What’s up guys!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on some visa changes in Thailand. It’s been confirmed that Thailand will now offer a six month multi entry tourist visa for 5,000 baht. This is appealing for several reasons.

For one, it’s a bitch to go and apply for a new tourist visa every three months. I think Laos is the only place around here where you can get a double entry visa so if you want that then budget for a short trip to Laos so you can sit around the Thai consulate for a few days.

I got a Thai visa in Ho Chi Minh City before and it was a pain in the ass. They were very strict about what documents I had. They wanted bank info, exit plane ticket, etc. Plus they would only give me a single entry. πŸ™ Stick with Laos for a visa run… But Saigon is fun if you want to visit for other reasons.Β 

From what I understand, the new multi entry Thai tourist visa will be good for six months but you must leave the country every 60 days. I’m not sure if you can extend that 60 days to 90 days like the standard tourist visa? Regardless, you will have to leave the country periodically which is inconvenient. But it’s still better then the current tourist visa situation.Β 

Word is they want to offer a one year multi entry visa as well. That would be even better! This is great news for people who want to travel through out south east Asia long term and use Thailand as a home base.

Thailand also recently changed it’s visa exemption rules. I don’t know about your country… But as an American I get 30 days on entry with the option to extend for another thirty days. This makes for a nice two month holiday in Thailand without needingΒ a visa.

Thailand is Still The Best Place To Live in South East Asia

I’m starting to get tired of living out of a suit case and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking… I’ve a had blast traveling around for the past two years. But now I’m thinking about where could I actually live long term???

Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia are all great countries to live. They all have their pros and cons… But when I weigh up everything it’s clear that Thailand is still the best place to live in the region.

Where else can you have first world amenities, amazing beaches, top notch shopping, health care, dining and night life in a relatively safe environment at this price range? The Thai’s are generally friendly and easy going. Beautiful women are available everywhere. It’s a great place to live.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot of traveling to do. But it would be nice to rent a house, unpack my shit for a while, form some meaningful relationships and buy a motorcycle.

So where to put down some roots? Hmmm I’m thinking about Thailand. What’s the best place to live in Thailand? More on that coming soon…