Pattaya, Thailand and Angeles City, Philippines are two of the most popular mongering destinations in Asia, if not the world. Both have infamous reputations for wild nightlife full of utter debauchery. Sin City. A true Single Man’s Playground.

So which one is the better option for your vacation? I’ll run down the major categories and share my thoughts on these two cities.


Tie. I don’t know the exact numbers of working girls in each location, but Pattaya is much bigger and there’s far more women working there.

The scene in Angeles is quite small and you will find yourself running into the same people everywhere. Walking Street and Fields Avenue are pretty much the only relevant areas in town.

So Pattaya is the clear winner right? Well, not quite… Angeles gets a solid boost on my rating scale because I personally love Filipina women. They are sweet, sexy and fuck like rabbits. I really do find myself falling for them every day I’m here. And there’s more than enough to keep a man occupied in Angeles City.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Thai women too! I’ve had some amazing times in Thailand and I will carry those memories for a lifetime. But Filipina women are warmer, better in bed and they all speak good English. So despite Pattaya having the advantage in sheer numbers, I still rank this as a tie.

Do you prefer Thai Women or Filipina Women? Please leave a comment with your opinion at the end.

Cost Of Mongering

Tie. I must admit it’s been several years since I’ve been to Pattaya. I’m not up on the current bar fines over there. But I know there are both high end and low end options in both locations. I heard the most popular GoGos in Pattaya are getting outrageously expensive. All the GoGos in Angeles seem to have the same set price of 3,000 pesos (Less than 2,000 Thai Baht.) This includes the bar fine and short time sex. You pay it at the bar and pay nothing to the girl.

This seems like a bargain in comparison but I know there are also cheap mongering options at places on Soi 6 Pattaya. Both cities have happy ending massage parlors and freelancer hangouts as well.

I’m a cheap fuck so I usually pull a freelancer. Either a streetwalker, a club slut or a chick from one of the free sites Whatsapp, Pina Love or Thai Friendly. I can usually get short time from a cute chick for 1,000 Thai Baht or 1,000 Pesos.


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Filipina freelancers will go with you for very cheap if you’re a younger, charming guy. Hell you can fuck for free if you have a little game. But I usually throw them 1k for a quickie. It’s too close to call a clear winner here. This category is another tie.


Pattaya wins. No surprise here. Thailand is world famous for their amazing cuisine. It really is something special. It’s one of the big reasons I miss Thailand. The delicious spicy street food being served late night on every corner.

The street food scene is terrible in the Philippines. Fortunately, there are decent restaurants all over Angeles City serving any kind of food you could want. I had delicious Mexican, American and even Italian food while I was there.

But still, Pattaya has even more international restaurants plus the local food available around the clock. Pattaya is the clear winner.

Cost of Living

Pattaya wins. I almost gave this one a tie as well. Angeles is by no means expensive. If you want to exist as cheaply as possible, there are very basic, affordable studio apartments in each location. But when you want to spend a bit for more upscale accommodation then Pattaya has far more options. There’s a bunch of new condos for rent around Pattaya, whereas Angeles only has a handful of really nice options and they’re always fully booked. Pattaya simply gives you better options for the money.

Quality Of Life

Pattaya wins. Pattaya is a relatively clean, safe, well developed city on the beach. Angeles City is a dusty, polluted town with very few redeeming qualities. If it wasn’t for all the whores who pour onto Walking Street every night, nobody would ever visit the place.

There’s really nothing to see or do in Angeles City besides drink booze and fuck LBFM’s. It’s a fun place and I enjoyed my time there. But I could never imagine living there long term and I’m in no hurry to go back.

There are better places nearby to make your home base. Then just visit Angeles when you want to go on a three day bender, drink for 72 hours straight and shag several whores a day. Once you’ve had enough go back home to dry out and relax.

However, Pattaya is a place where I could live long term. Outside of the mongering areas it’s actually a pleasant city. You could live a normal peaceful life in places like Jomtien or Naklua. Hang out on the beach and not have the sex industry in your face 24/7. Pattaya wins for me.


Pattaya wins. I never felt threatened at any time in Thailand. And I’ve stumbled around drunk and alone at all hours of the night. I never had any problems in Angeles either but it certainly feels more sketchy.

The poverty is way more apparent in Angeles City. There’s a lot of people living on the streets. Child beggars and ladyboys roaming around all hours of the night. Some kid aggressively tried to stick his hand into my pocket one night. I’m always on guard and aware of my surroundings so I was able to block his hand, push him backwards and then chase him down the street. This is a common thing in Angeles.

If you’re street smart, quiet and humble, you shouldn’t have a problem in either place. But I do have my guard up more in Angeles. Therefore, Pattaya wins this category.

Visa Situation

Angeles City wins. Here’s where The Philippines shines. The visa situation is so simple. Just fly in and get 30 days on arrival. Before your time is up go visit an immigration office, hand them a short application, your passport and the fee. Then you get your passport back with an extension. You can keep doing this for up to three years! Incredible. The Angeles City immigration office is located in the Marquee Mall. The staff is polite and they speak excellent English.

I won’t get into the Thai visa situation here because that would be another 1,000 words… But if you’re just going on vacation for a month or two, it’s simple. You have nothing to worry about. Staying long term in Thailand is a bit more complex. Since I’m looking for a place to make my home base, The Philippines wins for me.

Ease Of Getting There

Tie. Both Angeles City and Pattaya are a two hour taxi ride from the capital cities of Bangkok and Manila. Buses and mini vans are some cheaper options.

Angeles does have Clark nearby, which is an international airport. Unfortunately, there aren’t many international flights yet. So you’re probably better off flying into Manila and taking the bus from there. In the future I’m sure the Angeles area will continue to develop and more international flights will be offered from Clark.


Angeles is a fun city for a visit. I think every monger should go experience it at one time in their lives. But I honestly feel Pattaya is better in every category. Unfortunately the visa situation in Thailand is such a hassle that I don’t see myself living there anytime soon. So the Philippines is home for now.

OK now I want to hear your thoughts on Pattaya vs Angeles City. Which one do you prefer? Did I leave any major categories off the list? Please click the link below to join the forum discussion.