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We are having a discussion in the forum about different visa options in SEA. Cambodia will soon be offering a three year multi entry tourist visa. Vietnam will soon be offering Americans a one year tourist visa. Now Thailand has a few more interesting options.

12 Month Education Visa – Hand To Hand Combat Training – Chiang Mai, Thailand

You can now get a one year education visa to train hand to hand combat in Chiang Mai. Click this link for more information. Here’s a quick summary.
Ed Visa for 12 Months

Hand to Hand and Body Guard Training

No More Immigration Problems

No More Study of Thai Language

Only 33,000 Baht 

Thai Military Police Instructor

Trainer is a VIP Bodyguard in Chiang Mai

School arranges all Immigration Visits & 90 Day Reporting

Low Commitment of time compared to ED Visa (Learning Thai)

Amazing contacts in the Military Police

Learn a Skill that will benefit you the rest of your life

This looks like an excellent option for people who want to live in Chiang Mai! 😀

training muay thai in chiang mai thailand

Not only do you get to stay in Thailand for one year, you will learn a skill that is actually helpful wherever you go… Unlike Thai language. I like this option. Thailand also offers a Volunteer Visa which is also appealing. Although I’d rather learn how to kick ass then teach little kids English. But you might be more of a humanitarian than me. 😉

Expat Life in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a great place to live. It’s a modern city with all of the amenities a Single Man could ask for. Plenty of great restaurants, gyms and malls. Mongering is decent and there is some good night life in the city. Chiang Mai is also home to several big universities so there’s no shortage of sexy Thai college girls to hook up with!

Chiang Mai is also surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature. Honestly, I’m getting burnt out on living in big cities. In Chiang Mai you have all the convenience and action of a big city, but you can ride your motorcycle for 15 minutes and find yourself in the beautiful cool mountain air. 🙂

You may be interested in reading my location review of Chiang Mai. Also my list of Top Ten Things To Do in Chiang Mai.

Digital Nomad Life in Chiang Mai, Thailand

When you choose to live in South East Asia long term as a digital nomad, visa runs become a part of life. Applying for visas, extending visas, heading over the border every three months to repeat the process. It’s not so bad at first but after a few years it gets tiring… Not only does it add up to thousands of dollars each year, it’s just a hassle.

Booking flights and hotels. Wasting time sitting in taxis, buses, planes and trains. It really sucks up a lot of your valuable time. Hey we all love to travel but sometimes you just want to lay low and grind. Plus that $1,200+ you spend on visa runs every year adds up! That money can buy 171 blowjobs in Vietnam! 😛

It’s nice that these countries are still giving us options for longer stays. South East Asia is still a great place to live! Another day in paradise…