phone number these days. I never make calls. Everything is text and email. All you need is an internet connection and one of the many free applications available

Another thing, just a few weeks ago I woke up to see 17 missed calls on my phone! What the fuck??! This crazy chick in Saigon wanted to meet me but I was sleeping. This type of shit is aggravating. With a chat application you can easily use the BLOCK feature and cut off any girls you break up with. I have blocked many girls and girls have blocked me too! 🙂

Also, if you travel a lot you will be changing the sim card in your phone. If you give someone your number in Thailand, it’s useless as soon as you fly out of the country. Email or chat applications stay on your phone and work anywhere. I can text my Thai girls in Bangkok from my hotel in Nha Trang. Use this technology to make your life easier and get you laid!

Download Free Chat Applications

line application thailand

I prefer Line. The application works great. It’s free and everyone in Asia is using it. All you need is a data plan or a WIFI connection and you can text chat, video chat, make phone calls, and share pictures and videos. If a chick starts acting crazy with you just hit the BLOCK button and she can no longer send you messages. No more problems! If she was texting your phone number you would have to go buy a new sim card to change your number… Pain in the ass.

You can also adjust your settings so it doesn’t ring your phone to notify you of a message. My phone is always silent and I need to open the app to check my messages. This keeps things private. You don’t want your phone vibrating at night while you are in bed with your girl!

Line is free and you can download it instantly on any device. If someone does not have Line just tell them to get it! I have several friends in America who don’t have facebook. I told them to download Line and that’s how we stay in touch these days. It’s super convenient and it works perfect regardless of where you are in the world.

Another popular application is Viber. This seems to be the big one in Vietnam. I think the user interface on Line is much better so that’s what I prefer. If you go to Vietnam you will have to download Viber. It’s a must. Everyone else seems to prefer Line.

That’s it for now Guys! Avoid the jealousy problems by keeping your sex life private. Your new foreign girlfriends don’t need to be seeing everything you are doing on a daily basis. I’ve even heard stories of Thai girls texting each other because they had a mutual guy friend. They talked all about how they know him, when they dated and everything! Avoid this nightmare situation… Stay in touch using these free applications and keep your business off facebook!