What’s up Guys!

Finally settled back in here in Vietnam. Just wanted to share a quick tip with my fellow travelers and expats. I recently wrote about staying productive while traveling. Well here’s another tip I’d like to add on to that.

Rent A Nice Room

OK I know many of us are moved to Asia to live cheap and still have a ball… But one place I started spending a bit more money is on accommodation. Don’t get me wrong, I still live very cheap out here. But I found that when I rent a nice place my quality of life goes up dramatically. Here’s an example.

Before I left Vietnam I was renting a small hotel room for $250 per month. This room was clean, had wifi, cable TV, air con and fridge. $250 included everything, water, electric, wifi..

I was content there. It was in a convenient location and I got plenty of pussy there as well. But one thing I noticed was I hated staying home. It was so small I would literally go crazy if I didn’t go outside.

My schedule would usually consist of waking up, shit, shave, shower and head out the door. Eat, have coffee, ride around and waste the afternoon… Usually head home for a late afternoon nap / shower then go out all night.

Basically, my room was a place to sleep, shower and keep my clothes. If you’re on vacation that’s fine! In fact, I recommend staying in cheaper hotels so you have more cash to blow on other activities. When you’re on holiday you will be busy exploring the city all day and night. No sense in paying for a nice hotel room when you’re hardly there.

Expat Life VS Holiday Life

Here’s where things change… When you live in paradise for a while there will come a time when you need to chill out. 24/7 boozing and chasing skirts will catch up to you and it will destroy your health as well as your finances. It’s been a constant battle for me. Trying to balance work and play is one of the hardest things a man can do while living so close to the party… It’s literally Saturday night 24/7 in some places.

Before I recommended Living Somewhere Boring. Now I recommend spending some cash on a nice place. My apartment in Vietnam is brand new, clean, fully furnished, well decorated, has a large flat screen TV with cable, aircon, balcony, kitchen, huge tiled bathroom with glass shower doors, several large windows for plenty of sunlight. A small sitting area with a table I use as an office. It’s in a very convenient location and every girl that I’ve had over likes the place.

This room costs me $300 plus utilities… In total, I’ll probably be paying $100 more then my old room. Yes that’s a 30% increase but really, what’s an extra $100 a month? Let me tell you why this is worth it…

First of all, I enjoy being home. This room is more then just a place to crash. Several days have gone by where I literally did not leave the room. That would drive me insane at my old place!

I’m able to save money by staying home. I’m also getting a lot more work done since I have a quiet and comfortable place to focus on my different projects. I no longer feel the need to hit a bar every time I want to escape my tiny room.

Dinner Dates = Balls Deep in Asian Pussy

I now have a kitchen and it’s awesome! I’m not Master Chef but I can whip up a few simple dishes. Street food is dirt cheap out here… But a lot of it is shit. It’s hard to build muscle by eating instant noodles drowning in MSG with a few scraps of rancid pork floating in it.

And believe it or not you can save a bunch of money by cooking your own food. Just make sure you get a local girlfriend to help you with your shopping.

The kitchen has also drastically improved my sex life! No bullshit, I’ve had three different girls come over and cook for me this week. When I say I can cook girls always say REALLY? Can you cook for me??! I say sure… But I want to try your cooking first haha! ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s a fun way to spend the night together, even if there’s a language barrier. Helping each other cook and clean up is a good bonding experience and chicks love domestic shit like that.

It’s also a fun and innocent way to get girls over to your room… My kitchen is only a few steps from my bed, where we end up watching a movie… Which leads to cuddling… Which leads to kissing… Which leads to… CREAM PIES!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Cooking is fun and everyone loves to eat. Renting a room with a kitchen allows you to enjoy cheap and healthy home cooked meals. It also gives you a cheap and easy option for a fun date.

Good Security Is Important

Not only is my new room clean and convenient. It’s safe! There’s security out front 24/7. Since this room is a bit more pricey then your typical Vietnamese flat, it’s mostly foreigners living here… No disrespect to the Vietnamese people reading this but I feel MUCH more comfortable having wealthy western people living next to me then poor Vietnamese people.

The western people here are busy working or enjoying their holidays and retirement. They aren’t thinking about robbing my room or stealing my motorbike. People always talk about getting “off the tourist track.” Sure that’s great for a visit but it’s no fun living in some hot dirty alley with all eyes staring at the white guy every time you come and go from your room…

It makes you a target. Been there, done that, got robbed and learned my lesson. I tried to save a few bucks by “living like a local” and it cost me $2,000 worth of electronics and other shit.ย ๐Ÿ™


I’m still ballin on a budget out here and I plan to post a full run down of my monthly expenses… But one thing I will not cheap out on is a decent room. It’s good for my health, business and sex life! Live cheap, but splurge on some simple comforts if you can afford it. Cheers guys.