If you are looking to hook up with a hot Thai girl in Bangkok this post is for you. Before reading this post you should read my guide How To Meet and Seduce Beautiful Thai Women. This is my first date routine with a girl and it’s meant to have fun and impress her.

I only wine and dine the really hot chicks I want to sleep with. If you go on dates like this every night you will spend a lot of money fast. Once you two are together you can have nice quiet evenings together that are very inexpensive.

Some of the best nights I’ve had in BKK were spent drinking beers I bought from 7/11 and eating Thai food on the street. After that back to my place for a movie and sex. There is nothing wrong with that! ūüôā

Even if I choose to live like a high roller Bangkok is much cheaper then my city back home and a lot more fun as well!

Depending on your age or your interests¬†we may have different opinions¬†on¬†what makes the¬†perfect date. You may want to do something more active like site seeing in the daytime or something more cultural like¬†visiting temples.¬†My goal¬†is to get¬†them naked as soon as possible so that’s what this post will focus on.

The Perfect Date in Bangkok

After chatting with the girl for a while I will invite her to meet me for a drink. I will pick a cool and fun bar that is popular and well known.

In Bangkok I usually pick a roof top bar. There are so many amazing roof top bars in the city. Some popular ones are Lebua State Tower, Moon Bar, Sky Bar and Above Eleven. Click here to see My Favorite Rooftop Bars in Bangkok.

These bars are upscale, classy and have amazing views of the city. Also, they are relatively quiet which gives you the opportunity to talk while you have a few over priced drinks.

I consider the first part of the date the “comfort stage.” My goal is to be friendly and fun while getting to know each other.

Thai girls love to dress up and they look damn good when they do so I always make it a well known upscale bar to meet for our first date.

After several drinks and some good comfort building¬†conversation you will want to change locations. Changing locations or “bouncing” is a very effective strategy on first dates because when you travel around the city together it feels as if you have been on several dates together and you know each other better.

Your goal is to have fun and build comfort. You want to feel as if you’ve known each other for years even though it’s been¬†a few¬†hours.

I like to hit a night club for the second spot. At this point you are both a bit drunk and you are probably bored with talking to her. Go to a nice night club somewhere close to your hotel.

This is important. You want to go party somewhere close to your room. This rule applies wherever you are in the world. You want to be able to get back to your room by walking or a very short taxi ride.

I find it’s very easy to get a girl back to my room if I can just point at my building from¬†outside of the bar¬†and say “Hey, let’s go watch and movie.” If your a 40 minute cab ride away then she needs to think about it more.

I highly recommend you stay at one of the many great hotels on Sukhumvit Soi 11. My favorite is The Grand President Hotel. Click this link for current prices.

The Grand President is in the absolute best location in Bangkok. The rooms are nice, it’s priced right and there is a great pool on the roof where you can relax and nurse your hangover in the afternoon.

OK, once you¬†have moved to the club¬†you can grab a few more drinks and do a bit of dancing. If you are not a dancer don’t sweat it! Just hit the floor and move with the beat. You don’t need to do anything extravagant here.

If your Thai babe is drunk she will most likely start hopping around on the dance floor like a retarded rabbit. You two can look stupid together! It’s great fun!

Again, I highly recommend Sukhumvit Road Soi 11 as your party location. There are hundreds of hotels in the area and the endless nightlife options. You can check out Above Eleven as your roof top bar and then walk to Levels, a very nice nightclub.

If you see a tall handsome farang dancing like a fool with some hot Thai girls just say hello! That might be me!

Hopefully you have built enough comfort during the first stage of your date that you can now move into “seduction mode.” This includes a bit of touching and being more flirtatious.

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You don’t want to come across as creepy by groping her on the dance floor but if things are going well you should be able to dance close to her and put your hands on her hips. I like to hold her hand when moving through the crowd.

You want her to feel comfortable with you touching her. If you sense she is uncomfortable at any point fall back and build more comfort with her. You are moving too fast.

NOTE: Thai girls are some of the worst drinkers I have ever seen. I have literally carried girls out of the club after a few shots. Keep an eye on your date.

If she is getting too drunk, buy her a water and make her slow down. You want a fun girl who can stay up all night with you. Not some sloppy drunken mess you have to carry to a taxi.

OK, now you have worked up a sweat and went from buzzed to drunk. Time for some food! Thai girls are tiny but somehow they are hungry every hour.

Stop at any of the late night restaurants in the area or grab a bowl of noodles on the street if you are feeling cheap. The key here is that you are very close to your room.

Tell her you had fun and invite her up to your room to watch a movie. If you are staying in a hotel you can ask if she wants to order room service since everything is closed. Or you can invite her up to look at some travel pictures and tell her you have a nice bottle of wine.

Anything that seems innocent and fun. Most girls know that they are probably going to fuck you if they go back to your room but you don’t want to hint at this fact.

Girls don’t want to feel like sluts so they will rationalize things in their head. “Ohh we just went to watch a movie and then… BAM we had sex. It just happened…”


At this point getting laid is pretty straight forward. I like to turn on a movie or some music and pour another drink. Then I get comfortable with her and go for the kiss.

I have a nice little trick I have used several times and it always works. I get back to my room and turn on the TV.

I tell her I was sweating on the dance floor and I need a shower. I will then take a quick shower and put on something comfortable.

I then ask, Do you want to take one? Most of the time they will. Now that you are nice and clean she doesnt want to watch a movie sitting next to you sweaty and stinking like smoke from the bar. Thai girls are very clean and they take care of their bodies.

When she comes out of the shower and sits down I rub her shoulders and I tell her I study massage. They always say really WOW!!! This is bullshit and I’m lying. ūüėČ I don’t study massage but I do enjoy getting them so I know a few things. I lay them on the bed and get to work.

This usually has them moaning a bit and I really put effort into making her feel good. If you have oil then thats even better. I work my way down the legs and then back up to her inner thighs.

If she is comfortable with this go for the pussy and get to work! Just take it slow and be gentle. After that it’s as easy as putting on the condom!

NOTE: Thai girls are usally very tiny and have tight pussies. If you are packing a porn star cock I would definitely keep some KY in the top drawer next to the condoms. Read my post about The Best Condoms Money Can Buy.

I have had girls bleed all over the sheets on several occasions which is frightening. I also broke a condom in a girl once and that is never fun.

This brings me to my next topic… Emergency contraception pills. If you break a condom or you have a crazy night of¬†drunken unprotected sex with a stranger you may want to get the Plan B Pill.

They sell them at any pharmacy in Thailand and it’s cheap. You can ask her to buy it but I usually go with her because I want to make sure she takes it. ¬†Ask for the brand “Postinor” or “Madonna.”

Make sure she takes it within 72 hours. Sooner the better.

And remember… Condoms should be worn when you are fucking strange girls here. You have been warned.

That is my go to first date routine in Bangkok. I have repeated this same date with dozens of girls and most nights end in sex.

Check out my post on how I easily meet Thai girls.