Hi, Martin from ENN (https://expats.news) is chipping in his 2 cents with location review from Prague, Czech Republic. Martin is originally from Eastern Europe, but has lived in West Central Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Central Europe for years, so there’s enough experience to compare to.

Ok, here we go. Prague has certain allure, certain mysterious “aura” – even the very mention of the name brings up a mental picture of adventure, history, culture, good beer, party atmosphere and abundant beautiful women. There is a reason it has been a favorite place for British stag do’s for the last 20+ years. It is true that it isn’t as raw and untamed as it was 20 years go, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had and no list of paradises for single men is complete without it.

The Best City To Live in Europe?

Prague is capital and largest city in Czech Republic, with population approx 1.4 million people (metro area more than 2 mil), has Central European climate (4 seasons, hot summers, mild winters), excellent infrastructure (including public transport and flight connections), lots to see and do, so no wonder it gets more than 6 million tourists visiting it every year. For years Prague has tried to sell itself as a place of party, debauchery, etc – and it delivers – probably the best beer in the world, de-criminalized drugs (for personal consumption, plus you can legally grow your own marijuana), legal prostitution, etc – all the while keeping it ridiculously safe and affordable for a city it’s size.

Prague, Czech Republic – Women Rating 3.5/5

If Caucasian Eastern/Central European women is your thing, Prague has plenty to offer – as anybody who has ever visited Prague, can attest to. Only downside is that local honeys may be a bit jaded when it comes to hooking up with tourists, due to excessive amounts of British stag parties rolling around, but that doesn’t mean you should give up – it just might take a bit more effort and it really helps if you plan to stay for longer than just a weekend. Also, Prague has become a bit of a melting pot in the last decade, having a lot of beautiful women from neighboring countries (Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia – all Balkan countries really, etc), so there’s plethora of options to choose from.

Mongering in Prague, Czech Republic

As prostitution is officially legal in Czech Republic (but not pimping), there’s a fair share of high quality options available from freelancers (called independents) to laufhaus style “walking houses”. Quality and value for your money will probably be better with independents, but it might take some effort to set it up (find the number from internet, not all speak English, etc). Laufhaus style establishments (think in-door red light districts, with 25-50 girls available at any given time) require no effort and either way, average price is around 50 USD.
 Just keep away from high end strip clubs, which are ridiculously expensive tourist traps.

Prague, Czech Republic – Cost Of Living Rating 5/5

Prague is very affordable in European standards (well, actually it’s pretty affordable even on global standards) – there is a reason why lot of high school graduates from all over continental Europe head to Prague for graduation celebrations.
 Decent apartment in the city center (1BR) can be easily had for 400 USD, if you are willing to share larger apartment, then private room is yours for 250 USD per month.

Half a liter beer (probably the best in the world 🙂 in an average bar is around 1,2-1,5 USD, public transport ticket (public transport is so good, you really don’t need a car) is $1 for 30 min and $1,5 for 90 min or $20 for a monthly pass. With large international chains like Tesco and Ikea being present, you know you’ll find everything you are looking for.

Anyway, I’d say that you can live comfortably with 1K USD per month, while still going to bars 3 days a week. Best of all, there’s a lot of employment options for foreigners and not just as an English teacher or a tour guide – Prague has large companies doing everything from call centers and basic IT support to high end gigs which do not require any Czech language. There’s also a vibrant start-up scene in case you would like to set up something on your own.

mongering and sex in prague czech republic

Prague, Czech Republic – Quality Of Life Rating 5/5

Prague is very livable city, definitely one of the best up there. I moved to Prague right after living couple of years in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam and I have to say that Prague is MUCH better. First, infrastructure is 100% first world – you never have to worry about electricity, internet speed (free wifi in trams and almost every bar/cafe/restaurant), cell phone service, tap water is drinkable, public transport is clean, reliable and covers all you need (there are even night trams), in city center you can get everything done in walking distance and everything you would want to buy is readily available.

In regard of entertainment and things to do, Prague has you covered in spades – lots of bars, multi-storey nightclubs, restaurants with every major ethnic cuisine available, multiplex cinemas, theaters, opera, festivals, all kind of outdoor activities – except beach, but there are kayaking and other watersport options on the Vltava river during summer.

Safety is not a concern in Prague, it’s is very safe – violent crime against tourists / expats is extremely rare. Just be careful of pickpockets in crowded tourist hot-spots.


Women 3.5/5

Cost Of Living 5/5

Quality Of Life 5/5

Prague, Czech Republic – Single Man’s Paradise Rating 13.5/15

In short, Prague is a first world city full of beautiful women with lot of employment options and living cost on the level of South East Asia (I spend less money in Prague than I did in Saigon), without any of the problems of developing countries. Please click the link below to join the forum discussion.