What’s up Guys!

I’m still in Bangkok enjoying city life. Just wanted to give you all a heads up just in case you are visiting Bangkok. I’ve been noticing a lot of police activity around lower Sukhumvit Road.

A few weeks ago I saw two cops driving down the sidewalk by Asoke and randomly stopping next to a foreigner. They jumped off their motorcycle and started digging into the guys pockets and searching him. I thought this was odd… But I figured he was a suspect in a robbery or maybe someone reported him to the police.

I walked by with no problems and the police never even looked in my direction. Maybe because I’m always dressed sharp? I urge you guys to stay clean cut when traveling for a variety of reasons.

Anyways, I looked back to see the police jump back on their bike and ride off. The foreigner was free to go on his way. Strange…

The other night I was walking by the Asoke BTS and I saw two police stop a western male. Without much conversation, they just started searching his pockets and going through his bag… They walked him over to a small police shack where there were other officers and about five other similar looking farangs… Are these random searches? Were they looking for a suspect in a crime?

It’s strange because I’m a western male and I walked right by this scene without anyone even looking at me. Maybe they were busy or maybe I did not fit a certain description. What’s strange is the guys who were being stopped looked clean cut and well dressed. They weren’t the types I’d peg as drug addicts and criminals. What could this be about?

Murder suspect in Bangkok?

There was a horrific story in the news just a few weeks ago where some farang allegedly killed a bar girl from Nana plaza and stuffed her in a suit case. Last time I checked, the suspect has not been caught… But that was weeks ago and I have no idea if this police activity has anything to do with that story. Not sure why the killer would still be roaming around Sukhumvit Road, but who knows.

Regardless guys, the moral of this story is do not fuck around in Bangkok. Don’t do drugs, don’t carry weapons and you should probably carry your passport. At the minimum, carry a copy of your picture page and your visa page. It is very possible you will be stopped and searched, so prepare for that.

When I got arrested in Bangkok, one of the major problems was I did not have my passport. The police insisted we all drive to my apartment and get my passport. They wanted to make sure I had a valid visa. This was a huge hassle that could have been avoided if I had my damn passport!

I also recommend you do not walk around with large amounts of cash either… There is multiple reasons for this but I will just say, don’t carry anything you can’t afford to lose…

Be careful out here guys. Don’t break the laws, carry your passport and make sure your visa is up to date.

Just remember, this is not your country. You have no constitutional rights here. What happens to you is “up to them.” Keep clean and stay low key. You don’t want any headaches while enjoying your time in paradise.

Stay safe guys!