What’s up Guys!

Today I’m going to give you some simple packing tips for your holiday. It’s taken me about two years, but I’ve finally become a master of packing my bags to travel. I’d like to share my method with you. Hopefully you find this useful.

One Weeks Worth of Clothes

If you are traveling to Paradise, I’m assuming you are going for at least one week. If not, you should consider waiting until you save up more money or vacation time.

Plane tickets are expensive and it sucks having to rush around. Then you have to leave the country just when you are getting over the jet lag. Not cool…

If you live in the region then that’s a different story. Obviously if you live in Thailand, you don’t need to pack a weeks worth of shit to spend a few days in Laos. But for this post I will focus on my method of travel.

One weeks worth of lightweight clothing is the perfect amount to travel with. It’s enough to wear a different outfit every day for a full week without doing laundry. Also, this amount of clothing should easily fit into a medium sized suitcase and stay well under 20 kilos.

Another thing I must mention. I’m assuming your holiday is for leisure and not business. If you are traveling to China to meet with factory owners then maybe you should pack a light weight suit and some wing tips. I’m not going to get into that here. I’m assuming you just want to explore a new country, enjoy the beaches and night life while looking sharp and staying comfortable.

Building Your Travel Wardrobe

The foundation of your wardrobe should be several pairs of light weight trousers. Aim for cotton, tropical wool or linen. This will keep you looking sharp and feeling cool in the 100 degree weather with raging humidity.

I play it safe and stick to shades of khaki, tan, brown, olive, navy. Looks good and these colors are extremely versatile. If you can pull off some baby blue or salmon colored chinos then go for it. It’s not for me.

Long sleeve button up shirts should also be made of a light weight cotton material. Aim for versatile colors that can easily be mixed and matched with all of your pants.

Never buy a short sleeve dress shirt. They are for geeks and airline pilots. Purchase shirts with proper sleeves and you can always roll them up if you get warm.

Stay away from black. No black pants, shoes, or shirts. It’s not a versatile color and lighter colors look better in a tropical environment.

Bring a lot of underwear too. Your sweaty balls will run through pairs quickly out here. I have twelve pairs of the under armour boxer jocks and they are the best men’s underwear on the market. Fantastic for hot environments and they dry quick.  I will never go back to cotton boxers!

Aim For Versatility

Your wardrobe will be small, so it’s very important to choose each piece wisely so that it will be versatile. For example, if I rotate a pair of navy pants and a pair of brown pants every other day, nobody would say anything… If I wear a pair of yellow pants twice in one week, people will say oh he’s wearing the yellow pants again! You catch my drift.

Do Some Shopping in Asia!

If you are coming to Thailand or Vietnam, then I highly recommend bringing some extra cash to do some shopping. My entire wardrobe was made by Thai and Vietnamese tailors. Here’s some advice about dealing with tailors in Bangkok.

I stay looking dapper as fuck with $40 pants and shirts. That’s an incredible bargain. There’s nothing like wearing an outfit that’s perfectly tailored to your body. Trust me you will receive compliments and the ladies will eye fuck you the moment you walk into a room.

Bring The Right Shoes

This part is very important so choose wisely. Read my post about choosing the perfect casual shoe. I see a lot of style violations here in Asia but bad shoes is easily the number one.

Just remember, sneakers are for the gym and sandals are for the beach. Save the oxfords for weddings and court. Choose something in the middle of this range and you should be good to go.

Make sure they are comfortable and durable because you will be walking a lot. Here’s a quick guide for choosing a casual shoe if you don’t want to read the post.

Gym Clothes

Nothing special here. I have a bunch of T shirts, basketball shorts and a fucked up pair of sneakers. One thing I will say is stick with light weight fabrics!

You will often find yourself lifting at outdoor gyms or shitty little warehouses with no fans or air con. You will sweat here just sitting in the shade… Now imagine you’re dead lifting with a hangover in some filthy warehouse with no fans that’s packed with Vietnamese guys.

It’s brutal and you will be soaked like you jumped into a pool… Gym gear gets carried in a simple plastic bag or drawstring bag. Easy to grab and go and takes up no space.

Don’t Neglect Your Health!

Even on a one week trip you need to get some exercise. Hiking, running, swimming, cycling, lifting weights, playing sports, boxing. Take your pick and get into it. Fitness is a integral part of the alpha male lifestyle so take an hour out of every day to sweat your ass off.

You need to keep the blood flowing and your testosterone buzzing. Lift heavy, eat healthy and get plenty of sleep. This will keep your stamina in top shape to nail some Sexy Asian Girls.

Beach Gear

A few pairs of shorts, a few polos, a pair of swim trunks and some cheap flip flops are necessary for beach time. A lot of this shit can be bought at your destination so don’t sweat it.

Just remember, only rock the flip flops and shorts within five blocks of the beach. If you go out into the city at night dress sharp. We hold ourselves to a higher standard then the average backpacker slob. If you aren’t going to the beach then you don’t need this stuff.

Important note. The sun in south east Asia is brutal. It will cook you alive and leave you lobster red within an hour. It’s not healthy to get burnt like that and I learnt my lesson very early on.

Being out in the sun without proper protection will leave you with a serious sun burn. I always wear long sleeves and a mask when riding my motorbike. If you go swimming be sure to get a strong sun screen and use that shit. Be sure you have a quality pair of sunglasses.

Embrace Minimalism

All of your things should fit into a medium sized suitcase. When you need to pack quickly it’s nice to have some extra room so you’re not playing tetris trying to stuff all your shit in there.

If you don’t absolutely NEED an item then don’t bring it. Also keep in mind that you can buy most products and toiletries when you arrive at your destination. Pack light.

The Messenger Bag

I’ve grown very fond of the messenger bag. Saddleback leather makes some alpha male shit but I’m not ballin on that level yet… Maybe someday.

I prefer a very slim, light weight minimalist bag in leather. The messenger bag is perfect for a light carry on bag as well as a day bag when roaming around the city. This will contain all of your important gear such as computer, chargers, sunglasses, passport, condoms, etc.

Unless you’re hiking or climbing mountains, you really don’t need a backpack. They are nerdy and inconvenient.

DO NOT leave any valuables in your checked baggage. I’m assuming you know that, but it’s even more important here. In Vietnam, your shit will be stolen that’s a guarantee. Keep your goodies in your messenger bag and guard it with your life.

The Pac Safe – Highly Recommended

One fantastic product I highly recommend is the pac safe. Many cheap hotels and guest houses you stay at won’t have a safe in the room to lock up your valuables. Trust me you need one… The pac safe is the perfect solution. Small, light weight and packs easy in your luggage. Click here to buy one on Amazon.

Before you leave your room, simply load it up with all of your valuables and attach the cable to something solid in your room.

A determined thief can cut through anything, but most of these cocksuckers are just looking for a quick snatch and run. The pac safe just might slow them down enough that they give up and move on. This safe might seem pricey, but trust me it’s cheaper then losing $2,000 worth of electronics when these animals break into your apartment… Ask me how I know. 🙁

You can buy a pac safe through this Amazon link or you guys living in Bangkok can find them in the Outdoors Sporting Goods Store in the Amarin Mall at BTS Chitlom Exit 2.


Smartphone – It’s absolutely critcal that you have a smart phone. These days most girls use messenger apps such as Line, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. You need a phone capable of downloading these applications.

Make sure your phone is unlocked. Which means it’s not tied to some provider in your home country. When you fly into your destination, simply buy a cheap sim card and pop it into your phone. You now have a local number along with 3G data capabilities.

My smartphone is easily my most useful possession and I don’t mind spending the cash to have the best. My phone is used every day for chatting, making calls, surfing the web, answering emails, taking photos, finding my way with google maps and the list goes on.

It’s literally a life saver. I know you may want to “unplug” and enjoy your holiday but I say bring along a good smart phone when you travel.

I just bought the iPhone 6 and I’m loving it! Yes I’m an iPhone fan. I’ve tried others in the past and iPhones are still the best. Fantastic device. A good smartphone will also do the job of a computer, tablet, eReader and camera. Bring less shit! Trust me on this.

Laptop. This is optional. If you have a job back in your home country and you are just taking a holiday from work, I say leave the damn laptop at home. It’s one less thing you have to worry about getting stolen and you shouldn’t spend your holiday with your face in a screen anyways.

Most things can be done on your smartphone. Email, facebook, booking hotels and plane tickets, listening to music etc. My first trip to Thailand I traveled for three months and my only device was an iPhone. NO computer for three months! It was fantastic.

Of course, my life is different now. I work online and I would be fucked without my laptop… But if you don’t need it, don’t bring it. Just my advice.

Other Important Items

Another great piece of kit I have is my Wahl beard trimmer. This thing is tiny, light weight and super high quality. It has all necessary attachments to trim your hair, beard and nose hairs. Click that link to buy one on Amazon.

wahl beard trimmer for men

Really I just use it for the weekly manscaping. I’m shocked this thing has survived these past few years… It gets wet, tossed around and it works overtime on trimming my balls and chest hair. They made one hell of a product with this one.

You need to stay well groomed at all times. Shave your beard. Trim any wild nose hairs. Stay sharp and you will get plenty of pussy in Paradise.

I also have the necessary dop bag. This thing will contain all your leakable shit. Deoderant, shaving cream, lotion, soaps, etc. If something pops in your luggage the bag should contain the mess. Great product every man should own. Skip the $5 nylon bullshit. Get yourself a good one and it will last your lifetime.

Be sure to bring along some baby powder. Dust your ball bag and ass crack after you shower to keep you feeling cool and fresh. One of my most important items out here.

I wrote a post called three things you must bring when you travel. You can go ahead and read that post when you get a chance. It’s just a few more handy items that I always have with me.

I will say that the tiny flashlight is especially important and it’s saved my ass many times. Definitely add a small LED flash light to your kit.

Important Money Tips!

If you travel you MUST sign up for Schwab checking account. Use any ATM anywhere in the world FREE of charge. No fees, no bullshit. It’s a great deal for people who travel a lot.

I also have a Capital One rewards credit card. I make all my online purchases, book all my flights and hotels with this card and it earns me points to put towards travel. I get several free plane tickets every year by using this card! Read my post about How To Save Big Money While Traveling.

That’s it for now guys. Hopefully this post helps you prepare for your trip. It’s possible to travel light while staying prepared and looking sharp. Enjoy your trip to paradise!