What’s up Guys!

Damn it feels good to be back in Thailand! I’ve just been hanging out in Bangkok for the past few days while I plan my next move… Feels good to take air conditioned rides on the sky train, eat some delicious tom yum goong and get sucked off by two Thai babes in school girl outfits at the blowjob bar. 🙂 I love Bangkok but I’m not going to be living here long term… I’m burnt out on big city life and I miss the beach!

I’m tempted to head back to Pattaya for some fun in the sun. Every time I visit Pattaya I have an absolute blast! I’m seriously thinking about making Pattaya my home base for the next few months. Now I can tell you my experience based on the few shorts weeks I’ve spent there. Here is my official location review of Pattaya, Thailand.

Pattaya Women Rating: 4/5

What can I say about the women in Pattaya… There are so many sexy Thai girls in Pattaya it’s simply mind blowing. More and more girls show up to work every day. This city has anything you could possibly want! Do you like petite teens? Old shagged out whores who charge 500b for short time? Gay men? Ladyboys? Russian hookers? There is something for everybody in Pattaya!

I must say the pay for play scene in Pattaya is far better then anywhere else I’ve been in the world. It’s better then anywhere else in Thailand as well. Soi cowboy and Nana Plaza are dumps compared to Pattaya. The prices are better, the girls are better looking and the atmosphere is more fun based on my experience.

Pattaya has anything you could possibly want. Some of the best soapy massage parlors in Thailand, great blow job bars, more massage parlors then you can count, some of the best GoGo bars, a shit load of beer bars. Sexy freelancers all over beach road and walking street. Pattaya truly is party town and every man must experience it at some point in their life.

Where Pattaya loses a point with me is the lack of good girls… I dip into the whores every now and then but I prefer to date sweet young college girls. Bangkok is far superior in this regard. I did meet a few good girls on Thai Cupid who were living in Pattaya but that never worked out. I did not stay long enough to seal the deal and they just didn’t trust me.

Join Thai Friendly for free and search for girls in Pattaya… What do you see? BAR GIRLS!!! Every one works at a massage shop or bar. Very few sweet innocent girls from Pattaya are on that site. Thai friendly is a good place to meet hookers in Pattaya if you aren’t into the bar scene.

Here’s another issue about Pattaya… Even if you meet a good girl she will think you’re a whore monger because you live in Pattaya! When I was on dates with these good girls they asked me several times, why do you want to live in Pattaya? You can live where you want, why here? You like to party? You like the girls? Just know that if you live in Pattaya, you will be judged. It has a reputation of being the whore capital of Thailand and everyone will think that is the reason you are there.

This frustrated me, but I’m sure if you stayed long enough you could find a nice girl who works at foodmart or some mall. Date her and then hit the massage joints if you need something on the side. That would be my strategy anyways.

Pattaya Cost of Living: 4/5

Pattaya is cheap and convenient. The city has a lot going for it in this category. First of all I don’t have to fly there… This is huge! Some of you may already know that Ko Samui is my favorite place in Thailand. I would go back there now but I don’t feel like paying Bangkok Airways 9,000 baht for the round trip ticket! That’s one months rent damn it.

There is a van service running to Pattaya that is dirt cheap. Or I can take my own taxi for $50. The trip takes less then two hours. No expensive flights, no long boring bus rides.

Apartments are the next major expense and Pattaya has a lot of cheap accommodation. There are plenty of nice hotels close to the action that are under 1,000 baht per night. You can find decent studio apartments, walking distance to the beach starting at 7,000 baht. I went and looked at several different buildings while I was there and they all looked clean and secure. For 30,000 baht you can get a beautiful condo with an ocean view right on the beach. Imagine waking up with two sexy Thai babes in your beautiful condo and staring out into the gulf of Thailand. Living the dream! 🙂

You can bar fine the most beautiful girls in Thailand at the GoGo bars for 3,000b or you can pull some skank off the beach for 500b. You can eat Thai street food every day or enjoy fine dining at one of the many western restaurants around the city. Party in the night clubs or drink beers from 7/11 on the beach. Pattaya can be a fun city on every budget!

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Pattaya is one of the cheaper places I have been in Thailand. However, there is a lot of temptation to spend money there. If you are a party animal you can blow some serious cash… Have some self control, set a strict budget and you can live a comfortable lifestyle there at an affordable price.

Pattaya Quality of Life Rating: 4/5

There are a lot of misconceptions about Pattaya. Do some research online and you will constantly read people saying things like, it’s a shit hole! It’s dangerous! There’s nothing but crack whores and fat old drunks! It’s over run with Russian Mafia!

When I arrived on my first trip I was expecting to be assaulted by hookers the moment I stepped out of the taxi… This was not the case at all. What I discovered was a pleasant beach side city. Sunny, palm trees, nice breeze coming off the ocean. Families relaxing at the beach. Kids swimming. Extremely friendly Thai people greeting me at the hotel and shops. Pattaya seems much more relaxed and laid back then Bangkok. The people are happier, the air is cleaner and my stress level dropped immediately. Something about that big city traffic and pollution makes people tense. After reading all of the horror stories, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was in Pattaya.

Pattaya is a very convenient place to live. It has everything Bangkok has to offer without the crowds, traffic, pollution and higher prices. There are huge shopping malls, gyms, hospitals and an immigration office close by. And of course… There is a beach! People say the beach is shit, but I still enjoy it. I love being close to water. That sea breeze is good for the soul! Just rounding the corner onto beach road and seeing the ocean makes me smile. Better then looking at grey, spray painted buildings that smell like piss.

People seem to think everywhere in Pattaya is like Walking Street. If you get away from the seedy areas it’s just like any other city in Thailand. You can live a normal life and avoid the party scene if you wanted to.

I love to party but I am burnt out on the beer bars, GoGo bars and pay for play scene. It’s fun once in a while but when you live in Thailand long term, you can’t indulge in that lifestyle every night. Something to consider is living outside of Pattaya in places such as Jomtien and Naklua. These are the communities just north and south of Pattaya. You can live in a nice quiet place and still be a short ride away from the action. It’s possible to live a comfortable life in Pattaya even if you aren’t interested in the night life.


Women: 4/5

Cost of Living: 4/5

Quality of Life: 4/5

Pattaya, Thailand – Single Man’s Paradise Rating: 12/15

Pattaya has a lot going for it. Although it’s not the best in any single category, it does score high overall and this makes it one of the best places to live for single men. If you love Thailand’s Naughty Nightlife and you want to live in an energetic beach side city, Pattaya is the ideal location for you. It’s not as beautiful as some of the southern islands, but you have access to big city amenities without the madness of Bangkok. I think I will be heading to Pattaya very, very soon.