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I finally wrapped up my trip in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Wow I had a blast there! Such a nice city. I was just planning on going for a long weekend and ended up staying almost two months… Some places pull you in like that.

Nha Trang Women Rating: 3/5

If you follow my site, you already know how much I love Vietnamese women. They are so sweet, beautiful and intelligent. Most of the girls I have met in Vietnam are extremely classy and sophisticated. If I was looking for a serious girlfriend I would probably be looking in Vietnam.

Nha Trang is a small city but there are plenty of beautiful women to keep you busy. It’s nothing like Bangkok or Saigon where you walk by a perfect 10 every few minutes, but they are out there if you look. I hooked up with several cute girls during my short stay. I met all of my girls on Vietnam Cupid and one on Asian Dating. You must join these sites prior to coming to Vietnam! They are free to join to so check it out.

Most Vietnamese girls are shy and conservative. It’s harder to pick up girls out in public in this country. Some girls you meet will be interested but they don’t want people seeing you two exchange numbers. Also, many of the girls working in shops don’t speak English so it’s difficult to pick them up.

This is the beauty of online dating. Most girls join these sites because they want a foreign boyfriend. This means, most of these girls speak decent English and would be happy to meet you.

dating vietnamese girls online

Just be warned, Vietnam has a conservative culture. I have experienced some weird shit out here. Many girls do not drink alcohol and their parents make them come home before 11:00pm… I’m not talking about minors here. These girls are in their twenties!

I also had one girl that would not walk down the street next to me… She said “Vietnamese people are looking and they will think I’m bad!” Some annoying shit right there… But that was a one time scenario and I think she’s a little bit crazy.

You can get laid in Nha Trang, but it may take you a while. I had to go on several dates with girls until they came home with me. Then they had to run off to be home before their curfew. If they live with their family they will never spend the whole night with you. One girl I met was 25 and her mom was calling her at midnight asking where she was… 🙁 It’s not a place where you can show up for the weekend and bang a bunch of chicks. Unless you pay…

Mongering in Nha Trang Vietnam

The pay for play scene sucks in Nha Trang. There are older freelancers on the beach if you want a cheap blowjob. Just beware of the ladyboys out there and watch your wallet. I was approached several times by attractive ladyboys. I could tell they were dudes but you might get tricked if you are new to Asia. Read my guide on how to spot a ladyboy.

You can meet very beautiful freelancers at Sailing Club when they are having a party. This is a high end club and the drinks are western prices. The girls in this place expect top dollar. Just be ready to throw some cash around if you go shopping for pussy there.

Your best option is the massage parlors. They are all over the place and every one I went to offered full service. I had some great sex at one shop, but in typical Vietnamese fashion she over charged me at the end. We agreed on 1,000,000 VND for everything INCLUDING the massage and when we went downstairs she said 1,200,000… When I complained she called the bosses and said, “I don’t know, talk to them!” So now I’m surrounded by the boss lady and two Viet dudes with their hands out.

Stupid cunt. I’m not going to cause a scene over $10 but I won’t go back there. That’s one concept a lot of Vietnamese people don’t grasp yet. Happy customers will come back. This means more money for the business. Nope, they prefer to squeeze every last dollar out of you until you leave pissed off and never return.

If you live in Nha Trang long term just find a cute girlfriend from one of the sites I recommended. I met several older expats who had smokin hot young girlfriends. I’m talking gorgeous ladies in their twenties that I would love to date. These dudes are over sixty and nailing them… I’m sure there is some sort of financial arrangement going on there but hey, they looked happy.

Another issue is the non guest friendly hotels… You can read more about that issue here. There’s enough pussy in Nha Trang to keep a man occupied but it’s no buffet.

Nha Trang Cost of Living Rating: 5/5

Nha Trang is the cheapest place I have ever lived. No bullshit, some of the prices are just incredible. I was paying $8 a night for a nice clean room with AC, Wifi, cable TV, refrigerator, hot water and a balcony. Also, I was a two minute walk to the beach and two minute walk to the bars. Pay monthly and you can find rooms under $200 per month. I joined a good gym for $10 per month. Food is $1-2 and local beers cost 50 cents. Delicious, strong Viet coffee is 75 cents in cafes with unlimited iced tea.

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Nha Trang is dirt cheap and incredibly beautiful. If you never go to the western bars and only eat street food, you could live comfortably for $500 per month. That’s in a clean, small apartment a short stroll from the beach. You won’t have the greatest social life but you will eat well and be living in paradise!

Nha Trang Quality of Life Rating: 4/5

Nha Trang is a great place to live. It’s clean, stunningly beautiful and the people are friendly. Also, the climate felt much cooler then everywhere else I’ve been in south east Asia. Some nights it was actually chilly which is a welcome relief from the sweltering streets of Saigon.

I read a lot of reviews online about Nha Trang prior to visiting. Many people said it was dangerous and the beach was trashed. That was not my experience at all. I never witnessed any crime and the city is surprisingly clean. More so then most beach cities I have visited in the past. Every other day in Saigon someone tries to scam me, overcharge me or I witness some petty crime. I never had any problems in Nha Trang.

There is a lot to do in Nha Trang. I love the beach and I went swimming every morning. There are several beautiful islands you can visit off the coast. Diving is available for cheap prices. There are several gyms here if you plan on staying for a while. Outside of Nha Trang there are some beautiful mountains where you can take a long ride on your motorbike. Or if you are feeling adventurous you can ride to Da Lat which is a beautiful country town five hours away.

One of the best things about Vietnam is the café scene. I love spending the afternoon at these cool cafés to do some reading or surf the web. The wifi is strong and the environment is comfortable. The cafes in the US are just sterile and boring. In Vietnam they are packed with young people hanging out and listening to music. Many of these places have awesome beach views and it’s a great place to work, relax or bring a date. Another perk is some places hire cute young Vietnamese girls and stuff them in mini skirts. 🙂

The only problem with Nha Trang is the night life. It sucks. The streets are empty by 11:00pm every night and everything closes. There are several bars scattered around that stay open late. Here you can drink over priced beers and hang around with older expats or younger back packers. There weren’t many people in my age bracket but I managed to have fun there just dating Viet girls I met online.

Another thing I must mention is the Russian tourists. I read Nha Trang was over run with Russians and holy fuck… They were not exaggerating. The tourists are 95% Russians. I guess there are direct flights from Moscow and they get cheap package trips out there. Menus and signs are in Russian before English in a lot of places. I guess I look Russian because many of the Vietnamese people greet me in Russian language. When I say sorry I speak English, they smile and look relieved… Then we have a long conversation in English. I feel bad for these Vietnamese people. They work their ass off to learn English and now they have to learn Russian.

That said, I have no problems with the Russians. It’s mostly just families eating and enjoying the beach. A lot of people complain about them but I never had any issues while I was there. They remind me of Thai people in many ways. They seem to have zero interest in the outside world. They only speak their own language and they stick to themselves.

They eat their food in restaurants and listen to their music in the Russian night clubs. It seems they have built their own little community in a tropical environment and I don’t have any issues with that. The few I met were nice enough. Just know that if you live there the population is half Vietnamese and half Russian. English speaking expats are a small minority and you see the same handful of people everywhere… I was feeling claustrophobic towards the end of my trip.

Nha Trang is not for everyone. If you are looking for a wild holiday, skip it and head to Pattaya or Phuket. But if you want to live somewhere cheap and relaxing then Nha Trang is a great option.

This would be my strategy… Quit partying every night and find a nice girlfriend or two 🙂 . Set a strict budget of $600 per month. Work out every day and work online to generate income. This would allow you to save money, get in shape and live in a beautiful environment. It’s the perfect place to lay low and get some work done for a few months. Then get back on the road.

If I had money to blow I would not live in Nha Trang. HELL NO! I’d be on the first flight to Ko Samui. But not everyone cares about partying and chasing whores. “Up to you!”


Women: 3/5

Cost of Living: 5/5

Quality of Life: 4/5

Nha Trang, Vietnam – Single Man’s Paradise Rating: 12/15

Nha Trang is the ideal place to retire on a budget. It’s cheap, safe, beautiful and relaxing. I think it will be my go to spot to lay low and work on a new online business for a few months. The downside is the boring night life but this could be a positive to some guys. It’s great to have options! Please subscribe and thank you for reading. Cheers!