As requested by several readers, I kept track of every single dong I spent in the month of November. Here I will give you my exact expenses for a month of living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

This is the first time I’ve ever tracked my expenses with such detail and it really was an eye opening experience. First of all, I would like to tell you that I did not tally this up weekly or stick to any kind of budget. I did whatever the fuck I wanted and I never worried about money at all.

This includes mongering, taking random sluts out on dinner dates. Taking girls drinking at fancy roof top bars and eating expensive western food several times a week.

I have a rough budget in mind and I try not to do anything too extravagant, but I’m not worried about scraping every nickel and dime. So here it is. I will put all prices in US dollars and round off to make it easier for my American readers.

Expat Whore Monger Cost Of Living in Vietnam 2015

Rent: $300

Electricity: $27

Water: $4

Gym Membership: $11

Doctor Appointment To Check For STD’s: $30

Three Month Visa Extension: $45

Massage (No happy ending) $7

eBooks from $12

Two Haircuts: $9

Phone Cards: $16

Gas for my motorbike: $34

Laundry: $12

Groceries: $190

Coffee: $48

Alcohol: $166

Eating out at restaurants: $243

Mongering: $98

This got me four blowjobs, two short time bangs and a rub and tug from a naughty massage joint.

Total expenses for the month of November: $1,252 USD

I’m happy I tracked all of my expenses and I will continue to do this. Not only to show you guys the true cost of living out here, but to make some adjustments and save cash for myself.

Right away I can see several easy cuts I can make. My old shitty bike sucks up gas and I drive around aimlessly for no reason. When my wifi is slow I’ll just use the 3G on my phone so I’m always buying phone cards.

I almost always have a broad with me so a lot of the food / drink / coffee expense is for two people… If I stopped dating so much I would save a huge chunk a cash.

I’m trying to bulk up so I ate a lot this month. I also ate a lot of western food which is rare for me. It’s funny looking at my expenses and seeing the prices for food… 50,000, 70,000, 15,000, 30,000, 290,000…. Guess which one is the burger and fries? Yeah you can get good western food out here but it will cost you western prices. But I need an occasional break from rice and noodles.

I will slow down on the mongering as well. I have several girls who are happy to visit my apartment, watch a movie with me and have sex… I don’t need to pay for it, but I get impatient at times and hit the suck shop for a quick release.

My goal is to cut my expenses down to under $1,000 and keep that way for a while. That’s regardless of what country I’m living in…Β Whether it’s Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and hopefully, the Philippines. We shall see.

So that’s it guys. That’s what it cost me to live for the month of November. I had a great time. I banged a bunch of hot chicks. I partied a lot. I ate like a king. I think that’s pretty good for $1,252. What do you think?